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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Pirouette Augur

    It definitely could have been handled a lot better. I'm happy to hear that people are being reimbursed augments, hopefully the same will be done for plat/kronos. And I sure as hell hope that nobody is getting punished for using legitimate (read: without 3rd party tools) methods to kill a monster legitimately spawned in game and legitimately right clicking to loot a legitimate item. Because that sounds pretty legitimate to me. The problem is not the players' but SOE's for putting the keys in our hands.

    I realize that what happened to the players' who exploited the drop rate is confidential. I'm not going to ask for anything specific. But it seems to me that there's a thin line on what's an 'exploit' and what's not. Because I'd like to know if I should expect a policy of 'If you can do it legitimately in-game without 3rd party tools you're still going to get permanently banned' because frankly, the only reason why I have fun in EQ is to utilize options and strategies others haven't thought of before. EQ's allure to me is in the freedom the playerbase has with game mechanics. We don't have a short leash range on every single monster in-game, we can kill guards in newbie towns, our spells and abilities are often very circumstantial to accompany different strategies...

    Now in this situation if someone is farming 10+ items off the same NPC it's pretty clear that there was a profit motive rather than discovering new gameplay techniques. But I can't help looking back to past SOE's policies (Banning healers who hid out of LoS from AOEs because they took advantage of the fact heals do not have a LoS restriction) and wonder if we're going down that path again. So really, is this freedom I love so much really just entrapment?

    EDIT: Nothing against profit motives but taking action against rigorous abuse like this situation helps to protect the in-game economy. I still would not expect someone to get banned over this though.
  2. Phathom Champion

    Buyers should always be wary however no where in my post did I say you are screwed and we don't care. I said put in a ticket because CS and Dev has not spoken about this. This wasn't a perfect solution, but we are doing our best to make it right for the game.
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  3. Kaenneth Augur

    The items should have been NO TRADE from the beginning.
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  4. Tarrin Augur do you know this?

    Did someone tell you? I hope they showed your a receipt or some other type of proof and you aren't merely going by their word.
  5. Coltraine Journeyman

    I'm hoping this is temporary. I tend to play in static zones only as long as I need to. Once the dust settles and the issues are resolved, will these rare items return to HAs and missions? Or are they out for good?
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  6. Phathom Champion

    No, this isn't any entrapment. This was a mistake on our part that was exploited. We stopped the exploit but it still wasn't right that some people couldn't stop the exploit. We had to draw a line in the sand and that is how we're handling it. It definitely is not perfect and we acknowledge that. However we are doing our best to resolve a bad situation.

    Nobody on any of the teams here are trying to entrap anybody.

    Keep your play style - I'm glad EverQuest has that allure to give you freedom to play that way.

    Thank you for reading.
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  7. Ssixa Elder

    Not really. Its not like this gear has a sign on it that says "Non-raiders only". These items are beneficial to raiders as much as they are to non-raiders and it seems like a lot of people (including you) are missing that concept. Not everyone is decked out in full CotF tier 1, you said as much yourself. Many raiders don't upgrade slots for several tiers. Got an old piece of RoF tier 1 raid gear? You can upgrade it with a very rare drop and save some dkp for a different upgrade if you so choose - if you can find it for sale because guess what? Its going to be Rare. Box on raids? Hey, use these drops to help strengthen your box toon on raids, since you probably aren't allowed to bid on loot for them until its totally rotting. This stuff helps everyone, but ONLY if it is dropping at the intended rate. So many people are bored with CotF as it is, this is a good reason to grind endlessly, hoping to see ONE drop.
    PS. The one ring and the one cloak are almost entirely identical to ACoF and CMM Ring. I guess they should go back and remove those off everyone too, huh? I understand that those are around for a limited time and I am sure that will be your counter argument, but that doesn't really change the fact that they are raid quality items, does it?
  8. Koneko Augur

    to bad you couldn't just replace the item with a same auged ____ of sad exploitation item a new version that is ouch like the old item was and such would give people at least something they could smile about
  9. Pirouette Augur

