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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Elkar Headhunter, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. kizant Augur

    We're giving opinions about two different things. I was giving an opinion on what the most reasonable design choice would be given our current circumstances. What I wasn't doing is arguing for what I personally want to happen.

    Personally, I don't mind at all if they basically give me another great easy to obtain aug. Fine with me! I just don't see it happening. Especially since I think Daybreak is doing a lot better job than what we've seen in the past. And even if the stats were nice for me I'd still feel it were a bad decision on their part if they go through with it.
  2. Zaviere Augur

    If you read my entire post, I basically point out my sarcasm. I was simply pointing out that anyone can make rash generalizations about the other side of a discussion, but that it really doesn't mean anything. Certain participants in this debate are starting to go that route, and I agree with you that it is the wrong direction to take.
  3. Drogba Augur

    Optional in a sense, it depends on the player, and the reward.

    If the reward improves my tanking ability for instance, it can feel like an ultimatum.

    For me to not do it is to suffer a handicap vs. those that will.

    The problem is what I am being asked to do, to not suffer that handicap.

    If the rewards are cosmetic, or genuinly trivial to character strength, then that doesn't become an issue.
  4. Drogba Augur

    A few years ago I eventually sucked it up and did the brells shawl aug.
    If you can't tell, i'm still butt hurt over the 350 TS earring :(
    Hundreds of hours of clicking boxes or killing grey cons is like, totally why i play this game *grumble*
    Let's add a 3k HP buff for scoring insane on /gems and add in a port of 'penn jillette's desert bus' while we're at it (With an hp/ac reward attached for completing it, naturally).
  5. Ishtass Augur

    Just want to make sure I understand that folks are complaining about something possibly existing in the game they don't want to get. Alright.
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  6. Elkar Headhunter New Member

    I could maybe understand the complaint about killing grey cons just a little bit if a new expansion lasted longer than 2 months. I mean seriously some of the people here including myself had progression done, achievements done, all augments we wanted farmed, and guilds had raid content on farm status. What to do now I wonder?
  7. Teferi New Member

    Agree with op.

    I came back from a 3 year break when these hunter achieves were implemented. Went ham with some guildmates, got a xorbb staff...did the blued two-handed hammer quest. Then when I realized no reward, I said F this.

    An aug makes the most sense. I disagree that killing level 40 content, making your eyes bleed catching the right LDoNs etc. is not adequate in acquiring something statistically useful to high end. You have to do every raid, find every namer in the entire game. Any 105 can sit there and grind exp, there's nothing challenging about that either.

    However by more or less forcing players to rewind the clock and hunt in zones that are dusty, raids they may have never seen, and lore they've never been aware of... that to me something that should be encouraged, and in turn rewarded.

    The Tears of Alaris for example, is a one-of-a-kind item but with a very very specific (and trivial/boring) means to an end. There are only a handful of items in the game that have a parry % mod, perhaps a reward offering this mod...or options for classes that don't use parry.

    Titles wouldn't be exciting, better than nothing.

    Illusions could be worthwhile and not impact stat gains if that's the concern.

    Or maybe some kind of reward that offers recipe books to be scribed. If not achievement based, make them drop off the mobs :D
  8. Act of Valor Augur

    Someone would code up a bot for that within a day.
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  9. svann Augur

    If they were going to make a reward for it they should have put the reward in game at the same time as the achievement.
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  10. Orbital101 Augur

    Reward get added as EQ progress and create new possibilities same as Tradeskills, Slayer, Explorations and so on.
  11. svann Augur

    Yes, and all of those achievements had rewards attached when the achievement went live.
  12. smash Augur

    Sorry that I gotta correct you. Not all. Remember Heroic? Your character suddenly gad 30+ rewards waiting.
  13. WonderBard New Member

    Wrong. Explorations achievements had the journeyman's speed reward added years after the fact. Tradeskill achievements had Artisans Prize added years after the fact. They added additional tradeskill achievements just before introducing the reward kinda like they are doing for hunters currently with all the missing expansions being finally added.
  14. Shmid New Member

