Paladin agro

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by sojero, Jun 12, 2016.

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  1. Linden Augur

    No..I was looking at your magelo, its not updated probably an error
  2. Ravengloome Augur

    lol yeh no thats my alt, that i haven't played in quite some time
  3. Linden Augur

    Ok, Ill say it again...I do not have an issue with aggro on group content. I do not use crushes in group, I use nukes and stuns. Crushes I use on raids. My point is this, its not ganking aggro that is an issue either, its how we build aggro verses the other classes. Not sure what the issue is and why it keeps going back to DPS and group situations.

    But if you take it there, Stuns allow 2hand weap prof, and dont need defensive mitigation, so using pureforge, and holyforge, plus 2hand stance > dps then 1hander and shield, running mitigation disc. and burning through all you're mana. Also, a healer can mem some dps and focus in that area which brings more dps to a group. And instead of using Armor of the inquisitor you can use that slot for Thunder of karana, using Umbrag, and inquisitors judgement for more dps.

    Its funny that the ones who are arguing this the most are SK Mains (Ravengloom, and Sojero)
  4. shik Elder

    Sunmistress is a SK main?
  5. shiftie Augur

    You can do all of that without stunning meanwhile gaining dps from nukes ... You're in raid gear for christ's sake how hard can it be?
  6. Ravengloome Augur

    /flex the only halfling SK in game.
  7. p2aa Augur

    You have received an answer, and i'm not the only one who has said it : you don't spam your aggro tools. This is why you loose aggro of DPS classes when MT a raid boss.
    Your aggro tools are fine, like warriors and SK.
    As to the tanks that taunt you when you MT a raid boss or that chain some aggro stuff while your MT the raid boss, tell them to stop because this is so bad gameplay lol.
  8. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    The best condescending "I'm right, you're wrong" posts are the ones littered with numerous spelling and/or grammatical errors.

    Upon closer inspection, this one contains like half a well done, good sir.

    Wait, what!?
  9. Ravengloome Augur

    IDK usually I get confused for a cleric because female halfling in plate aren't ever paladins.
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  10. Triconix Augur

    Grammar is overrated.
  11. shik Elder

    omg the rumors are true, you must have GM friends!
  12. Kleitus_Xegony Augur

    While I will agree that overall, a Paladin's aggro abilities over time seems to be the weakest of the three tanks, it's not some sort of crippling issue. It's more of an annoyance at times that can be made worse if you're running heavy on healing spells, cures and / or stuns and don't have all of the aggro spells up. That's more an issue with one's play style, role (group or raid) or inexperience / ignorance of what one could be doing in that situation rather than an issue with the class.

    If it was a serious problem, then we'd have issues on raids like "Wither and Decay" in TBM and it just isn't the case. Even without going full out aggro, I don't have a problem yanking aggro from the SKs or Warriors when I need to take over tanking Wither for my turn.

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't see it as a problem but rather part of class balancing. If Paladins had SK or War levels of aggro generation it would be a different issue and they'd have a valid complaint. Right now, Paladins appear to be just fine for aggro if they know what they're doing in groups and in raids.

    RE: The Original Post.... I hardly ever stun tank anything anymore (outside of raid instances where it's part of the strat) but I don't necessarily see anything wrong with someone else doing it. It is less aggro overall though but it's a perfectly viable strategy if that's how they want to roll.

    o_O I do it from time to time outside of raids because I think it's funny how few Warriors have that spell blocked. :p
  13. Linden Augur

    No, you have the grammar issues, not me. You need to take some of those puncuation marks, and insert them in places they shou'ldnt be. Jesus! I am a convict! Its a good thing I can even write my name, but seriously, yeah man, that proper english, puncuation . Let me say this...Its those type of people that are runningn our country and destroying it internally.. so rearrange it so it makes little sense. they way it is now its, sucks...but thanks for the troll. i like trolls, come again
  14. Linden Augur

    No more "bro hugs" Rave, Got no more for ya"
  15. Linden Augur

  16. Ravengloome Augur

    I am completely... crushed
  17. shiftie Augur

    I don't always quote people and not type a reply but when I do it is because they are right.
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  18. Linden Augur