    Paranoid buyers don't make good business. Why do you think every marketplace ever brags about its customer service and return policy? Regardless, we appreciate that these matters are being resolved, but you are putting a really heavy burden on your CS team which to my understanding has been cut down quite a bit already (I noticed a few months ago how much their available hours shrunk).
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  10. Phathom Champion

    To be determined later. We have some work to do while that dust is still out there.
  11. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Wrong to make the items no trade as there might not be anyone in the group able to use them. It wouild be acceptable if there were an NPC who would exchange Item A for another item usable by the person with the item. Such as trade a bow for a caster 1HB, or whatever. Or trade a caster mask for a melee mask.
  12. Phathom Champion

    We definitely are putting a burden on them and it saddens me that it had to be handled in this way. From someone that came from CS, I appreciate everything that they do and they have no time to clean up after a mistake like this. They are very valuable and very good at what they do.
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  13. Coltraine Journeyman

    Fair enough, Thom, thanks for the reply.
  14. Phathom Champion

    Likewise. Thanks for understanding.
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  15. Daegun Augur

    Why should buyers be wary when we had no official dev response or warning. This went on for nearly a full week. At no point did the developers warn the community.
  16. Pirouette Augur

    Appreciate that you guys are owning up to this. I've seen customer relations getting better, and I just don't want to see it go down the old path.
  17. Garshok Augur

    Thing is, if they make all the items statless, while that resolves the issue of augs being destroyed, it leaves people who **didn't** do fake trades holding the bag after paying for now worthless items.

    If they want to get rid of everything, then they would essentially need to a) roll back loads of toons (if not everybody), or b) do the proper research and reverse all the trades. And even the seemingly easy expedient of a rollback would still require Krono purchases to be reversed.

    Unfortunately there is no 'perfect' solution to this - unless SOE wants ton do a heck of a lot of work combing through logs and undoing a metric buttload of trades. I'm not saying that their approach (as we understand it) is the best. Just pointing out that it is a real challenge.

    P.S. Good point on how do they figure out who targeted the piñata mob. I guess that they could see who went into HA's repeatedly without completing them, just targeting the suspected loot piñatas. But yes, the implementation of this was a mess.

    On the other hand, I do applaud SOE for jumping on it early, compared to several previous incidents.
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  18. Axxius Augur


    I can understand the 'fun surprise for casual players' concept, but why are these items tradable?? It's a direct invitation for 'industrial grade' farming of these items by boxed crews purely for profit, as soon as the instanced drop is re-enabled.
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  19. Pirouette Augur

    I admit ignorance to whatever limitations may exist on resolving this problem. I believe every buyer needs to be reimbursed for their trade, and my solution was based on the premise that reversing all trades would be necessary regardless of what solution is taken. They probably can't simply do a blanket trade reverse as I had assumed, and need to do it on a case-by-case basis. I was also assuming that buyers' were going to have their items deleted no matter what so the statless item argument was an idea to keep them from losing their augments. If it's easier to let the buyers keep their items and that is the path they are going down...then I understand the solution.

    I just want to see things set right, which it seems they are doing.

    And seems a little unreasonable to do that much research on who was targetting the pinata mobs, which was probably why they put their "cutoff" number so steep (10+ I would assume).
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  20. Garshok Augur

    I see I misunderstood - yes, that would work if they did the research to undo the trades and just made items statless to take care of the augs rather than deleting.

    Will be interesting to see how the dust settles. If I lose the items I bought - and the one that I looted (in an HA that I finished, as I did all of them this last week, and *not* from the piñata mob), so be it - just want to get back the plat from years of tradeskilling if that happens.

    I do want to echo the devs in thanking the guys who did bring this to SOE's attention and force a resolution, rather than silently farm the heck out of out. And good on SOE for at least trying to resolve it early - however imperfectly the axe may swing - rather than letting it sit for a month or three. And getting the devs speaking up on it to squash some of the rumors.
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