Lions of the Heart, largest Casual guild EST/CST/PST Xegony

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  1. Thazager Journeyman

    A big guild with many friendly players. Some have a few alts and like to box, some get groups, while many have higher level chars that will help their friends in guild gain fast levels. Its sad not everyone will be able to get a group, as those with alts fly from under your level to way over your level, before you get a chance to group.
  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Ok checked a few things I guess Thazager is Roarsong and Fearo. Always best to post your toon names so we know everything is on the up and up. I did check all my logs since I generally have a toon on all the time and didn't really see you looking for groups in guild chat. Get in touch with me in game and we will get you some groups. Also come to this weeks guild event on Sunday if possible since we are doing one for those in the 70-85 range. This will also get you in some groups with guild members so you can get to know some people.

    Being in a large guild even a friendly one like Lions still does not guarantee groups but you should be able to get some groups at least :)

    Our guild forum also has a good article reproduced with permission of the author about grouping in our general forum.

    Grouping at the lower level is always a problem since only the most casual players tend to stay there. It can be difficult when going the heroic toon option is not available.

    Unfortunately no matter how many lower level players we recruit most tend to level very quickly. It's not just alts getting PL'd a lot of lower level players join us and end up in the 80's in a few weeks where the grouping really takes off. Not sure how they do it since I have been end game for years and am not really into leveling more toons but my suggestion is ask some of those other players.

    Daybreak has made leveling go so quickly at the lower levels that I think the only place you can really find a large number of lower level players who are mains are the progression servers.

    Oh and btw I see Lions offering PLs randomly they aren't just PLing friends. Individuals like Cinnderr/Raisinbran offer to help anyone. But people will become closer to some then others that is just human nature. I am actually very proud at how the guild mates help each other and it is one of the things keeping me in the game this long to be honest.
  3. Thazager Journeyman

  4. Cheapshot New Member

    This guild is incredible. The people are friendly, helpful, and fun to work with. There's always something fun to do. Guild events are creative, enjoyable, and well-attended. The officers and senior members are standing by all day long and willing to work with folks who need help or a group.
    Lions of the Heart is the reason I play on the Xegony server. They're the best MMO association in which I've ever been. I wish I knew about them 15 years ago (but I wasn't playing on this server then).
    This guild is virtually drama-free, populated by mature and interesting personalities, and is like an in-game family. I'm very glad to be a part of them.
  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    No we don't pick people for groups based on free to play or not. I have never seen anyone ask for players who are not free to play.

    And the lowest level guild event we have done since you have joined was at around the level 85 level.

    I suggest asking for groups more often mostly I see in in the buried sea I think it is. People offer all the time but mostly at the 80+ level.
  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Did you ask them how they got to their 80s? if they are level 85 or higher they probably went heroic :) And assuming this is Roarsong feel free to talk to me in game. If you are having problems bring them to my attention can't fix what I don't know about :)
  7. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Well there is a new progression server coming up sometime before the end of the year it is supposed to be limited to one account per computer hopefully that will make for a better play environment. The downside on progression servers if you end up with a whole server of people looking for gear and a fair number willing to pay cash or krono for gear so you end up with a Gold Rush type environment... claim stealing, murder etc except in eq its name stealing, training etc.
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Just finishing off another great guild grouping event today. We have 69 toons online almost breaking into the 70's and hopefully we will be back up to 80+ online which has been our most recent high water mark near the end of summer!

    Large guilds like Lions do not guarantee groups for everyone but they do make it easier and if members are flexible and take the initiative grouping can be much easier then going it alone guildless.

    And for those that try out Lions and decide we are not their cup of tea I am always happy to refer people to other casual guilds on the server.

    Happy Sunday folks!
  9. Hoshi New Member

    I joined a month or two ago and have really enjoyed my time both on the server and in this guild. I'm an odd-hours player being on line before and after U.S. prime time for the most part but there is still plenty going on. My old server was getting less and less populated but Xegony seems to be really quite busy and due to the efforts of the officers concerned the Lions guild in particular has become something of a home for returnees of all shapes, sizes and experience levels.

    Whether just buffing in POK (Corwhyn's buffs have to be experienced to be believed), exping, questing or just huge ongoing guild chats on everything EQ and elsewhere there is always something going on and something to join in with. I wholeheartedly recommend joining to anyone and although I thought as an EQ old-timer from Tarew Marr in 1999 my best days in EQ were probably behind me this guild has made me re-think that theory.

    Thanks Lions and thanks Cor.
  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Sixty six guildies online this afternoon.
  11. Capnzaps New Member

    Over the years and across all live servers I have been in any and all types of guilds, from hardcore raiding, small family, big big casual, small guild alliances and so on.

