Necro swarm pets since the patch

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Malaari Manaburner, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Malaari Manaburner New Member

    Since the patch on february 16 where you made some changes to pet agro, you also seem to have changed the cooldown on necro swarm pets. Was that intended or an accident?...
  2. Sancus Augur

    (So yes, it was, unfortunately, intentional).
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  3. Malaari Manaburner New Member

  4. Bobsmith Augur

    So I have not been able to get home to "enjoy" eq the way I want to....... I'm guessing the f2p and godr nerfed went live as well.
  5. Sancus Augur

    Yes, it did :(
  6. Bobsmith Augur

    AMAZING. well hopefully they come to their senses. 54 days gold left....we shall see.
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  7. Gnomeland Augur

    For Necromancers complaining about Wizard raid DPS: don't worry, they're getting theirs soon, from what the developers said in the other thread.

    Now, the swarm changes... Sorry, but I have no comfort to offer you there, you just have to deal with it, as Mages have after the two rounds of pet nerfs. Best advice I can give you, besides throwing it in, is to make a tank class, as they rarely have any ability taken away. Instead, the developer's way of dealing with Warriors being gods is to simply also make Knights gods.
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  8. Bobsmith Augur

    you are slightly off base...necros received the same nerfs the mage did to our main pet as well. And further more if I wanted to play a tank class I would. I am a necro and I will play a necro or not at all. I am not raging and or throwing any kind of fit, I just have no idea how we as a class got to this point and who thought it was a good idea.
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  9. Utaerx Elder

    I'm trying to think of any nerfs that were particular to the necro class that were ever reversed once implemented live. I don't think I can name a single one. The death bloom nerf still remains, even after it has been blatantly obvious to everyone for years that it didn't make any difference to raiding necros (like they thought it did) but it mattered a whole lot to grouping necros (who have needed help for as long as anyone can remember, and are completely useless now with swarm changes).
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  10. Parts Journeyman

    This is a joke, logged in, saw the changes, tried to play as normal, felt weak as hell not being able to play the way I have for years, logged out, won't be returning as much since I can't play casually anymore, the way I have for YEARS. You killed smart solo necro play survivability in many situations. Sure im not the only one. Thanks ya maroons. :mad:
  11. fransisco Augur

    Necros still havn't felt anything compared to mages in the last couple years.
    Be glad if this is all you're getting for nerfs compared to mage rains and pet nerfs (which doesn't effect necros as much, since their pets don't tank).
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  12. RangerGuy Elder

    Would be nice if necromancers and beastlords got the following mage AA lines to help their pets handle all these nerfs. Considering they are being hit with the exact same nerfs despite being much weaker to begin with.

    Elemental Durabilty; 3 ranks adding 2, 5, and 10% to pets hit point pools.
    Elemental Agility; 3 ranks adding 2, 5, and 10% chance for pets to avoid melee.

    Considering you guys just handled some major parity adjustments for tanks it would be nice if necro and beastlord tank pets weren't 50,000 hit points behind and 10% or more behind in mitigation compared to magician pets.
  13. RangerGuy Elder

    Necros took all the exact same pet nerfs that mages took.
    Necros had their 100% fade removed.
    Necros had their swarm pets all linked when Aristo who created the spells said 2 was working as intended. Should have linked every other version so only 2 could be used for those playing stupid.
    Necros had deathbloom recast pushed out to 10 minutes.
    Necros just lost 50% of their twincast ability.
    Necros had their 70% AA undead slow nerfed down to 40% for no reason at all. The AA was a replacement to the spell but now it isn't.
    Necros had their bp clicks nerfed as well as some other dot enhancing stuff.

    Nerfs for no reason suck for any class and we feel for the hit mages took but necros have had their fair share of nerfs in the past few years.
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  14. Cicelee Augur

    It always makes me laugh out loud when players think magician pets have four billion hit points, avoid 80% of hits, and mitigate 65% of the damage.

    Having said that, I have heard that a LOT of necromancers are going to retire due to these changes. It saddens me to hear such an extreme amount will be going that route. Hopefully the changes look worse on paper than in actual application in game. I also hope that those considering retiring try out the "new" necromancer first before immediate retirement...
  15. Parts Journeyman

    Between this and the pet nerfs on progression that killed soloing, they successfully took away any fun and desire left to play, as someone who plays when they can because of health issues, who doesn't box, I don't voice things too much on here but this is pretty sad, I never really thought the final nail would hit me I guess, lol.
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  16. Derd Augur

    With all the percentages of reduction being thrown out, I'm looking with baited breath for the first actual parse posted. Of course I waited for one from test also to no avail. Give those that don't play the class a reason and maybe you will gather support for your cause. At this point all I can do is log in and see if our top necro continues linking named rots that it takes our whole group to kill
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  17. Utaerx Elder

    You were told in the other thread that necros don't post parses on the Live forums for a reason, and that the before parses were not an accurate comparison because they included the insane boost from manaburn. Nothing has changed since then, just FYI. Also, the notion that some minimal support from converted necro skeptics would change anything anyway is laughable. Nothing is going to reverse these nerfs, as the devs obviously know our concerns and don't care.
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  18. menown Augur

    I cancelled my alt account last night. It was set to renew on 2/19 for a 3 month reoccurring bill.
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  19. Silv Augur

    As an indirect repercussion - I'm curious how much of an effect some of these changes are going to have on the rampant DPS checks in TBM raids. Suppose it depends how loaded the guild was with Necros but... yeah. Pretty sure the changes are going to do a lot more than just fk up Necros.
  20. Utaerx Elder

    Yup, this is a concern I've seen brought up quite a few times. You're right that it will depend how much weight your necros carry DPS-wise in the guild, but I think overall it's going to be felt pretty hard, especially for the mid-tier.

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