    I am part of a group of people who have gone thru and farmed the nameds already, refarmed to catch others up, and laughed at the general stupidity of doing all this seeing as we were getting nothing but achievement points. Would I like to see a meaningful reward, of course, do I expect it, nope, but will be happy if something does get put in.
    If I was in the meeting room of developers and was allowed to toss in my thoughts on a suitable reward that will upset the least amount of people, while giving something to those who went thru the effort, sure I’d pitch the evolving aug idea. Knowing this is going to upset a vocal number of people, I’d have my back up plan in the place which is as follows:
    Following the idea behind Zueria Slide, where we traveled around few places, then at the end were rewarded with a charm that has converting options that switches where the item can port you, I would like to see an illusion clicky per expansion of hunters finished. Say you finished the Everquest tab, you are rewarded with Orginal Everquest Fancy Pants Illusions Clicky™. Can convert the clicky item to choose between 5 different fancy illusions. Each finished expansion rewards you with another clicky.
    Original EQ: original bixie, original ghoul, original crushbone orc, original griffon, original froglok tad, orginal mushroom man
    Kunark: Drolvarg, rhino, mountain giant, bottomless devourer/feaster/gnawer
    Velious: Wurm, coldain, kael giant, orginal ratman,
    Luclin: Grimling, goranga, fire/water/magic alien dudes,
    Plane of Powers: Bastion of Thunder 4 giant types, mephit, stormrider, hobgoblin
    LoY: Luggard, nifilik, or better yet for this expansion, a house/guild hall placeable of the caged little critter in torgiran mines that everyone loves.
    LDoN: Gukton skeleton, Synarcanic fragment, Unfinished Amalgam
    There are other unique models out there; this was just a simple list of ideas. Ideally the models picked would be the rare graphics that stand out, and not only the everyday things that are either already offered thru other means, or are boring.
    Now should the illusions give a progressively better, stacking stat buff, that improves with each additional expansion finished, well, that’s up to the dev’s. Something along the lines of 100ac 1k h/m/e 100 all heroics per expansion starting with classic sounds fair right?

    (Disclaimer I don’t even use illusions that often)
  15. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'm not against the illusion Idea. It's fluff and not power if we don;t put in the buff, or a buff can be limited and generally available from OTHER means, so not *forcing* people to do this to *maintain* their power compared to others.
    We do have to be careful with memory, and because of that there is no way we would give 125 illusions (5x25expansions)

    (Still only talking, not committing... the moment I fail to put in this disclaimer... someone is going to say "you promised!" (someone probably will anyway as a joke!))
  16. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Elder

    What about a choice option between something like Chalandria's Fang (1 per day poison pot), Something like it for caster's (1 per day Archwizard brew?), a Food/Drink summoner (again, recast time of ~20 hour), etc. for completing X number of hunter achievements (maybe 10 complete expansions worth of hunters?)... That way it's not overpowered, but still some would find it interesting/useful... And still pretty achievable while requiring some work... and not complete fluff like an illusion... (if it is an illusion, maybe an illusion/familiar similar to the collector edition EoK drogan goblin with %dmg increase?)
  17. ShadowMan Augur

    Unique illusion(s) are nice but I just really can't stand that we went from having the possibility of a second really nice aug for all the work this entails to an illusion. Simply because a vocal few basically don't want to be bothered with all the work and its mere existence would upset them.
  18. Cicelee Augur

    Thank you for your feedback so far on this thread as the "spokesperson" for the devs. It is reassuring to see that you recognize the reward should be fluff, and not power (like a super augment, for example).

    Illusions are a great idea. What about weapon ornamentation from that expansion as a reward? No power, but adds some level of potential uniqueness and diversity with players...
  19. segap Augur

    From the looks of the thread, there's about equal numbers on both sides. Neither camp has significant numbers. Both sides of the argument are a vocal few in the context of the player community and even the community on the forums.

    As for "work", I could do many of these zones by spending a couple minutes running through the zone to aggro everything, turn around, and riposte the entire zone in seconds. Then wait 22 minutes or so for re-pop. That's not what I consider work. It's merely a large time sink.
  20. menown Augur

    Let's be honest, doing all the hunter's achievements is no small feat, even if they are mostly grey cons.

    Things need to change. By this I mean certain namers need to have increased spawn rates. Lots of roamers like the ones in Lavastorm, Jagggedpine Forest, Field of Bone, Valley of King Xorbb, North Ro, and more. Some static namers need improvements too. Vaniki may not even spawn within each monthly patch.

    People should not be rewarded with achievement updates if they are not in zone. This needs to be fixed.

    Raid namers should not be included in attaining any reward.

    There needs to be a great enough incentive for people to do this grand achievement. Complain all you want about it being boring. You just don't do things you hate if there is no reward at the end. Illusions are not a big enough incentive. I did not grind through all those tradeskills and recipes for an uber aug because it was fun. It wasn't. The reward sets apart the all stars from everyone else. You don't even have to be guilded to achieve such an award.

    The 2 factions in this thread can be divided by risk vs. reward. People that started the hunters at the beginning of the summer took a risk, thinking that there would be a reward implemented later on. This has been a trend as of late with rewards being added after the achievements. There are a few outliers who actually enjoy doing all these hunters, but they are that, outliers. The other group of people took the risk not to do the hunters at the beginning of the summer, thinking that there would not be a reward implemented later on. Mostly people who don't have the time to invest in such achievements, but others who took a risk by not doing the achievements. Their reward is time saved on pointless killing of grey cons that they think will amount to no in game reward.

    Every argument against a greater reward can be countered by fixes listed above. And I 100% agree that these fixes should be implemented with or without a greater reward. But if you tell me there is just an illusion with no benefit, I will quit doing the rest of the hunters. It was my risk that I thought there would be a greater reward. I took that risk and, well, it failed me.
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