    After several dire family matters I had to abandon EQ play awhile.

    When I returned I wasn't up to raiding speed and had missed a lot of mechanics and features being introduced, so decided to restart on Trakanon where my family gets together between times (we all play different live servers, so made Trak a family home base). During that time I spent much time deciding what mainstream server had a lot of lower levels to play and trade with and solid raiding guilds.

    For the entire duration of EQ there have been a few people who consistently contribute to the community, offer help and never seem to be total asshats toward anyone.

    For as long as I can remember, Corwyhn has been consistent, friendly and knowledgable and has shown it, here, there and everywhere, so I decided to roll one up and guild up.

    As the expression goes. "Nothing but net"

    or Ding! Ding! Ding! Yes folks, we have a winnerrrr!!!

    Lions of the Heart so far has been a total flashback to how EQ "used to be" (some places, corners and guilds in EQ still are on every server)

    I have seen no drama, no unanswered /gu posts, or players' pleas for help twisting in the wind. There are live players at all level ranges and the higher level members don't ignore everyone who isn't endgame.

    To me, integrity and character matter in a guild leader at any level of play, WHO is on and chatting in /gu matters on a daily basis as far as quality of life goes.. Seeing the same faces every day for years, you should probably actually like them eh?

    Just my 2 cp.
  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    11:30 am EST and 55 toons online. :)
  13. Duquesne New Member

    I returned to Everquest after a 13 year hiatus this September. My initial experience with EQ taught me its not what you know so much as who you know, so I wanted to try to find a large, active, and sociable guild to return with. I did some looking around on these forums and found the Lions. I made a new character and started my journey. Over the past 2+ months I have played with and met some incredible players who I found to be friendly, of varying levels of skills and activity, but consistently happy to be playing and enjoying the game.

    The guild experience I had in the early 2000s was nothing like I found now - folks were happy to group up, help answer questions, and also just provide fellowship. Because of the size of the group there are usually people playing at all hours of the day, and its not hard to find a partner for dailies or to work on progression content together. I have found the Lions to be very casual in terms of what they expect from its members - just have fun and be nice to others. I have observed folks want to leave to a guild with friends, or to peruse progression raiding or more complex content. They were celebrated and wished success as they left and welcome back always. That to me is the mark of a mature group.

    My two cents: If you are a casual or returning player to the game, you would be hard pressed to find more help, fellowship, resources or fun than with the Lions of the Heart on Xegony!

    Duke Duquesne Dharque
  14. Graymane84 Journeyman

    I've always found it very easy to get groups. Maybe I'm just good at begging -) On the other hand, the bigger problem for me the higher level I go is the lack of expacs. That is mainly what keeps me out of groups. I can't run HAs with no CotF although that should be fixed now. If you get lucky on a big exp weekend, some of the 105s might PL you in the valley as well -) The magic number is level 75.
  15. Abakirk New Member

    I am a returning player. Left the game when EQ2 released. I re rolled Abakirk and currently lvl 10 and getting back into the game. I work a lot of hours afternoon shift eastern time zone so I play late at night and week ends. I will try to catch you on tonight after work. Guild sounds like a good place to be. See ya all in game.
  16. complexication Augur

    Yes, with Broken Mirror out you should be able to participate in the COTF HA's.

    I'm currently taking a break from EQ because of the impending holiday fatigue but I'll be more than happy to run some when I eventually return. :)
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  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I also think it is important to point out that while many post about easily getting groups that this mainly happens in the 75+ level range. We welcome lower level players and are happy to help them out but grouping at the very low levels can be hit or miss. As much as I really want people to come join us in Lions I don't want to misrepresent anything.

    We do offer a friendly guild chat and usually a lot of gear giveaways to low level toons who want to take advantage of that. Our mostly weekly events (I say mostly because we do miss some weekends) are usuallly level 75 plus and there to get people grouping with lots of others and generating a lot of loot to random on :)

    We also have a great reputation in the game as a guild.
  18. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    7:30 pm EST and 63 toons online this evening so far. :)
  19. Teayen New Member

    This is a great guild for anyone. It is very friendly to everyone. We all work together and when someone needs help there is always someone willing to help. I have been in this guild for over a year now and it is the best time I have had in game in a very long time.
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  20. Dàrkhàvøç New Member

    I will be coming over to Xenogy today and see if that environment fits my play times a bit better. As it stands I rarely see anyone even chatting on Bertox. I just returned a few days ago, and just picked up on my old server so as to be able to twink the sk I wanted to start. But even though I do a lot of boxing, I am a pretty chatty person at times and hate not having anyone to chat with while killing. Expect to hear from some variation of Vaidin today (just in case it won't accept that exact name.