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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Elkar Headhunter, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. Lianeb Augur

    You can get one now for platinum or Kronos for 120 Ac and 1200HEM so what is the difference. The Hunter certainly takes more work than the artisan at base stats.

    All you folks complaining about killing Grey Con old content mobs for a good aug being forced to do this or that. Do you think you are going to max out your artisan aug in current content?
  2. MyShadower Augur

    I live in an area where "hunters" get all jacked up to sit in one spot and shoot deer that wander by. Some of them feed the deer outside of hunting season so they naturally revisit that area but, just knowing deer live around that spot is enough to guarantee they will get to shoot at one. My view is they walked into the deer's home with some advanced technology and hid until the deer did what deer do. They might risk catching a cold or getting shot by another "hunter" maybe falling out of their hiding spot. Yet, lots of people call it an achievement and get rewarded for it. They show off their achievement by mounting the head or antlers, sometimes the feet so they can hold the gun that killed them! It's a sport!

    Some people "hunt" fish by feeding them from hooks that they get stuck on. They mount the big ones as trophies and keep records. It's a sport!

    They have sports leagues that do not keep score and everyone gets to play and gets a trophy. It doesn't matter if the players just pick grass and never touch the ball. Some people say these players achieved something, some don't, but rewards are given! It's a sport!

    I will thank you to not deny me my reward for hunting by proxy while soaking in the guild hot tub! You know nothing of the risks I took and effort I put forth! I submit that my efficient methods should net its own reward in addition to the hunting reward!
  3. Randragon Augur

    Segap wrote:
    My my, touchy aren't we.
  4. Orbital101 Augur

    This is is a true story: Y dint want to join with X because Y was unhappy with X but while Y was AFK most of the time X was out there doing something. Then X got invited in for Y to be unhappy with Z and left the raid. Are you one of those Yimin?

    Its your responsibility to kick those people out of the raid if you dont then you are willing to do the work for them. Its nobody else's fault then you own.
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  5. fortuneteller Augur

    Now another question, if you in a guild and you see some in your guild/same zone as a person get an hunter achievement, can you with good conscience say that you innocent, because you should then have said to person, this is not right, you better stop it.

    Just because you did not do it, does that clear you ? Or are you in fact accomplice ?

    What I mean, if you in RL stands outside a shop, and you see someone run in and empties it. And you do not report it/call the police. Then next day they run through the video recording, and they see you standing there, doing nothing. Then I think you might actually be put in as accomplice for doing nothing. (I am not a lawyer).
  6. Elkar Headhunter New Member

    So now the people dead set against it their reasoning is because people joined a raid and helped each other to get done quicker?

    Is this against the rules?

    Is it wrong for people to group up and help each other in a common goal in this game or are we destined to box all the content from here on out?

    I saw a raid where people were out killing in multiple zones. And at times person Y would be killing while person X was not and the next day the roles may be reversed. In the end they both contributed. Is there seriously something wrong with that?

    By the logic that it's wrong for people to form a raid and contribute to finish something faster it makes it even more wrong to accept anything for free be it trade skill items, plat, or anything that required someone's time and none of yours. So cast the first stone then?

    I saw more conversing and people looking for each other each day to become involved in these raids. I truly believe there is an opportunity here to influence people into an environment of team work. People strive for the best items in EQ and always have. If they put an item worth while in for these achievements I guarantee you will see more people that want to do it.

    People will form raids to work as a team.
    People will zone into Cazic-Thule to hunt the many named on the list there and they will see someone there already. You will offer to bring them in to get more people involved and so you can keep moving and conversations will start up about who you knew and what guilds you were in. These conversations will carry on long after the quest is over. Its how friendships are forged.
    This is just one of my personal examples.

    I just wish more people could look beyond not wanting to do something and see it as more of an opportunity.
  7. segap Augur

    Because it is beyond boring.

    Conversely, I'd like to know why people that did this stuff for whatever reasons they did without an achievement so strongly want something of value after the fact. Why not just enjoy the experience of having done it? Why does everything need some sort of reward attached?
  8. MyShadower Augur

    An opportunity to complain?


    A general need to feel validated.
    Lonely participation trophies/ribbons.
    It is more fun to link a super cool item that other people do not have vs. an achievement that other people do not have.
    It will bring us closer together through shared understanding of facts when I say, "Na na boo boo, I am better than you." So long as you do not have said super cool item. Then, after you get it, I can still say, "I had it first!" and link the achievement and item together.

    Somebody may have more virtuous reasons, that's OK too.
  9. Cicelee Augur

    I have changed my mind on this. Make it an augment that requires you to complete previous expansions hunters, on one condition- that the risk matches the reward.

    So at EOK1 level, make it a AC 65, 400 h/m/e augment with 15 to all heroics. And require people to do every previous expansion hunter or else they cannot get that.

    That way you all can get an augment for the risk involved with this project...
  10. kizant Augur

    The way I see it, there's already a reward for doing these achievements and that's the wonderful sense of accomplishment you feel from doing them. I mean really what's better than that? Just knowing you've struggled and put forth your best efforts to complete the task at hand.

