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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Bigbear Augur

    i for one could care less about these items... but to make them non-lore and tradable has got to be the silliest thing done in a long while... they should be lore and no-trade plain and simple...

    now as for whether groupers deserve them or not... well if u kill the mob then yes u deserve it... and for those of u that keep saying that groupers dont need raid gear... its true we dont... but until u raiders keep ur raid gear out of our group zones... then tough... us groupers can acquire raid gear too
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  2. Battleaxe Augur

    Two things:

    1. Exploit and "less than honorable"

    Exploit has always been in part defined on the fly by SOE. Given one set of circumstances invising. CoHing, or dragging corpses and ressing past trash or difficult mobs is clever play. A different set of circumstances and its exploitation. Invising past trash and killing suspected loot droppers only becomes exploitation IF SOE makes the claim that the player is taking advantage of the game to reap better or more numerous rewards than reasonably intended.

    "Less than honorable"? Sure, maybe. How about "less than professional" - does that describe the implementation? Maybe instead of using negative phases to label people we could break out phrases that are more accurate like:
    "Sometimes programmers make mistakes."
    "Sometimes players know a good deal when they see one - even if it wasn't intended."

    BTW, I skipped trash and killed suspected loot droppers because I couldn't buy a group. I was advised that "Warriors can solo the few mobs of interest." semi-publicly in a way that would make people feel justified in not offering a group if they were so inclined. (I don't box).

    2. Augs and ornaments
    I've been gearing up and advancing an alt just as fast as I can for about a month in an effort to outrace SOE's forget about RvR and earning advancement/Heroic Character and AA grant giveaway programs.(Including acquiring a full set of Latent armor in less than an hour. RvR?)

    There's no Magelo. There's no way I can remember missing augs.

    IF SOE chooses to reimburse me (they can't for one aug - I paid 55Kpp for a lore replacement) then just like when they did when they destroyed the augs they'll have to do it on their own initiative.

    If they don't I'll live. Ya see, I believe "sometimes programmers make mistakes" and "sometimes players know a good deal when they see one" and there is no perfidious intent on the part of either when things go wrong.

    SOE did/is doing what it has to to preserve the integrity of the game. I did what I had to (given I was moloing) to participate in an exciting (but it appears unintended) 48 hours in the game. No hard feelings. Perhaps the outcome was "unintended" for all of us.
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  3. Lerilon Lorekeeper

    Simple: The mobs doing this piñata drop had no loot table. They never dropped anything, even EQ wide tradeskill and hero's forge type stuff. Either make it so a mob like this can NEVER drop anything, even this rare stuff, or make sure every mob that can spawn in every mission has a full loot table that has a 1/200 or 1/5000 or whatever it is chance of dropping one of these rare items.
  4. Edrick Augur

    Thanks for all the replies today. And to the other developers.
  5. Cisco Elder

    Would be so much better of EQ was 100% instanced... Then the clash of groupers and raiders would never happen, since we essentially would never have to interact, aside from running to whatever instance giver we need. Just seems like EQ is facing PR disaster after disaster since the nerf patch. This most recent disaster is somewhat amusing though. Unfortunately, at some players expense.
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  6. Edrick Augur

    Please, no. There are so many instances already. I love seeing other people around outside of hub zones.
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  7. Cisco Elder

    I don't ....
  8. Bigbear Augur

    would be nice if EQ was all INSTANCED... i wouldnt be bothered by those that think that just because they can kill faster than me that that entitles them to taking over my little area(camp)
  9. Brosa Augur

    I was referring to raid level gear dropping in group game in general not just this expansion
  10. Tharrg Augur

    Im sorry but I dont see why Raiders would be threatened by some group person getting half a suit of raid gear.... and no visible pieces minus primary/secondary/range.
  11. Fansy Augur

    You also still fail to see what twenty minute respawns of old raid mobs because you want them is bad. You also fail to see why just granting some over fifty percent of their AA total is bad, rather then actually making them work at it some by speeding up the journey. You also fail to see the true intent of HC and these items is to bleed money in the short term at the cost of this games reputation from people who will be long gone once EQN comes about. Leaving those who actually liked this game for what it was with nothing but the shell game that was left behind.
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  12. Tharrg Augur

  13. Edrick Augur

    We're playing different games I suppose.
  14. Axxius Augur

    Notrade, but not Lore. There is nothing wrong with 2 identical rings or earrings. And there is no point in looting more than 1 of everything else (bracers are not included in this set). I wouldn't even mind if they were Heirloom and could be passed to alts on the same account. It's just the tradable part that contradicts the stated purpose of these items.

    ETA: Forgot weapons. Yes, weapons should be Lore.
  15. Bigbear Augur

    my wife wishes they were no-trade and heirloom too... and for rings and earrings perhaps they could be non-lore but if there are 2 earrings or 2 rings out there then why would u want 2 of the same item... i would prefer to get them both so that i could have different clickies and/or focus effects from them...but just making them no-trade would be a huge win
  16. A-Quad Augur

    Sometimes what's best for the game isn't always what's best for the game company.
  17. Silv Augur

    Raid gear is no drop. Raid-equivalent gear should have the same restriction.

    Since you can add to a HA at any time now or given the fact they drop in static zones... there is still a large degree of accessibility to the items. Hardcore Heritage items were for a limited time, so I can see justification for those being tradeable so someone could obtain one later. However, these COTF global drops are "permanent" additions.

    Several people have already stated this mentality but I just wanted to support the idea. The whole exploitation of these items would have been miniscule in scope compared to what happened if they were not tradeable.
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  18. Tarrin Augur

    Its not just "half a suit of raid gear".

    Its T4 Raid weapons. Which are very important for melee.

    Its T4 Raid pieces for 12 of 20 slots, which is still what many top end raiders are wearing.
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  19. Gnomeland Augur

    12/20 slots and not one with a pet focus, typical.

    ...Does go out to show why people don't care about it the same way, though. Yea, ROF T4 weapons are a big deal. But rings with 3k HME? Meh, what's that going to do? ACoF was a bigger deal than all but the weapons.
  20. Tren New Member

    Why does it matter to you what gear I wear? Just because you raid that means if I get a raid item this negatively affects your game play? I didn't realize this was a competition, but in reality, it is a game. First and foremost, I think people should play the game for fun and (here's a shocker) even excitement. I like the drops because of the chase factor, but I am completely fine if I never see one. However, just because I play the group game and do not wish to raid, doesn't mean I have the right to dictate or even expect to have any input on how or why you play the game for the reasons/enjoyment that you do.

    I was in a raiding guild during VOA, and in my opinion, approximately 75% of the people on the raid contributed less to the raid than the average group member has to contribute during group content. Yet these same people got coins for basically afk playing and could buy an item about once every 10 days. Why is this conduct of acquiring raid items acceptable, but a group mission dropping a raid item so objectionable? To be clear, I am not saying all raiding guilds do this, as I haven't been in all raiding guilds on my server, but if "raiders" are claiming some raids are too easy now, does this not promote this getting raid items for no effort scenario?

    I really think it's counterproductive to let anything I do or accomplish in the game, take away from or alter your enjoyment of the game. When someone starts paying my gold sub every month, then I may let them have a say in my activities, until then, you play your EQ your way and I will play it mine.

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