Lockjaw & Ragefire - October 2015 Poll Results

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  1. Agrippa Augur

    I was able to vote for Ragefire and I don't have any characters on that server.

    There should be a slower paced server, but now Lockjaw is trying to rush everything, too. Anyone on either server that wanted longer expansions just got gang bang by the DBG team.
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  2. Sinzz Augur

    don't complain , just cancel eventually folks will care or they wont, either way you wont have to be around to deal with it :)
  3. heme New Member

  4. TuKo New Member

    You see Daybreak this is what happens when you keep changing what you say your going to do. Adding servers, changing times, now there is yet another server coming? One that wont allow me to play the 2 gold accounts I have had for years because I play them on one computer... ok I will just stay where I am and most of the population will leave Lockjaw. But hey at least I will have the box armys to push me around. Or will they figure out a way to go to the no box server as I have heard them saying they will do. I am fine with the release of kunark. My question to you is, are you going to allow free transfers to the no box server? Or are people going to have to start over once again? If so it would make sense for everyone to play the game for kronos instead of for longevity, so they can be mobile for all the different servers you create. Maybe thats your plan, I cant tell but it seems to me you either have not thought this out very well or you have you greedy money grubbing gloves on again. Here is a suggestion... figure out a way to stop the box army players on the servers not leave the people who have invested in the cold. My theory is they want the box players because they burn up the kronos to support all those accounts. More income which we all know is what they really want, not your satisfaction.
  5. Krek Elder


    Ragefire will die before March. Thanks DBG for that stupid six week part in the poll.
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  6. ragefire.etronne New Member

    what can i say, but that you are a disapointment.

    My understanding was that ragefire would have 3 months release extensions.
    your bugged vote was not understandable, wrong choice of words, and it was coming every time i logged.
    So i vote to stay as is... 3 months. Now I find it s 6... Maybe you could improve your communication, so I m going to cancel my subscription and maybe come back when velious is out.
    Thanks for the game and next time you made yourself clear before asking for a bugged vote
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  7. Skipper Augur

    Has DBG offered even one poll correctly phrased? I can't play in Kunark another 5 months. That's insane.
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  8. Kaneras Augur

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  9. Mordeith New Member

    Add me to the group of people who thought that voting to keep it like it was thought that meant 3 months after content was cleared. I seriously had no idea that that meant 6 months. And, if I did know that it meant 6 months I wouldn't have voted that way. The poll should have had more information as to what we were really voting for and it should have been worded better.
  10. Garrison Journeyman

    The poll needs to be redone. Asking about 6 weeks was not done correctly, and it was assumed by many that by saying no to it, would default to 3 months, not 6.
  11. Oddis New Member

    This was not fair on any level you alrdy know you have guys who have 60+ bots and that one guy gets to vote that many times im sure the ratio to bots vs players is about 50 50 so a couple of guys who want to farm the current release sway the vote so they can stay and farm plus like all the above complaints of getting asked to vote again after alrdy voting i say u take a revote if not u will lose alot of players i wont come back to a game i enjoy but it isnt considering their customers i pay to play i dont pay to play something i have cant have some say in but blow joe who has 60 accounts gets more of a say then one person
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  12. Delphynvz New Member

    Guys you have been been warned since start of RF it was a 6 months server, kunark launching was an exception.
  13. Razzler New Member

    I respectfully request and as a paying customer demand a new CLEARLY worded poll.

    I for one DO NOT believe the poll.. each day I would log in and after a bit it would pop up AGAIN.. I would register my vote AGAIN and it would give me a red error message.

    If the vote window is working correctly THAT DOESNT HAPPEN.

    Secondly everyone I talk to wanted 3 months and some are not even sure if they selected the right option, like I am not sure.

    Third I would honestly perfer a third party creditable polling service used... given the ERRORS and ability to vote for a time on Lockjaw for ragefire I DO NOT Believe that the vote was working correctly PERIOD.

    You do not get errors and random daily vote pop ups when the damn thing is working correctly PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. Razzler New Member

    and another thing just so you daybreak guys get my vote clearly on this.. been boxing since spring 2000 + always boxed, will never play on a no box server and if I can not have fun here.. all good, I go back to only raiding live nightly and take my month to another game..... Cheers
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  15. Grandma Elder

    If 60+ bots pay 60+ subscriptions per month they are entitled to 60+ votes. Ragefire was advertised before it opened as a 6 month time lock progression server, if you joined then you shouldn't complain now. Kunark was opened early on both servers and only Kunark. I don't actually believe it was fair to open Kunark early on Lockjaw because people that took free transfer for the 6 month option are being let down yet again.
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  16. garrass New Member

    Geez call the whammmmbuuuulance.
  17. Eqsince2001 New Member

    I feel like all the complaints about Ragefire not opening up are from the people who constantly log on and kill the raid targets 24/7. This is not a competition, enjoy the game. If you want to raid so hard go on a live server and do it. Lets just have fun. I'm sure 90% of your guild is bored and doesn't even play for fun anymore. They just log on like robot to get raid %. If your guild dies because of a 6 month lockout fine. There will still be a community out here that will enjoy playing through March and so on.
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  18. Lifebane Augur

    Except this is not true at all. I haven't raided a single target in over a month (and no I'm not in TL or Apok). I'm waiting for Velious. I know many casual players that are in the same boat. We've experienced all the content that Kunark has to offer, we have our alts leveled. We're ready to move on. But it looks like we're being forced to move onto another game.

    Players have an option to be virtually guaranteed a long unlock schedule (see Lockjaw). The other half of the population that wanted faster unlock schedules no longer have an option. These are the same players that will quit the game if there's no content.

    I could accept the fact that this is what the majority of players wanted, if it were actually true. I've ran a number of internal and public facing polls, and every metric indicates something went seriously wrong (technically) with the in-game poll for Ragefire.

    We need to re-run the in game poll with clear 3 month or 6 month options. What we have been given is not what the majority wants.

    Please fix this, Daybreak.
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  19. Freebirrd Journeyman

    Best News !!!! I am very happy for the 6 month opening. Keeping things the way they are supposed to be is good. Thank you DBG
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  20. SingedKitty New Member

    None of this matters. Yes the poll was fubar; I voted every day to no effect. Maybe if I had voted the way they wanted, it would have been accepted. But when the new no box server comes out, they will merge ragefire and lockjaw anyway. So no reason to expend rage on an irrelevant result from an irrelevant poll.