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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by sojero, Jun 12, 2016.

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  1. Linden Augur

    80k vs 89k with plenty of mana to have continued. Stuns > Nuke as far as spamming a multibind of nukes verses using stuns carefully timed and adding nukes when you can.
  2. Linden Augur

    Ok you use your glyph of the lost secrets while i use Glyph of cataclysm and adding even more dps and not running out of mana...So can we put this one to rest? Stuns > Nukes..Btw...5-8 kills using nukes was with Botf up...Because of qwizzy merc scoring killing blows, I was only at 2-8 while stunning.. I forgot to put merc on passive at 5-10 percent to register killing hit...otherwise it would be higher

    And bards are about as common as an Oath of Marr

    Do you need a "Bro Hug" Rave?
  3. shiftie Augur

    And blunted blade is more dos than holyforge
  4. Linden Augur

    I checked my parsing on that it shows it to be the same as holyforge higher by 1-2k, without VR, adding VR Holyforge is higher.

    And that means nothing really, could use BB wwhile stunning too, in fact, all Offensive disc while stunning.
  5. Linden Augur

    So i am going solo with this for the win:

    1. Brilliant
    2. Stun
    3 Stun
    4 Stun
    5 Admonish
    6 Consecration
    7. Grief
    8. Sorrow
    9 Burst
    10 Burst
    11 Valliant
    12 Preservation of Iceclad

    Using a wizzy merc for added dps, putting on passive before mob dies.

    And if i seem like a reall #$%! I am not trying to be. I just don't appreciate folks telling I am doing something wrong, when in fact, I am not. Because I am in good gear, does not mean Stuns is a noob or lesser strategy. Its PART of a solid strategy that I have found to work for me at the end game.
    And that is what I mean by BS postings on this forum, much of it is. So don't believe any of it. Parse it, test it out.
    And I am not suggesting using that line up for every zone, in Combine, for example, Stuns are not effective on about half the mobs, so I might drop down to 2 stuns, using more nukes, and an additional heal. All I am saying is that in situations where stuns land, is there any reason why anyone does not have 3 of them up in their line up? If so, please explain. If not lets rest this and move on
  6. Linden Augur

    What I did appreciate, is something no one else picked up on except Brohg.
    My lack of multibinding. Thanks for putting me up on game and making me a better player especially on the raid level Brohg.
  7. Ravengloome Augur

    A year ago you laughed at me when I said I multibind BTWays.

    Brohg does have a thorough gguide for how to do it the best way too, so that's good.
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  8. Damoncord Augur

    This is gonna prolly be stupid but was it ever discovered exactly how much hate a stun did? I remember hearing a theory a few years back that stuns seemed to be scaling up in hate depending on how many HPs the mob had.
  9. Ravengloome Augur

    Yes the value of its override. For paladin stuns from level 65 ancient through to current

    Or hp divided by x until 1200, x depends on mob race and some other crap
  10. Brohg Augur

    Sirene evaluated them a little over a year ago, the results she tabulated and shared here. Pretty fabulous, but prior to the hate override changes, and several new ranks of AA.
  11. Linden Augur

    Then you can post a parse hitting 250k on a boss solo? The answer is...No! So tap out. My arrogance? How about yours? Look, Brohg has schooled me plenty. I am a better player because of it. When its legit. But I will call BS when I see it. And personally I see alot of BS from other players, then I call it out and you down play it. like your comments on stuns.l .You need to go back to school. Start playing your paladin again, you might learn some things.
    And what is laughable, sir. Is you posting (Monday morning quarterbacking, once again), a strategy you have not attempted. Go add that and apply it, and come back here and post the results. But I dont think you will. Because guess what? I have tried adding those things too and what I found is that there is only so much dps you can put out before healing comes into play (As far as soloing), and what i found is a ceiling. I would love to see that topped, maybe then you could put me up on some game, until then please no more Monday morning BS.
    I mean really, how much more dps do you think you are going to add in 49 seconds with nukes? You will need to save casting for healing as well as cycling through healing AA's, Go try that on Vizier Albert, or Glorious Cistina and post the parse.
    My point on this is very simple...To do this, you cannot afford any period in GCD, why would you risk (and most likely die because of it), to get off a couple nukes which aren't needed. you want that period outside of GCD available for heals.
  12. p2aa Augur

    Lol, Brogh has not been the only one in this thread to point out that you weren't casting enough spells.
    Selective memory or reading ?

