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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Ineptocracy Leader Elder

    Have i got this right? The chase items no longer drops at all in HAs but drop in the static zones, the staic zones where you do the related merc quests and then only pass through to the HAs which is the supposed meat and potatoes of CotF. These items will become very rare i bet.
  2. Ratbo Peep Augur

    The intention of making them tradable, is so that if you get an item you don't need - you can swap it for one you do need. That's real simple.
    The only problem with this whole rollout - was that the items were limited to certain mobs that could eventually be identified to inflate the drop-rate. Also, they really belong in the HA's more than the open zones too! If there are going to be players galore trying to EverCamp these items, it does no good having them tie up the static zones doing so, They can do HA's all day and disrupt no one.
    There was a problem with the drop rate. Fix it. Real simple.
  3. Ratbo Peep Augur

    For now yes.
    They implied a desire to get them back into the HA's - assuming it can be done without a repeat of this fiasco.
  4. Harabakc Augur

    Why should a buyer have to ever be wary? If someone is doing a legitimate trade or buying something from a bazaar vendor there shouldn't ever be an issue. A buyer cannot possible know how something is attained, the whole premise of buyer beware of legitimate transactions is a bad idea.
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  5. Gortar Augur

    Harabakc, I agree with your sentiment, but its misplaced here bud. If someone says "hey dont step on that it might hurt you" its done to help you out. Yeah the whole in the floor shouldn't be there and will be fixed as soon as possible, but someone trying to help you be safe isn't something to point out as a flaw. There's nothing wrong with putting up a "BIG HOLE HERE" sign while patching the hole in the floor. That's the jist of what they are trying to do with warning people.
  6. Fansy Augur

    Thats the only problem they are addressing at this time, there is a difference. In a year or two if the game is still around at this point, they will be saying we now realize that flooding the group game with rare items that are essentially the next expansions group gear was a mistake as it negates the time spent creating and tuning group content on what was current group gear. Unless it makes them so much in krono sales they don't care about what it does.
  7. Odiosus Journeyman

    Phathom - completely agree with this statement and would be great if we could get a formal statement indicating when all actions that are going to be taken are finished. I am still seeing these items auctioned and would contemplate purchasing but not while there is a looming threat that because the individual selling these acquired them through specific means could lead to a loss of 2m plat and logging in to find augments destroyed, etc (regardless whether they can be restored via petition). The actions while understandable need to be completed and confirmed complete so that the economy of these items can produce no further customer service nightmares. Thank you.
  8. Uuvin Augur

    I don't like random. I am not sure anyone really likes it ( unless it favors them). I have posted before about the random drops in zones and how I would rather it be linked to currency and faction. I thought up another example.

    Person A works 5 days a week at a job 8 hours a day and gets paid a certain amount. He is ok with his situation, he is making a living, getting by. But then he notices his neighbor working only 2 days a week for the same amount. at the same job. This is inherently unfair. And that's what EQ has turned into. I can do Ha's 8 hours a day every day for a month and not see any item drop, yet a joe schmoe can do 2 hours worth and get 2 drops. I am absolutely stunned that you guys actually want that to be how things work.

    A previous example was an office where 5 people are working. they all have the same job and do the same work for the same number of hours. You would expect them to get paid the same, but the boss has a new idea. He will write up 5 checks with 5 different amounts varying from 1 dollar to 10 grand and every week you pick a random pay envelope. would you accept this method?
  9. Vlerg Augur

    I just hope this dosen't turn into Wow itemization, where group gear is soo good all tier of raiding but the very last one is obsolete and not Worth doing... this would shrink the game down.

    '' it would take ages for a grouper to get all those piece, and it's only 12 pieces''... well it's only 12 piece for now, there's more comming with PoWar, and if those item stay in the game... what's next? increased drop rate, of course! or make them buyable at 10k currency a piece!

    Basicly anyone who remember the progression of badge-awarded gear during the burning crusade era of Wow can see where this is going.
  10. Bleed New Member

    You are aware that you are eluding to a double standard. Mainly that it is OK for raid geared players to interact with the group content fully powered up with their raid gear with no need to tune it around that aspect. Then there is some group person who has one solitary raid item, obtained through means that are irrelevant, and that requires a tuning change.
  11. Brosa Augur

    These type of items should never be tradable. Heirloom maybe. Never tradable. I can see in an expansion that is 95% instanced they wuld consider it, but now that HAs can be joined at any point makes that irrelevant.
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  12. Feradach Augur

    After reading through most of this, I'm really stunned by the raider's reactions. Come on guys. If the only reason you raid is for the gear, I certainly wouldn't want you in my guild. Raiding should be about the camaraderie, the sense of accomplishment, getting to see and do things reserved for a subset of the EQ population, and the overall experience. The gear attained from raids is a means to an end (better gear, bigger contributions to raid), not the end goal itself. With these drops now in game, that means that new applicants to your guild won't need quite as much gearing up. How is that a bad thing?
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  13. Trajet D'Or Augur

    Will raiding survive the existence of tradeable raid items meaning you can farm augs/clicks and/or buy Krono and acquire raid gear without raiding.

