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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Brosa Augur

    Hhmmm good point. 3(mercs) out of 6 doing most of the work in a group HA vs 25 raiders in a raid doing most of work while the others watch the bachelor and eat ice cream. Love the comparison. You assume mercs have as good skill level as your average raider.
    Listen up Devs. Raid equivalent drops do not belong in group content. I don't mind you spicing it up a bit and beefing up some rare drops for group content. That's fine and If I never see one? Well that's luck for ya and I will move on. No one should ever be able to walk into a raid and say....nah I won't bid on that. I just got this shiny new doodad in group content.
  2. Goth Augur

    never happen.
  3. Bleed New Member

    The flip side of that is " I got very lucky and looted a new doodad in group that affords me to save dkp or raid currency, so I can get my next upgrade that much faster."

    Guess its been a while since you had to app to a guild. It can be a bit rough if you are bridging the group game to the raid one and have old gear. Even more so if they are on a progression push and nothing is dropping along with you as an applicant having no dkp or whatever to gear with unless it is an undesired item by the senior membership. The big top names get a flood of loot raiding most any time in an expac's cycle, but not every guild that raids is a RoI caliber. Again, if loot is looked at as tools to do a job, than where gear comes from is moot. If gear is looked at as the only reward, than yes, the logic of having raid caliber gear having even almost the 5th of Never chance of dropping in group content is flawed logic as per the pecking order established by the players.
  4. SOE-MOD-02 Augur

    This thread has changed directions. I am closing it with a reminder to keep posts on topic and constructive.
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