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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Vlerg Augur

    Gumlakx: cause those chase item are new, and rare. however if the trend continue like it did in Wow, you can expect those items to become more and more common.. and that's when raid below the top-tier take a hit.

    When those chase item get put on the HA's merchant, you can bet the attendance on your pickup raid will drop hard.
  2. Sinestra Augur

    I'd like to see one of the devs tell us how many of these items have dropped so far in static zones.
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  3. Gortar Augur

    Sinestra, Id rather they didn't. The game needs more mystery like it used to have. This is just my opinion though.
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  4. Harabakc Augur

    The greatest majority of players don't check the forums, and surely aren't going to sort through a 58 page post like this.
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  5. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Agreed. It's largely an "artificial construct" of sorts.
    Both "classes" can enter both "games". Any "great divide" is only a player made construct.
    (not passing judgement - just noting a fact)
  6. Sinestra Augur

    That is the absolute last thing it needs. The mystery disappeared over a decade ago and there is no reason to bring it back.
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  7. Gortar Augur

    Harabakc, I agree. I just don't think that them saying buyer beware was a bad thing. In fact, I think that warning players in game through the MOTD of the same messages as the forum would have been a good idea!
  8. Gortar Augur

    Sinestra, We can agree on disagreeing then =D
  9. Reht Augur

    Since this is lessening the gap between raiders and groupers, can raiders now get group progression credit for completing raids that have a group mission version? We were previously told we weren't special and should be required to do the same things groupers are required to do. I am fine with these occasional raid quality item dropping, how about some quid pro quo?
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  10. Porterz73 Augur

    How is it any of your business why someone wants an available item? How does it affect you if a player wants to spend their time obtaining a rare drop. Maybe they want to clear the heroic mission in 30 mins rather than an hour . (Like many of the "raiders" brag about when lowering themselves to group content.)

    Not sure where people got the idea that they can dictate what others need or should want but sorry guys it ain't up to you.

    EQ is a game about continuous improvement and goal setting. This can be accomplished in a variety of manners with vast differences in efficiency. If you believe these new drops make raiding redundant then I suggest you stop raiding and take the Easy road.( if you really think it's that easy)
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  11. Ratbo Peep Augur

    I was only speaking to the current identified problem.
    The rest is speculation at this point. Not saying your 100% wrong, just that we don't know.
    Most people even when 100% geared, still play through the content to, well, play the content.
    You know, get the achievements, beat the mechanics, ie "do the thing".
  12. Gortar Augur

    Reht, Id take it 1 step farther. In the old days raid mobs were in group zones. This caused zone disruption when 100 raiders trooped the groups trying to have fun. We have so many instances now, however, that this isn't such a problem. I would suggest that we go back to the Raid mobs being in the same zones as group content. So to get to raid mob a you would need to go through group mobs 1-50. I envision Sol B FGS->Naggy. That way your raid force can just knock out the group quest/missions of your choice while raiding! I think this would add alot of enjoyment to raiding (personally).
  13. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Well ya - as long as groupers got raid progression flags for completing group missions. :p
    Quid pro quo - is by definition - a 2-way street. (snicker)
  14. Tarvas Augur

    I'm fine with that as long as raiders stop complaining about having nothing to do.
  15. Edrick Augur

    There's a difference between the mystery of quests, rare mobs, etc. than the non-mystery of determining if the intended drop rate is working, well, as intended.
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  16. Tarrin Augur

    When raiding gets as easy as letting 3 mercs do all the work required of you outside of pulling (this is what HAs boil down to) will have a point.

    You are the one that hasn't raided anything in 5 years, just relying on hearsay, right?

    You say you want some challenge and high reward content. There is *nothing* challenging about killing a bunch of dark blue mobs waiting for some of the best gear in the game to drop.

    Put it at T2 or T3 even, and I am sure 99% of all complaints from raiders would cease. Groupers would still have some insanely good upgrades that would last them for years.
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  17. Tarrin Augur

    This would be horrible. I can see how a person who doesn't raid would think this would be fun though.

    Go go only 1, or 2 if you are lucky, guilds total on the server being able to raid.
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  18. Sinestra Augur

    Not to mention, if we're talking about open zones, then the entire zone gets wiped out by a raid force and all the groupers are left to sit twiddling their thumbs until zone mobs start to repop.
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  19. Tarrin Augur

    I don't see how that could possibly hurt the grouper/raider relationship.
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  20. Bleed New Member

    Tarrin, it is understood by most that in return for arranging your real life schedule around raiding in a video game, as in the game takes a bit of precedence, and the patience required to put up with 54 people who may or may not be on their A game, be sober or on their best behavior that there is a sense of entitlement. There is also the sense that those who fail to meet the pre-reqs with the time commitment should be punished in some way and demoted to the "lesser game", be it due to schedule, time zones or plain not wanting to put up with the BS.

    Well, it is not that black and white or that fair. Life demonstrates that noone is entitled to anything. Raiders think that since they put up with more crap, then the group game should represent the inverse of that. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't but the devs really are the ones who get to decide. Raiders get a flood of reward these days to more than compensate them for their efforts. The Devs gambled and tried to insert a bit of a grey area, where you either had to put in massive, MASSIVE hours or get just plain lucky. Enough hours or enough luck to where raiding seems trival in comparison if all you are gauging the game on is loot. Most of the unwashed masses might see ONE of these items if they are lucky by just doing normal play, in spite of the botched roll out. Most will not before they are obsolete. Do they need them in the group game? I dunno. That's not for me to decide or even my business. There are are plenty of uber geared elite raider types who stink skill wise and gear for them is as much of a crutch as relying on their raid force to make up for their lack of skill. As others have said, if the devs thought this gear was going to be detrimental to the game, and didn't represent an outlier, than the gear would not be in the game world. Meeting the dev team half way and respecting their decision making, inspite of this recent blunder, is not unreasonable since it is their game after all that we elect to spend time and money in.
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