    Yes, FV.
  14. Fansy Augur

    Yes group content should not be tuned around raid gear gotten from raids, welcome to everquest. Just as raids are not watered down to be won in group gear, well at least they used not to be.
    The issue is that if raid gear is suddenly gotten from the group game then its no longer raid gear its group gear. Just because its rare or takes longer to get does not negate the fact that its the top group gear for some slots gotten in the group game and thus group content should be adjusted with these facts in mind. As group content should be tuned around group gear.
    I am sure all the have not true casual groupers will not have issue with the devs now splitting their time up even more. Making some raid content for true raiders. Making some content for these new max grouped geared groupers. Making some group content for those true groupers utilizing what actually used to be group gear.
  15. Porterz73 Augur

    How HARD is it to raid in current EQ? My thoughts

    1.). How many of these current raids which yield the best gear where cracked by multiple guilds in the first week they existed. I recall in the past very reputable guilds taken quite a few attempts before even 1 item dropped on many raid events.

    2.). How many of the very same people that are talking about how difficult it is to raid on this thread posted on these forms that raids where too easy and lacked challenge in CoTF.

    3.). How many nights a week do the Best guilds raid now to completely exhaust all targets which yield upgrades . (2 nights, 3 if Slacking). I recall in the past some guilds going 5 or even 6 nights a week

    4.). How many items are going to Rot or making it to alts Bots or being earned for almost no DKP on ROF content. (for those guilds still spending time on it!)

    In my experience most very proficient raid guilds have the following makup
    - 4 or 5 people who put in an insane amount of work to keep guild a well oiled machine. (Picking targets, DKP, recruiting, Raid communication, Class balancing for raids, Strats, upkeep of web pages, Guild drama issues etc)
    - 5 to 7 more that go above and beyond to assist the above people
    - 50 to 70 general populous of raiders - very good at their class but basically show up do their job collect the goodies and done. (They run the macros and click at the right time, follow instructions pretty well, respond to Audio triggers, are pretty good at Simon says and basically do what the class can do)

    If a person is of the mind that current EQ raiding is "Hard" then maybe just maybe they aren't very good. (Just a thought )

    Release the Dogs!!!!
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  16. Bleed New Member

    Fansy, the whole scheme of "Raiders" vs "Groupers", even though the raid people can move freely between the two with impunity is something the players came up with all on their own. That is typical of anything. People need that pecking order so they can have some kind of identity and there is always the desire for someone to profess the need to be better than the guy next to them. The Dev team can chose to respect that or to not respect that since it was not their intent to have the game be classified in two different ways as far as what is known goes. Its still their baby, their business and they have to decide if they want a business that adapts to the times or one that strictly adheres to bygone principles and hopes to stay solvent. As others have stated, what is good for the game is not always what is best for the players.

    Gear is gear. You can call it raid or call it group or just call it tools to get the job done. If winning is all that matters when you raid, than many classes can get by with lesser tools if they have the technical skill. Encounters should be more of a skill test as opposed to being about "phat lewts" and who is more deserving than others to have something. Ultimately, if these unique rares had a flawless roll out and dropped on a basis of being seen so seldom as to not even matter (and maybe being no-trade) than this thread would have died out ages ago or never even existed.
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  17. Vlerg Augur

    A side note to those who claim raid nowaday are easy... yes, they are easier than GoD-underfoot or VoA T4, but they remains a large step harder than the current group content.

    If you think CoTF name hit hard, go tackle commander galenth, or go gear up 7 different tank to handle all of bixie 1 add at the same time...

    there's a huge difference between getting T4 quality raid gear from killing meaningless trash, and getting T4 quality raid gear by progressing and flagging 54 people trough the first 3 tier of RoF to tackle Glimpse, memories of fear, and xaric.

    Today raids are very far from GoD level of raid, but the group missions are also miles behind what tipt , vexd and sewers were.

    The question about future tier / expansions remains : will they also have rare chase item equivalent to the previous tier of raid?
  18. Gumlakx Augur

    I attend a public raiding organization twice a week. A couple weeks ago we won Xorbb 3, so we are just breaking into RoF tier 3. The existance of ultra-rare drops of RoF tier 4 quality has not adversely affected raid attendance. When we started doing the Xorbb events, the organizers had to start a second raid as the first one filled with 72 players. (Though only 54 can enter the instance, all who join the raid earn DKP).

    If public raiders doing lower end content are not adversely affected by these rare drops, why would higher end raid guilds with more committed raiders be affected?
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  19. Vlerg Augur

    Porterz73: and what does the current group game require? all of the group missions are watered-down versions of the raid... would you claim the current HA's requires more effort-skills than the raid? sure dosen't feel so as my 2 wizzy + 2 cleric merc roll trough them facetanking stuff.

    If raiders have it easy nowadays ( gearing-up Wise,). Then how would you describe groupers? with Menace, doom and horror ( HoF first mission) being molo'able by almost everyone ( mini-bosses don't summon) for 4 piece of T4 gear in 30 minute ( and a mote), with CoTF crafted gear who cost almost nothing to craft, with HA's currency , entire set of CoTF gear being on merchant, tons of underfoot-HoT-VoA aug being on merchants....

    Yes, top raiding guild ( note the ''top'' raiding guild.. not just any raiding guild, the ''top'' ones... if you want to use ''top'' raiding guild as your examples, why not use ''top'' groupers aswell?) will be in almost full CoTF1 set when CoTF2 set come out, 3-4 months of farming.

    How long does it take a grouper to get an entire set of CoTF1? a week? two? three if going slowly? Why do they need T4 RAID gear?
  20. Tarvas Augur

    I doubt most players will be getting this gear. I think there is a continued overestimation of what a majority of the players in EQ do. That is just my opinion though. Obviously the Devs are the only ones who can really track play time and they don't seem to be interested in giving up those numbers though I am sure it has something to do with their decision making processes.
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