    Now, if you want to add an augment reward, they first need to fix the issue where people can get achievements while AFK in GH. Then they should start the reward based on current content and have the aug evolve as you complete achievements in future expansions. Maybe even hold off on the first aug until next expansion is released. It's not really complicated.
  11. Lifeshriek Elder

    As a suggestion, maybe there could be a second way to obtain this aug if it actually is made sort of like the Rain of Fear stone of the crystal circle augments/shard's landing port clicky. For example, the 2nd path could be something like a super rare clicky from a named (or auto reward that lands in your character's task reward window randomly very rarely upon killing nameds in current content) that gives an aug with the same lore group and then have another upgrade path as well such as either killing all named on the hunter list going forward expansion wise or another super rare clicky/auto reward etc. That way this could be more like a choose your own adventure scenario because it does seem people are pretty divided on this.
  12. Drogba Augur

    hope we don't get a reward for this. camp x amount of grey con mobs that we already killed years ago. what a boring timesink. /loads another game.

    they could put anything in the game that is zero challenge and stick boxes needing x's and some ocd ppl who haven't played other video games would spend their time doing it.

    if there is a reward for things like this, it shouldn't be so great as to force players into either doing it or quitting.

    The shawl and earring was bad enough.
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  13. Orbital101 Augur

    If someone quit because of this they were due to quit for a long time lol
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  14. Drogba Augur

    I would, if they put enough min-max objects requiring boring work. prob take 2x more of those earing augs.
  15. Bahdah Augur

    A nice reward for this should be given, although it was an achievement dealing with old world grey cons, it wasn't easy.. you'd know if you did the work. And because the people saying no to a reward dont want to bother with this, wont know the struggle.. so f@#$ the people that did do it? Its like anything else in game to improve your toon.. from a major upgrade or a minor.. dont do it if you dont want to, your call. I know im pretty heated on this 350 TS.. I... hate.... tradeskills...
  16. ShadowMan Augur

    They are going to do whatever they want so could be completely wrong but at most they could do 3 rewards like this that actually make sense without over doing it.

    Tradeskill aug - already here.

    Hunter aug - TBD but already stated IF an aug was added it would be serial and get biggest jump in power from current content but also requires all past steps to get it to that point.

    Achievement point aug - ??? Could follow same script as hunter with the larger meta achievements or current content adding more to it than the older trivial stuff.

    After that I 100% agree that you have beaten that utilizing old content for meta augments horse to death and enough is enough. But thats some pretty nice long term chase quests for people to work on as they see fit. And even if all 3 augments followed the power curve of the Artisans Prize its still optional to do. If youre a min/max have to have everything type you work on them if not its no big deal to game play as even 3 massive stat augs have next to nothing impact on game play if its just pure stats.
  17. smash Augur

    However it should never be an aug that can only be in 1 slot, except for ring, wrist,

    Because if it was, then there would never be incentive to get another aug for precisely that slot.

    In earring, you got artisan, which leaves 1 earring slot, so no special aug for ear, wrist/ring got 2, so each can get 1.
  18. Randragon Augur

    How about merging one of the requests that folks have had a long time on these boards. Make it so that those prior Hunter Ach's and the new ones get you a two slot container to put your old epics in and turns it into a progressive augment for the next expansion or two. That way it makes the epics worthwhile to do and the hunters worthwhile to those complaining about this stuff.
    This is Ever'Quest' after all.

    For those that say why a two slot container, it's because a few classes have dual epics. Just to clear that up.
  19. segap Augur

    I would quit playing. Once the game goes too far down the road of tedium and no risk, it won't be fun for me.

    I don't care about achievement points. I personally disagree with them even being in the game. What made EQ great was giving people their choice of how to play. Multiple paths to take. The achievement system has set people on a path determined by those that run the game. At least in its current state, there is no need for those that could care less to do all the old ones. Leave it that way. I want to play the game the way I want to. Do what I find fun. That's why I pay to play a game.

    I also hate doing Hunter. The only reason I've even done it in EoK was the stupid addition of heroic AA to the completion reward. I don't want to be told what named I need to kill. I want to go and do whatever content in the game has value to me. At least it was current content. That was the one saving grace of Hunters in EoK and made it tolerable. I'd rather spend time camping things to improve my alts once my main has completed what I need for raiding. And that includes playing alts rather than my main so that I can experience the game from different perspectives. That's what's fun for me. Others have different ideas of fun.

    As I've already said, I refuse to do the 350 tradeskills. That has to be about one of the stupidest implementations ever. After they spent time adding qol improvements to tradeskills (and even with those, doing them still sucks), they unleash this crap where none of those improvements apply? They acknowledge how tedious they are just to foist that upon us? Then add in all the grey con camping for the mats. Yes, that's heaps and heaps of fun right there. That wasn't enough to push me over the edge because I can justify missing one big reward, but adding more such things like Hunter and Achievement points rewards likely will.

    I'm not making threats. Just giving my opinion on what's fun and what's not. Like most people, when the game stops being entertaining, my time will likely end. It will all depend on what other things also get added and whether or not they're enough to keep me engaged. Time sinks are not an issue to me. Time sinks in ancient content are.
  20. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    One thing someone pointed out but has been glossed over in this conversation is that, while we really did do these achievements with Normal servers in mind as a benefit to them as well, these older expansion hunter achievements were added for the Agnarr server, Where the content is "relevant" and not "gray" and there perhaps worthy of a reward. And with that, the other normal servers get the benefit of their being a reward.

    It may even be possible to restrict the reward to progression servers. I don't think we would do this, but I am fairly certain the technology already exists. It may require an "alternate" reward for the live servers (experience? EXP or AA points after PoP?) but it could be done such that the item reward is only given on servers that are not so far advanced.

    (This is still not committing to anything either direction, only pointing this out)
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