Necro swarm pets since the patch

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Malaari Manaburner, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Stune Elder

    You forgot they also hit some of our spell lines in the early days before the pet nerf, the rains.
  2. Stune Elder

    I honestly think the devs want the game to die off, maybe its their job they hate, maybe they just want to work on something different, but whatever it is they ruined the game. So no supprise, how many necros would leave... many mages did. self included. I stopped by to see if it was returned back some.
  3. Cicelee Augur

    Last night on one of the raid events, necromancer topped the parse. Won't post the actual number, but it was quite significant.

    Necromancers are not dead. The overreacting ones are, however...
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  4. Stune Elder

    still doesn't explain cicelee why after 15 years when it all started they needed to change an old game, like they did and continue to. What dev is responsible for all of this? so i remember the name for other game companies. Also was this same dev responsible for the SWG nerf years ago?

    Just asking.
  5. RangerGuy Elder

    It totally depends on the event and what part of the event was parsed and shown. But yes absolutely necros can still win parses, I didn't see anyone say otherwise.

    What I did hear and what I have seen is that necros lost a lot of sustained damage and dps despite probably being the hardest and most gear reliant dps class that has tradeoffs for the parts that they shine on. So you now have classes that dominate burst fights, that dominate trash fights, that dominate AE fights, that dominate medium duration fights, that dominate the group game in every aspect now all competing with necros on long raid fights despite the effort and gear check it requires. Classes that can click 4 buttons and turn on auto attack with 4 spells or 2 weapons and are now right with or above necros on fights as long as 600-800 seconds duration. So no sorry it wasn't an overreaction.
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  6. menown Augur

    I would guess that the necro nerfs in February are directly related with these upcoming DoT changes. Notice, the 2 problems Aristo mentions are more closely tied to the Necro class than any other. In the expectations paragraph, Aristo mentions every DoT class will be doing more damage. They had to scale necros back before the supposed boosts.

    Also, ramping up damage has primarily been a Necro concern. How will this effect our balance with burst classes. Will we have certain rangers and bards complaining about our burst damage like what happened in HoT when Swift DoTs did full damage against raid targets?

    I have PMed Dzarn about my concerns for the DoT changes related to Necros. Maybe he can bring it up in a Dev meeting.
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  7. ShadowMan Augur

    If they are linking dots and only allowing us to have 12-14 lines depending on how they handle them there was no need to nerf Gift of Deathly Resolve. Shows again that they are throwing tihs at a wall to see what sticks.
  8. Xinj Journeyman

  9. Ryanxp Augur

    All you necros complaining are nothing but a bunch of whiny like kids; grow up!!
    When I used swarm, I used 2 spell gems and kept pet as main tank.
    Exploiting the fact youre able to cast swarm after swarm is not only an exploit, but far from obvious when you plug in the numbers (first swarm I wrote up an estimated damage average in the spell listing on ZAM). After finding out this exploit in a Youtube Video, its plain as day to see a necro would be able to solo near any high leveled boss without a pet nor a merc. You would be nothing but stupid to wonder why this has been removed. And you are obnoxiously to think anyone gives a if you leave because you are no longer able to exploit as an already highly durable alpha solo class

    u p t
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  10. Vivamort Augur

    Umm though the Swarm pet was what the OP was concerned about. I don't think anyone quit over that issue though, as is described in the thread.
  11. menown Augur

    Wow, who is this guy?

    If you are going to start insulting people, at least do some homework, or read this thread in this case. The fact that it took a YouTube video to alert you of necro pet walling proves how well versed you are as a necro.

    I too only used 2 swarm pets when soloing. They functioned as DPS and CC. Both of those functions have been diminished with the February patch. Necros here even suggested the idea of restricting swarms in a way so you could only have 2 swarm spells up at a time. They are not complaining about the loss of Pet walling.

    The bigger issue that was mentioned in this thread was about the nerf to Gift of Deathly Resolve. Most necro's consolidated their issues into this one thread because it is better to have 1 thread then many. Also, moderators often merge threads that are similar in topic.

    In conclusion: Read more!
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  12. Ksenija Lorekeeper

    As i been saying all along about the Necro class and those that are the most outspoken...

    Crocodile tears...

  13. Ksenija Lorekeeper

  14. RangerGuy Elder

    We missed your drama Melliflower.
  15. Siddar Augur

    Definitely not Millifluer just an old troll bard.
  16. RangerGuy Elder

    Name, verbiage, attitude and love or overuse of meme's all screams Melli.
  17. Utaerx Elder

    The fact that you think that there was a valid point in any of that verbal diarrhea proves you actually don't know anything about necromancers and are just trolling.
  18. Ksenija Lorekeeper

    :( I am not old, i am just experienced.

    Just to clarify, I am not saying you guys need a tweak, but what is irritating to see every day is the constant tears from you guys using the dumbest excuses like " oh our group dps is dead " .
    When under 5 % of necros actually group.

    ...and just a few years ago you begged for help in the "Group game" and they gave you fast dots but you refuse to use them.
    I dare you to tell me TBM mobs die before your fast dots have any effect because that is a flat out lie.

    It's crocodile tears. You guys are still going out soloing TDS & TBM nameds, as evidenced by General chat on Bertox & Xegony. Still gloating, still mouthing off.

    If you want to look at why you guys keep getting nerfed, you do not have to go far, just have to look in the mirror...or at some of these loudmouths who pollute general chat & ooc on Xegony , which I am sure is the same on other servers, cause you always find that handful of people who love to spam general with how cool they are while trying to badmouth others. A few of them are necros...always.

    I get grouped with you guys enough on raids and asked to duo out in open world. I fully know what you guys are capable of. I am guilded with a very good necromancer who has posted in this very same thread and one who just returned, and know the numbers you guys put up.

    You guys are not hurting in the SLIGHTEST.

    Edit: Utaerx, i thought you quit & cancelled. I'm going to guess no, that was just a tantrum. It's ok, we all have done our ranting and raving.
  19. Utaerx Elder

    A) Where did you get the idea that necros refuse to use Swift DoTs? If you group as a necro, you have no choice but to use them. The truth is, Swift DoTs aren't nearly as good DPS as they used to be, as Aristo scaled down their damage in more recent expansions. But again, you wouldn't know that because you don't actually know anything about necromancers. Also, the fact that there are loudmouth necromancers proves basically nothing. There are abrasive and obnoxious people from almost every class out there.

    B) I haven't played my necromancer since a week after the nerfs happened. Ask anybody in RoV. Hell, I'll even screenshot my page on our DKP site to prove it. So no, it wasn't a tantrum. I have been playing alts and having fun trying some other stuff out because, as unhappy as I am about the changes, I still do love this game and trying something different has been enjoyable.
  20. menown Augur

    In the groups that I join, my swift dots will have little effect. Not my problem that you don't get into DPS groups or full groups.

    We are 1 of a handful of classes that can solo TDS & TBM names. Sorry your bard is not one of them.

    Time to quote Donald Trump, "Get him out. Get him out of here!"

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