  13. Triconix Augur

    A parse against an undead mob vs a warrior parse? Hardly a fair comparison I'd say, but I can certainly give a parse of a normal named while in a group of me doing 200k+.

    Let's face it, a majority of paladins don't agree with your strategy. Both work, but one is clearly favorable over the other.

    Also, you complain about paladin aggro yet you're not even close to maximizing yourself according to the parses that you are showing. A person could quite literally double up on the casts that you performed. It's one thing to complain about aggro if you're doing everything in your power to maintain it. It's a whole other thing when you're half assing it and expecting aggro to be a virtual lock no matter what.
  14. Linden Augur

    Warrior? Shiftie plays a Paladin, was not comparing myself to any warrior. That was a solo parse I was not spamming or chain casting stuns. The time between stuns I was filling in with nukes for more dps. It is a waste to cast every time a stun pops up, the point of stuns is to cut down on hits taken and proc heals, the loss of dps is made up for with the merc. the net gain from this is more mana, less down time, which means more damage over time. Now this same spell line up works great in groups too. No aggro issues here.
    Lack of multibinding was a problem for me on raids. I have much to learn in that area. I admit that. there is lots of things on the raid level I could improve on. But school me on my solo or group game you will not.
    Triconix thats great, but you did not do 200k on a live mob without a merc, or without a group. Still 200k is impressive.
  15. Triconix Augur

    I misread the quote and thought it was p2aa. Regardless, you're posting a 250k parse of an undead mob. That amount of lol in that is hilarious. It's making it look like it's a normal parse that you'd see every time, when in reality it's not.
  16. shiftie Augur

    No one said anything about multi binding because no one wanted to believe you were bad enough to not be using it. Welcome to like 2009 and earlier. I appreciate brogh reposting the info but it's been around for almost a decade. For someone who claims to know so much and has such leet strats you sure seem rather green to eq.

    This post was about aggro and your parse a few pages back just shows how ignorant you are. You cooked the parse for 1 and for 2 did nothing while spell dpsing that you should have. Chain spamming our least efficient nuke and not using the same defensive tools or spell casts as you did when you were stunning.

    In the nuke parse you didn't cast a single glorious which would have made you cast less healing as you did in the defensive "stun" line up. Just because you can spam the almighty undead nukes they aren't the most efficient way to do it. I could completely pick it apart but you'll just post some grunts and nonsense about how hard you burn with holyforge.

    No one cares that you killed a group mob proced blessing then went and dumped the kitchen sink on a group named in raid gear the only people that might be mildly impressed are groupers who have never been wildly out geared for the content. That's a lot like going back to the noobie area in a starting city and one shotting mobs with dp.
  17. thedragon Elder

    I have played both Paladin and SK at 105, and while I'm no expert, Paladins seem to have to work a LOT harder to grab aggro on multiple adds.

    I know, that's like saying water is wet, but its a big enough deal for me that while I'd like to be playing a paladin, I find far more utility in being able to snap aggro quickly on the SK.
  18. Sindaiann Augur

    Have to be careful with the word "utility" and how it's applicable in which setting. Paladin utility in a raid setting far out weights a SK, when skill level is considered equal.

    SKs can indeed snap and hold aggro on multiple adds much easier, but that doesn't mean paladins "cant" ae aggro multiples, nor does it mean that SK utility > Paladin.

    This thread is comical btw!
  19. Ravengloome Augur

  20. Thancra Loladin

    Because there's no realistic situation of gameplay where you will have to save your mana while chain killing for hours. If you're doing quests, you will have enough downtime to get your mana back, if you're doing xp, you're better getting a group / boxing, which means you won't need to save your mana for hours and hours (it's best to xp when lod is up anyway / do a HA that won't drain your mana, at least not in raid gear).
    The way you describe playing efficiently is not very usefull in today's game, it used to be up to 2008 or so but it's not the case anymore.
    You're supposed to spam stuff in the raid game and in the group game (though it's less needed in the group game if you're raid geared) nowadays.

    As for the rest of the topic, I disagree that we have np in aggro, in raids, against some dps classes we're really behind in aggro generation compared to the other 2 classes and I don't see how it's "fair" to be behind, the class balancing should not be done in how efficiently you accomplish your main role. The numbers were given in another thread like 1 year ago, you really need a ton more spell slot dedicated to aggro generation to match the one of a SK for example. All of that while running the best aggro generation spells (and no, I don't need to be explain which they are, I checked the spell descriptions/values already).
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