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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Elkar Headhunter, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. Elkar Headhunter New Member

    I heard there may possibly be a reward for all the hunter achievements one day so I wanted to throw an idea out there.

    What if we could obtain an augmentation somehow through quest or something that could evolve as we finished hunter achievements. Something that stands out above most augmentations that people would feel inclined to use. This would be something I think would give people interest in doing hunters achievements of old and continue to do them as they are released with new expansions to continue evolving the augmentation.

    Something I noticed about the hunters achievements is a lot of people came together to do these. This was something I haven't seen in EQ in a long time. I actually formed a few new friendships myself because of this. Anyways I just wanted to throw this out there and see if it goes anywhere if there were any truth to the idea.
  2. Pano Lorekeeper

    Augs are the only thing I do not upgrade every expansion and if it keeps evolving as your hunters progress, it'd be easy to keep maxed after the initial push.

    Just give the cleric one an evolvable helping hand. I will not need more mana if I have Sympa mana procs 14/13.
  3. Cicelee Augur

    Hunter achievements already give out bags as rewards starting around Alaris or so and continues into ELM.

    Considering augments nowadays are 250 plus h/m/e at the minimum for many players, I would be completely against an augment with that much stats that you get off of killing level 40 monsters. There is enough "to do" work in this game that you should not be forced to go to low level zones for trivial kills to improve another "super augment".

    No reward is fine as it is with low level hunter achievements. Do it cause you want to. Not for a min/max need.
  4. menown Augur

    This is what I would expect someone who didn't bother to do the lower level hunter achievements to say.
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  5. Elkar Headhunter New Member

    I thought about the bags and they are outdated. I mean do we really need more 12, 16, 18 slot bags to take up space in the bags we use now days? I think most people that put the effort to go back and do these hunters and continue to do them would like something more lasting?

    I completely agree with you. No one should obtain an augment that is better than most dropped augments for killing level 40 mobs. That is not at all what I suggested. I suggested that it evolved in stats as hunter achievements were obtained. If you are level 40 and you are completing level 40 hunter achievements then the augment would be evolved to what you have done so far.

    Worried about someone carrying a level 1 through all those hunters just to give him the most awesome augment in the game? Would be a lot of work for an OP level 1 character but I am sure they know how to restrict stats to suit the characters level.
  6. Cicelee Augur

    At the time, the bags were important and meaningful to players. So if you did the hunter achievements in era, you were rewarded with a bag that was very good to best in slot as far as bags go. I agree that doing Alaris hunter now for a 16 slot is not important for majority of current players. I myself have done EOK and TBM and TDS hunters and have enjoyed the rewards in era and currently.

    So let me ask you this, you want an augment to increase as you complete hunters for prior eras? So I have completed the last three expansion hunters. Does that mean I get the max stat augment since I completed the current one? Or in order to max out the stats I have to go backwards and kill previous expansion named (i.e. level 40 named) to evolve it? Like you do for journeyman compass? If so, then yeah basically I would kill level 40 named to get a max stat augment. Which I am against.

    The old hunter achievements are a nice thing to do if you are bored. They should not be given a reward that makes your character better, such as an augment. If you want to give out a 40 slot to completing all hunter from original to pre-Alaris, fine. But no augment, no clickie, nothing like that...
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  7. GoldenFrog Augur

    To repeat what someone already said: "This massive oversimplification could only come from someone who hasn't tried to accomplish it."
  8. Sindaiann Augur

    Everything I have heard from sources indicate there is no future reward for completing all of Hunter.

    Essentially a massive rumor started and perpetuated by people.

    If that turns out to be wrong, oh well.
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  9. Zaviere Augur


    It's what I've been saying (in-game) all along. There's never going to be rewards beyond achievement points for these old hunters. They were more or less created for TLP servers, specifically Agnarr, as a way to give players on the server a bigger sense of accomplishment as they played through the old content. I'd be willing to bet you won't even see any new hunter achievements beyond PoP/LDoN (where Agnarr will lock progression-wise), unless some new TLP-esque server comes out that goes beyond those expansions, like another Quarm-style server or something.

