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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Bigstomp Augur

    To be fair, most top end raiders are moving out of that gear quickly and are having a hard time giving some of the more common pieces to alts.
    Yes, most top end raiders have a couple pieces left, but I wouldn't worry about it as to what we're wearing. We're wearing better, or will be in a week or two.
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  2. Tarrin Augur

    That isn't the point.
    Most of the top end raiders are still wearing it *right now*.

    Should CotF T1 gear drop now, because eventually top end raiders will stop wearing it completely at some point in the future?
  3. Axxius Augur

    The sense of accomplishment is a valuable part of the fun. You say you raided during VoA. I don't know if your guild ever defeated the Triunity, but I can honestly tell you that if after an achievement of that scale I saw somebody get the exact same reward from a trash mob during that era - yes, that would negatively affect my game play. Very negatively.

    I'm sorry that you were in guild like that. Never mind defeating the Triunity, that guild probably never got past Oseka and Resplendent if 75% of the people in the raid put in so little effort. If you saw VoA T4 raids, I doubt that you would fail to see my point.

    Buy an item every 10 days? Yeah, that was VoA T2, wasn't it? The prices in T4 would not allow you to buy an item every 10 days.

    But there is no opposition to these new rare drops being RoF T1-2 like Elidroth said initially. T2 would be just fine. The problem is that they are T4 which is the top tier of its expansion and is still worn by many raiders. Somebody even posted that their guild is just entering T4. You can bet dropping the top raid gear available to them from trash mobs will negatively affect their game play.

    Is this side of the argument easier to understand now?
  4. Tarrin Augur

    It boils down to RvR.

    When there is an easier way to accomplish the same exact lessens the "reward" value for doing something with more "risk".

    Therefor, yes, it can negatively effect people.
  5. phraxasthereal Journeyman

    For those who are complaining bout "groupers" getting raid gear, never play on FV because there are "groupers" I've seen in full sets of raid gear/armor weeks to months before myself and fellow raiders. Does this demolish my experience of raiding and gearing myself? No, because I raid to have fun with friends and to push myself to be the best in my class, in my guild, and on my server, thats my self reward. Not the gear i update magelo with week after week.

    Majority of the "groupers" don't even care about you or your gear, why should you?? Besides lets all be honest here, a good portion of the "groupers" who are gonna get these items are probably going to be bought from "raiders" who farmed them or at worse case your ALT/Box has a new piece of gear, stop the "us" vs "them" drama and play the game. At the end of the day that is all this is, useless drama over "quality" of a drop, nothing more.
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  6. Battleaxe Augur

    On those many occasions when players on FV have posted asking if it was time that transfers off FV to regular servers be allowed the response has been no.

    Outside of the special rules servers there's a culture that expects RvR and opposes the sale of no drop raid gear.

    Sure SOE has blurred that line left, right, and sideways:
    A small handful of LoN loots
    Heroic Characters and AA grants
    LDoN and more recently HA currency rewards
    "catch up" content like Old Man McKenzie missions and raids
    special or seasonal rewards

    and now (rare) T4 raids drops in group content. It may even be the case some were so opposed to this they were glad to see things "come to a boil".

    Despite SOE leading the camel into the tent and serving it refreshments we probably all should have known that if something benefits those players SOE doesn't pander to (the ones it holds to RvR) - if it's good, it probably wasn't intended. and might even be a bug.
  7. Norathorr Augur

    Todays raider puts themselves upon a pedestal. The raids they partake in 75% of the raidforce can dribble their way through at half capacity. You guys are not raiding tacvi dpob and solteris. It's not like you deserve much more than groupers. Uf was a fine example of when real tough content was added back in most of you raiders failed to make an impact until events were castrated. There are alot of groupers like myself who got so bored of eq raiding but would consider themselves a lot more capable than the average raider who would love some challenging high reward content. Yeah it is a shame these are just farm items, but raiders getting on their high horse about gear quality is ridiculous when a player of minimal ability could be passable in most raids these days.
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  8. Zamiam Augur

    I too am for this idea.. i am a casual grouper/boxer and have a small window of time to play .. if i find myself doing some CoTF HA and come across a Raid piece or 2 once or twice a month i will be happy .. I hope they continue on this path .. I dont want the best RAid gear out there but something that will help me take on the ever increasingly tough mobs that can hit for godly amounts of dmg :p will be kewl. lots of love to the devs .. sometimes sony gets it right.. sometimes they dont .. today they got it right in my book
  9. Zamiam Augur

    hmm I smell something fishy .. or really bad math ..
    suppose you can kill 1 mob on average in 30seconds
    120 mobs in 1 hour .. last i looked 60min in an hour
    few hours to me means 3 or 4 ..
    4 x 120 = 480 mobs
    so unless your killing a mob every 19 seconds how you get 756 ? oh and thats nonstop with no med break afking or bio's and nonstop pulling ??
  10. Goth Augur

    Whats good for the game. No Trade items or krono sales? think about it.

    you want the game to be funded you need more krono and gold subs.

