Lockjaw & Ragefire - October 2015 Poll Results

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    Hail Norrathians,

    Here are the results of this month’s poll:


    The community has spoken, and Ruins of Kunark will unlock early on this server.


    Kunark will become available to players on Monday, November 2, 2015 at noon (12:00PM) pacific time.

    Special note: Once Kunark goes live on this server, some NPCs, boats, or other game features may require an hour or so to become available in-game.


    Players on Ragefire have chosen to “keep expansion unlocks the way they are.”

    That means that expansions (until Gates of Discord) will continue to unlock approximately six months after the content is cleared in each expansion (depending on if the server votes to unlock content).

    Based on when content was cleared in Kunark on this server, the first Ragefire unlock vote for Scars of Velious should start on March 11, 2016 and end on March 21, 2016.

    We’re grateful for our players, and we appreciate those of you that participated in these polls as you share your feedback on what you want these servers to be!
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  2. RandomStrategy Augur

    This may not be a good idea to ask, but out of curiosity (I'm actually one of the few happy with the results), what were the percentages? I'm just curious. I like knowing where the server stands.

    DISCLAIMER: IF you don't feel like sharing, I'm cool with that.
  3. ElaidaTL Augur

    I think a lot of us were under the impression that keeping things the way they are meant 3 month lock outs... like we had for kunark? I dunno if these results are accurate.
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  4. Pseudofate Augur

    Please don't ever post the percentages. Things are what they are.
  5. Pseudofate Augur

    Also Ragefire is on 6 month now? Again? Or is the OP just massively typo'd? Seems like it should say Lockjaw in many instances.
  6. iMugatu Elder

    I love being right. Remember when you all ridiculed me for saying Kunark was either 6 or 9 months unless a vote changed that and you all said there's no way its more than 3?

    Yep. Can't say I'm happy about the results, but I do love being right!

    They said during the classic vote that the vote at that time was ONLY for classic and that the rest of the expansions were unchanged, but that we'd have a vote mid-Kunark to determine the rest.
  7. Sagnid Augur

    There needs to be a new vote on a Ragefire. I am sure I am not the only one who had to vote everytime I logged in. With that in mind I question the validity of these results.
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  8. Sulerill Elder

    Ragefire will be a ghost town in a month tops, they are just trying to get people to this no box server to spike numbers again. All the mistakes that Daybreak made on lockjaw/ragefire I just hope that they would actually learn and provide a good service someday soon.
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  9. Choonk Lorekeeper

    In hindsight 6 months is quite a long time hehe
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  10. iMugatu Elder

    6 months is way too long for Classic or Kunark, but nobody at DBG plays the game so they don't understand what they are doing. Par for the course really, DBG never understands what they are doing.
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  11. Sagnid Augur

    I just can't help but think that this is a plan to merge their member base into the no box server. I don't think they understand that this will be a net loss of members. Even if this happens, none of us will maintain our second accounts.
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  12. Korillo Augur

    Wtf I didn't want 6 week expansions, that doesn't mean I wanted 6 month expansions pretty sure this vote was fubar.
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  13. Lifebane Augur

    This is absolutely ridiculous. 6 month unlocks on Ragefire? DBG made a sound decision to split the unlock timers between 3 months and 6 months, then revert that? For what reason? I, like everyone else, are highly skeptical of the poll results on Ragefire. I know for a fact that my votes were broken and would not register. I wonder how many others were.

    I have not played seriously in weeks while waiting for Velious. This is certainly a reason to cancel my accounts.

    I would suggest that DBG consider a re-poll. This is going to be a lot of lost revenue.
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  14. iMugatu Elder

    Exactly. Whoever runs their polls is incompetent, inept and very inexperienced. Every time there is a new poll, the way it's setup is a joke. Worse than a joke. It's sad because it's supposed to be serious.
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  15. Semah Augur

    I voted for "the way they are", in spite of not knowing what that even meant (6mo or 3mo) because I hated the idea of a 6-week default for later expansions. I'd have gladly voted for 3 months across the board. I'd have gladly voted for per-expansion voting.

    I'll live with 6mo, I guess, but the poll options were flawed.
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  16. Sulerill Elder

    I'm really glad Lockjaw could vote for Ragefire

  17. IwubTL New Member

    Velious not being voted on until March 11th is incredibly unrealistic for the server. This is how you kill a server.
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  18. Seraphim Augur

    2 days ago, my voting window popped up by itself and made me revote. I dont know how many people revoted or even didn't know to revote so the numbers might of been miscalculated due to a voting problem. This last week due to the patch had bugs especially everyone crashing while zoning so maybe voting had issues as well. I'm pretty sure from what general chat is saying the voting isnt correct. Also, so many people couldnt read the 3rd choice because they didnt know you could resize the window.
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  19. Ferreus New Member

    We simply do not want this on a 6 month schedule, I agree I assumed keep it as it was was the 3 month schedule. The polls must go up with precise information, please re-roll these poles. I promise you no one on ragefire wants another 6 months.
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  20. Gunungjato New Member

    uh so i guess the keep as it was didn't mean 3 months as we "had" now? this vote should be done again with clear wording.
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  21. SyDiko Augur

    These polls were NOT flawed.

    How quickly we choose to forget that 9 in 10 posts had people saying that Ragefire was the fast track 3-month and Lockjaw was the longer 6-month server. Many people (myself included) stated that this was not the official case. Those that planted the seeds were wrong, manipulative, and to play ignorant now isn't going to work.

    The original agreement for expansion unlocks were 6-months for both servers. Daybreak gave the option of releasing Kunark early on Ragefire because of content and lack thereof. They never stated that this was going to be the normal, but many folks just automatically tunneled this assumption completely ignoring the facts.