    Sometimes nothing more then quoting a player says it all. By you're own statement you don't raid and haven't in years, how does that make you qualified to comment on what a class does or does problems with? You cant. You can conjecture based on input from these forums, which I have found most of the stuff posted is not accurate.
    Stuns Vs. Nukes...This is a good topic, it sounds good, nuking and not stunning, but its not efficient, especially not soloing. And not in grouping. I am going to do some testing, ill post the results. But this is the reason I prefer stuns. I don't like downtime. Spamming nukes will run you out of mana much faster then stuns will, you will also be self healing more, and losing dps when you do from that. going to test out 30 minutes non stop solo, using nukes, then using stuns, well see.
    Grouped with a Bard, yeah, Nuke away, fine. Or even a BL. but most of the time I am stunning
  19. Linden Augur

    Test results after first experiment:

    A cherished citizen (5), A doubtful functionary (1), An honored guard (1) on 6/19/2016
    /GU A cherished citizen (5), A doubtful functionary (1), An honored guard (1) in 309s, 27249k @88185sdps --- #1 Linden 27249k@88185sdps (88185dps in 309s) [100%]
    Linden - 269

    --- Admonish Rk. III - 38
    --- Ardent Fury Strike III - 18
    --- Blessing of Life XVIII - 14
    --- Consecration Rk. III - 15
    --- Disruptive Persecution VII - 36
    --- Doctrine of Abrogation Rk. III - 24
    --- Doctrine of Rescission Rk. III - 39
    --- Gift of Life VII - 1
    --- Holyforge Disc - 1
    --- Inquisitor's Judgment Strike XXIII - 25
    --- Inquisitor's Judgment XXIII - 1
    --- Marr's Gift II - 1
    --- Second Spire of Holiness IV - 1
    --- Shdon Slice - 29
    --- Thunder of Karana II - 1
    --- Umbrage Strike - 20
    --- Valiant Deflection Rk. III - 1
    --- Vanquish the Fallen II - 1
    --- Vie faded - 2ield of the Righteous - 1

    Mana completed drained. Ended test.

    STUNS:/GU A cherished citizen (6), A doubtful functionary (2), A favored functionary (2), A gleeful citizen (1) in 526s, 42334k @80482sdps --- #1 Linden 31170k@59258sdps (59258dps in 526s) [73.63%]
    /GU A cherished citizen (6), A doubtful functionary (2), A favored functionary (2), A gleeful citizen (1) in 526s, 42334k @80482sdps --- #2 Reek 11164k@21224sdps (21677dps in 515s) [26.37%]

    A cherished citizen (6), A doubtful functionary (2), A favored functionary (2), A gleeful citizen (1) on 6/19/2016

    Linden - 315
    --- Admonish Rk. III - 17
    --- Ardent Force Rk. III - 33
    --- Ardent Fury Strike III - 38
    --- Armor of the Inquisitor XXIV - 1
    --- Blessing of Life XVIII - 23
    --- Brilliant Vindication Rk. III - 1
    --- Burst of Dayspring Rk. III - 1
    --- Burst of Splendor - 5
    --- Consecration Rk. III - 16
    --- Disruptive Persecution VII - 49
    --- Force of Ardency Rk. III - 17
    --- Force of the Darkened Sea Rk. III - 25
    --- Gift of Life VII - 1
    --- Grief Rk. III - 2
    --- Hallowed Lodestar VI - 1
    --- Hand of Piety XXXIV - 1
    --- Helix of the Undying II - 1
    --- Inquisitor's Judgment Strike XXIII - 25
    --- Inquisitor's Judgment XXIII - 1
    --- Lesser Yaulp IV - 12
    --- Marr's Gift II - 1
    --- Second Spire of Holiness IV - 1
    --- Sorrow - 1
    --- Tendon Slice - 14
    --- Umbrage Strike - 20
    --- Valiant Deflection Rk. III - 3
    --- Vanquish the Fallen II - 4
    --- Vie faded - 1

    Produced by GamParse v1.5.1.7
    Total dps: 80482
    With 40 percent mana remaining. Also important to note. Holyforge was running the whole time for nukes...Used purefore for testing stuns, but for pureforge was not running for the last 3-4 mobs.
    So yeah, its more efficient stuns.
  20. Ravengloome Augur

    Now you see why i,use glyph of lost secrets.

    Though if you bring a bard or chanter you will have a hard time draining your bar
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