    IMO all servers should remove No Trade like FV to help the krono market and gold subs.

    make all raid gear prestige leaving only the lowest tier group gear non prestige. raid gear should be for gold only players.
  11. Uuvin Augur

    To Zamiam,
    I took my rogue into a dead hills HA. I killed 52 mobs. the average time to kill a mob was 48 seconds. Alone.
    I took my enchanter into a dead hills HA. I killed 51 mobs. the average time to kill a mob was 77 seconds. Alone.
    Each toon had a merc healer which added no dps of course.
  12. Ssixa Elder

    Now that you all are starting to settle down and the dust is settling from this bug...does anyone (still) have legitimately earned: Mordeo, Sentio, or The Blue Tower? Even if they are not for sale / are already attuned. Please contact me via private message. Thank you.
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  13. Naugrin Augur

    You know some raids in UF were flat out broken? It's probably not the best "Omg, this was raiding purity brah" example.
  14. TheQxx Augur

    Ya, exactly. It was the spring of 2010 and we were farming Swollen Fungusbeast Glands in Fungus Grove to beat Emperor Ssraeshza. We learned our lesson the hard way. Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!
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  15. Fansy Augur

    People seem to be forgetting at least another 11 raid items will be dropping from Plane of War. And that this trend will have to continue forward. Eventually making it so most players have some to a decent amount of this gear to help trivialize the group game even more.

    On the flip side when can raiders except 5K hp items with 200 ac and weapons with superior ratios to any COTF raid item to start dropping with a 1/5000? Or would negating current raid items and weapons be a design issue instead of a winning the lotto item? Fair is fair.
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  16. Lyrical Augur

    Phathom is this for sure confirmation that they are still live in the game in non instance cotf zones? Or is this just an assumption please? I dont mind putting in the work for rare drops but im done with exp and cant store anymore of it haha, ive done all the content 10x over so there is nothing left to do but go after these chase items at least until new content comes out. Again I dont mind the rarity, but I sure dont want to kill mobs aimlessly for weeks that are otherwise useless when you have maxxed exp unless they are actually still holding chase items. Thanks a bunch for the responses.
  17. TheQxx Augur

    I will probably explain this poorly but...

    It doesn't have much or anything to do with the person's gains, it has to do with the availability of raid items attained outside of raiding. If the itemization in EverQuest gets washed out to the point that you can get raid items outside of raids, then raiding itself is threatened. This is why raiders are concerned. We like raiding. Over time, what if a bunch of people decide they don't want the responsibility of showing up for raids because they can log in whenever they have time and just box the same gear? That impacts those of us that like raiding. Raiding requires and relies on other people. I can't very well show up and be a one man raid, as amazing and powerful as I am. I need 53 other people to show up so I can enjoy EverQuest in my own special way. Anything that threatens that makes me feel uneasy to some degree. Does that make sense?

    There is always this line drawn between raiders and groupers by most people that post here. Some of you forget that 90% of raiders are also groupers. The people that show up only to raid are a small percentage. A lot of us still do all the group content, have alts/friends/spouses that don't raid, so we go enjoy the group game with them. So naturally, when T4 raid drops start showing up in group content, there is a bittersweet feeling to this. Sure, we get to beef up our non-raiding comrades but it also starts to feel like EverQuest has one foot in my first paragraph up there.

    When I saw these drops initially, my first reaction was, "Finally, I can replace the VoA raid shield on two of Team Qxx". So I was happy, like the groupers. I guess I thought there would be like 4 or 5 of these new items around. When I realized there was like every T4 raid drop out there, I got a little concerned.
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  18. TheQxx Augur

    I have no idea if it is a confirmation or not but Chandrok stated in this thread that the items stats are as intended but the way to acquire them [in HAs] is not. I don't think they would have removed the items from drop tables outside of HAs. Then again, who knows how they decided to code it in open zones. Is it any mob has a chance to drop one of these? Or is poorly implemented so that specific mobs under specific circumstances, like it was in the HAs? The world may never know.
  19. Booger Elder

    nope they will incress the difficulty of the group content to compensate for all the new gear that some " group players " are wearing . every one is going to be affected by this just think about that for a while .
  20. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Thanks for the replies and clarifications to both of you.
    It would be a shame if you let a "bug" in the drop rate, and the efforts of a few to capitalize on it, to ruin it for everyone for all time. That's just letting the "bad guys" win. There's nothing wrong with the idea of true chase items (and making them tradable) it was only the implementation that went south on you.
    It pays to always remember the 3 canon rules of MMOG design.
    1. You never know what the rats will do with your puzzle once you give it to them.
    2. The rats will stop at nothing to get to the cheese.
    3. The rats, if so motivated, will poop all over everything to ruin it.

    We saw all three in play in this in this debacle.
    Changing the cheese to milk is not the answer, just the easy way out.

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