Necro swarm pets since the patch

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Malaari Manaburner, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Ksenija Lorekeeper

    So if you use your swift dots, whats the problem ?

    No more benefiting off the broken manaburn thing ?
    No more using spam pets to defeat boss encounters ?
    Gift of deathly resolve brought your numbers down a bit ?


    I dont mind grouping for nameds, and killing and hanging out and missions and all that. I enjoy being with other people having fun. But thank you for proving my point about how you guys haven't skipped a beat !
  2. menown Augur

    I do enjoy this. You are reviving this thread and it will make a few more pages just today. Please, keep posting.
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  3. Ksenija Lorekeeper

    Sure, keep your grievances near the top so the Dev's can keep scrolling just like they do to every other thread, and petition, and question, and account problem.

  4. Utaerx Elder

    Are you really that dense? I just said Swift DoTs are not that great of DPS on their own anymore. That's the problem. What we used to do to sort of make up for that would be to do three swifts plus three swarms, because swarms are decent DPS. Now we can only do one swarm. There is no adapting to that; the tools that once existed don't exist anymore. I honestly don't really care much about not being able to pet wall, because finding a bit of help to take down a named is really not that big of deal.

    Also, since you follow my posts so carefully apparently, you should know that I said the numbers were not even the biggest issue of the GoDR nerf for me. The bigger issue is that the nuke->dot sequence with the nerfed GoDR is just an unenjoyable playstyle to be forced into. I tried it for a week and hated it. But by all means, like Menown said, just keep posting and bumping this thread to the top. You're right that it probably won't make a difference, but it certainly helps us more than it getting buried.
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  5. Ksenija Lorekeeper

    Oh so instead of doing a Gabillion DPS...your only doing a Gazillion ?

    Got it.

    It now takes you 54 seconds to kill a named instead of 50 seconds.

    Must you be derogatory in EVERY post you make ? So much hate, so much rage.

    Oh I see the problem now -- "YOU" , dont want to be forced into a playstyle ? So it's ok if every other class is pigeonholed, except YOU...

    Clerics are forced to group. Warriors are forced to group. But god forbid, a Necro is forced to Nuke dot... which is not even a class defining thing. Your just making it out to be.

    Shut the game down !!!!!
    Necros Have to Nuke & Dot now while they still take out nameds solo !!!

    Edit: Maybe I dont want to be "Forced" into singing Potency for you guys next time im grouped with you..... I'm starting to feel that is a undesirable playstyle to be forced into. Fierce Eye ? Never heard of it.... while I'm at it, I dont want to be forced to click this epic or Quick Time....I'll just run around in circles talking about marshmallows. Now that sounds like a fun playstyle.
  6. Utaerx Elder

    You wonder why I am being so mean, and yet you make posts like this. First of all, as I said a million times before, this game isn't a goddamn job. If they made a change to bards that made you not enjoy the class anymore, then far be it to me from criticizing you for not wanting to play that class anymore. It's a game we play to have fun, afterall. Second, where did I say I wanted any other class to be pigeonholed? I don't. The GoDR nerf isn't even about being forced to group versus solo, so that is entirely beside the point. It's just an inane hoop to jump through to slow down our twincasting that has the effect of decreasing our DPS numbers (not that big of a deal) and making the class less fun to play (a much bigger deal). Third, you really think necros are doing a "gazillion" damage in groups? We aren't. I will fully admit our raid DPS is still respectable. But again, I didn't stop playing my necro because I couldn't DPS on raids anymore.
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  7. Ksenija Lorekeeper

    Im sorry, But i dont see me calling you out of your name or slandering you or just being a total bi-tc-h ?

    Why is it when others stand up to the necros, the necros do not know how to have a discussion and instead cuss, rant, rave, stomp their feet and call people names.

    Then you get mad when everyone calls you whiny kids.

    So fun to you in having every other class deal with mediocrity while you roll over every open world content ?

    You determine the fun you get out of something. Being irate over a few changes where in the grand scheme of things, made very little difference, is why the public has backlashed so hard against the class.

    You guys are still gods. I fail to see the problem.
  8. Utaerx Elder

    Stop pretending like you have some sort of moral high ground. You came into this thread posting snarky memes and calling people whiners. Are you surprised that people aren't nice to you then?