    Now, if they WERE to add some kind of big, fancy reward much later for all these old content hunter achievements, I would be very unhappy. Granted, I would likely go out and try to do it all, especially if it were some sort of super augment, but it would be frustrating to no end because I chose not to go after the achievements while all they gave was points. I don't care about achievement points. A lot of other people feel the same way. Others don't and like doing things just for the sense of accomplishment, and that's fine. But to screw over the majority after the fact, when all the REALLY determined players have already done it all, would be a crappy thing to do.
  10. RangerGuy Elder

    I could care less if they do or don't add a reward at the end but its hilarious that peoples gripe if they do is that they couldn't be bothered to do it when it was a bit easier, ie having lots of help to speed it along some now, or that its trivial content. Hate to break it to you but they just added the best augment in game based on farming trivial content ad nauseam for materials, flags or old trade skill quests.

    And farming some of these old school named even with lots of help actually has taken a hell of a lot longer than it takes to finish EoK group content if you really want to talk about whats trivial.
  11. Wulerdar Elder

    personally i like that aug item and you can even make it useful on the progression servers by having it rank up though each expansion to be a good aug for that level of progression
  12. MyShadower Augur

    An augmentation powered by the blood of my enemies? Mwahahahahaha eh. Can we try something else?

    A rez clicky powered by the souls of rare mobs? Class specific clicky? Timers and exchange rates could tame its power.

    A magical device that returns the time invested if you don't like being paid in green check marks?

    A clicky that emotes, You'll get nothing and like it!"
  13. Elkar Headhunter New Member

    To me the general feeling I get is the only people opposed to the idea of a better reward are the people who do not want to do it at all or the ones who have not done it yet. It just a little bit has that every kid gets a trophy feel to it. Things worth obtaining usually have a lot of work to them. It doesn't matter when it was done.

    This sounds an awful lot like the artisans augment. Many people did not do or have the desire to do tradeskills until the augment. Many had not done it at all, or the quest required. Some like me had done some of the older quest and destroyed items and had to redo them. In the end the people that wanted the augment did the things required and the ones who did not want it moved on. The kids who have the trophy earned it even though there were people ahead of them.
  14. Ishtass Augur

    New title: "Ishtass, killed all these enemies and all I got was this lousy title"
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  15. Siddar Augur

    There is no real reason to add awards to hunter achievement beyond appropriate level range of mobs. Just like there is no reward for overall achievement points that were sort of promised when they added achievement window. The point total its self became the reward.
  16. Scorrpio Augur

    An illusion/merc/mount/familiar for some cool looking mob from an expansion would be a nice reward for hunter completion.
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  17. Aurastrider Augur

    maybe a port clickie for the content the hunter was done in for older content. nothing op and would probably not be used a ton once finished. In all seriousness though the hero's journey final reward kinda sucks especially if you are a drakkin so I doubt they will make the rewards for these anything special.
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  18. MyShadower Augur

    Let's not lose perspective here people, the journey is the reward! You are EverQuesters!
  19. segap Augur

    They just need to stop with putting valuable rewards on completion of achievements based on ancient content. First, people begged for adding achievements for old stuff because they wanted to do them, and for some reason, were incapable of doing so without check boxes to tell them they did. You'd think those people would now be happy having their check boxes. Now they want significant rewards for doing ancient, trivial, beyond boring content because it took them time.

    The upgraded artisan stats for 350 tradeskills is a prime example of this lunacy. A handful of people who enjoy spending lots of time on things that most people find beyond boring, wanted it to have more meaning. Now we get that mess of crap. I personally prefer picking up my dog's poop in the yard over doing tradeskills.

    Let's not find ways to force boring crap on people. If you are the type that enjoys hour upon hour of ancient, trivial content, be happy you did it. Have your fun. Just because you find it fun, does not mean that the majority of people who have no interest at all of doing that stuff want to be forced to do it so that a top reward can be given for nothing more than time spent. That completely destroys the concept of risk vs. reward. Although I will sadly admit there is very little risk left in this game these days.
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  20. MyShadower Augur

    How else can I prove I did it?!!!!!!!!

    Quester gots to get payed!

    Tradeskill bling!

    OMG! Do you have a size/color/consistency/location spreadsheet too? On Saturdays I cross reference it with the feeding data!

    Done and done!

    /gasp Who is forcing you? Names, we need names! Online bullying must be eradicated!

    What is risked in EQ? I merely find it inconvenient to run back to where I was when I died because my merc didn't rez me before it died, although all my experience bars are 100% full and I cannot burn glyphs fast enough. Aside from the minor exp loss I find the only other risk is time lost but, I refer you to aforementioned hobbies.
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