    Anyway, necros aren't the only class that can solo or molo content, so it's completely disingenuous for you to act otherwise . Second, you are again putting words in my mouth. I never said I wanted other classes to be mediocre. I have been against the vast majority of the nerfs to other classes that have occurred over the last year or so. Nerfs, in my opinion, are usually the worst way to approach rebalancing, and I feel that way regardless of the class. Third, you may feel that the changes made very little difference. But that is highly subjective and many necros, myself included, feel differently. Also, I'm not sure what position you are in to be able to speak to whether the changes matter or not when it's obvious you don't understand the mechanics of the class very well. It's also kind of funny that you are saying that there is some sort of huge backlash against necros, because there hasn't been. The majority of the community has actually been very supportive. But, there are a small group of class haters that feel like it's their job to try to shut down any complaints that necros have about any changes. It's ironic that people like you call us whiners, when you are just as big whiners about the fact that people are complaining. But again, if your goal is to get the "whining" to go away, coming in here and stirring up the hornet's nest is causing the exact opposite effect. So by all means, keep arguing with us.
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  9. Bobsmith Augur

    Bard trolling a necro thread to badger and bother people. If you have a true issue with the facts stated about the nerfs by all means please present your case. If not well the tlp forums may be better suited for your banter. As for pet walling yes this this is not how the majority of necro's go about dealing with named or mobs in a while. They were used like an off tank or something to hold the mob till we could root it. Yes we are up set but you are really quite off base. SIDE NOTE where is grey deeds I miss him
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  10. Ksenija Lorekeeper

    There is no moral high ground Utaerx.
    You want to cry, and you all will continue to cry like toddlers in a supermarket until you get the attention you so desperately desire.


    The rest of us just hope the dev's just give you a swift slap on the and tell you to behave and shut up.

    i'm done.

    Edit: Bar none, the worst group of players, character wise in the game. This class must attract the dregs of society.
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  11. Utaerx Elder

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  12. Amor Augur

    Apparently the worst group of players attract the most jealous and envious players based on everything you said. Guess you're lower on the totem pole in your assessment of a class.
  13. Utaerx Elder

    Now that the trolls are gone, let's get the thread back on topic. I don't want to see this get locked. Despite baseless assertions that only 5% of necros group, actual necros know that groups are necessary to clear a huge amount of current content, and even more content on top of that, even if technically moloable, is ridiculously inefficient to try to do without a group. Aristo is going to increase the base damage of DoTs by some unknown amount, as well as increasing mana costs by some unknown amount. My questions, from a group perspective, are this:

    a) Will Swift DoTs also be getting an increase in base damage? Because if they aren't, they should, as Swift DoTs have not seen appropriate scaling in recent expansions and our group DPS has been hit hard by linking swarm pets.
    b) Related to a, if Swift DoTs are not going to see a scale up in base damage, is there going to be any reason to use them with a scale up with the rest of our DoTs? It seems silly to make completely obsolete a DPS tool that was specifically designed for us to use in groups and on raid trash.
    c) With increased mana costs, what will be done for group necros to keep up? Death Bloom has stagnated since Underfoot and has been nerfed on top of that. This hasn't hurt raid necros as much, but it has hurt grouping necros badly. Without adjustments, group necros will get hurt even more.
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  14. lancelove Augur

    Its not going to get un nerfed. You can beat a dead dog to death all you want but...they didnt un nerf the mage earth pet nerfs earlier. Time to adapt.
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  15. fransisco Augur

    Ksenija is correct.

    Necros have always been crazy overpowered, and you guys give warriors a run for the money in tantrums if the devs even look in your direction.
  16. ---Xislaben--- Augur

    These are all good questions, I can't wait to find out.
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  17. Utaerx Elder

    Fransisco, don't you play a mage? Didn't you see that Ksenija thinks necros are overpowered because they can solo content and kill nameds? Maybe you should rethink throwing your hat in with anyone who repeats the same chorus of "Necros so OP lol".
  18. menown Augur

    What one class views as overpowered, another class views as balanced.

    Think of it this way. Necros have he worst AE capabilities of all the DPS classes, Berzerkers are OP. Necros are poor DPS in full groups, Wizards and a few others are OP. Necros are poor burst DPS in raids, behind most to all DPS classes depending on duration. Necros are reliant on more gear than any class besides tanks. Necros have the most complex setup and weave of any class, bar none.

    The tradeoffs are a very powerful soloing class and Tier 1 sustained DPS. This is what a game's balance should be around, tradeoffs. Not copy paste templates that go to every class.
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  19. menown Augur

    While I do agree that a lot of Necros are venting their frustrations, a lot of other good things have come up in this thread. Questions about why some decisions were made and questions about the future of the class.

    We understand the nerf to Manaburn and the prevention of pet walling. We are asking about why our group DPS was nerfed without compensation; about why one Dev intended Flesh to Poison to work with our twincast ability but a different Dev removed that intention; and about how these future DoT changes will effect our class.

    I don't think this thread should just disappear. We have every right to ask these questions. Some have even offered possible solutions, which is very constructive.
  20. sojero Augur

    Just a thought, but I wonder if they changed FtP to not work because of the upcoming dot changes. I could see making them way way powerful, and to limit them by making necro's cast DD's in between. I don't agree with it, because it has made my necro less fun to play on raids, but I could see where that would come into play with them if they really upped the dps potential of dots.

    The biggest problem with the dev crew is they do not communicate why something has changed when it has been in the game for years sometimes. I could understand not communicating if it was something that was just put in, give it 1-3 months and changed for balance, but not something that has become a staple of the class for a year or more.

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