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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Elkar Headhunter, Sep 2, 2017.

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  1. Orbital101 Augur

    I dont play with PCs name, seeing 53+ names on my screen hurt my performance when all you see are ' Title Name Surname Suffixe' that can exceed 50 letters per players. So a title is worse then nothing.

    I also rarely play with illusion on... I already have 32 illusions in my keyring and 2 boxes full of it that I dont use. I can also fill up my buff window easily at raid so I cant have useless non stat buffs on there. Illusion will be another something that will rot in my inventory. Same for mounts. Unless they give some type of useful effect...

    As far as ornament goes, well thats probably another something that will go on top of a weapon that I dont use to save space. There is just too much personal preference that this may also end up not been used by most. Unless its the first ornament with stats!

    It doesnt have to be an augment but something that is useful that wont end up in my bank if even in my inventory. I already have hundred of those. Like some type of Tracking/Skill modifier, Succor, Gate/Bind device, Trophy and/or unlock more tribute benefits. Only thing is this type of reward will benefit one less then the other so it is why an augment might be a better choice.
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  2. MyShadower Augur

    A large task like this could be used to extend vet rewards. You could be rewarded with those you do not already have and add some new useful ones and/or reduce timers on useful ones.

    I think I may have read this suggestion somewhere already but cannot find it.
  3. segap Augur

    I'd hope as a game designer, you'd take note about things that people find "boring" and not just dismiss honest feedback by putting it in quotes. Even people that want some great prize from this admit it's boring. They're just willing to submit themselves to tedium to get something that sets them apart from others. Don't you want to create a game that's fun for people? What's your objective in designing content?
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  4. Orbital101 Augur

    What I found boring is the last 2 patchs without any new hunters or anything new to do. Time to find something else to play. Any suggestion?!

    PS: You dont have to reply to this message. I was being sarcastic.

    These Hunters were put in for a reason and I very doubt that boring was the main reason.
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  5. Symbius Augur

    Those are comparative to the enjoyment level of doing grey con hunters. Enjoy!
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  6. Orbital101 Augur

    You seem to know much about it.o_O
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  7. MyShadower Augur

    I am not not ashamed to say I played "My Little Pony Birth". The scalpel is a nice touch. Showing a My Littler Pony coming out of My Little Pony ****** might have created some outrage.
  8. Kellan New Member

    One of my guildies made an excellent suggestion for a scaling reward, although it might anger rangers. He suggested a tracking device, with a scaling distance based on how many Hunter achievements you have finished. Again, the big issue with this is that it would not benefit rangers at all to do Hunter.
  9. Orbital101 Augur

    Unless maybe they add a tracking mod but then not many zones out there a rangers cant cover already.

    Something like Your Knowledge in search for famous creatures around Norrath has granted you a basic skill of 50 in tracking!, each expansion increase it by 5 with a cap or a skill modifier.

    Still not sure how it will be to possibility give every one track lol. EQ 2 as tracking potion everyone can use...
  10. menown Augur

    Could improve rangers, bards, and druids tracking in other ways. Increased range, improved filters, map friendly tracking.
  11. smash Augur

    You seem to like to ignore the main things there been raised by some in regard to hunther.
    While inventing powers that is bound to be totally unbalanced and overpowered for some classes to have.

    It is a go directly to the named power. Something the other classes will not get.
  12. Ashran Journeyman

    Oh boy if that's the reward then I have a few suggestions for the "ranger" reward:
    - Shaman mercenary (or Doomscale Unity stick)
    - Enchanter mercenary (or Haste and Clarity stick)
    - Quiet Miracle AA (functions similar to Marr's Gift AA paladins already have)
    - Double Invisibility clicky (functions in same way as getting IVU/Invis buff)

    Ah well, we can all dream I suppose...
  13. menown Augur

    You seem to have ignored my post on page 5 where I do name some of the main issues with hunter.

    Also, what is wrong with just having fun brainstorming ideas with others. Most likely they will never be considered.
  14. kizant Augur

    I've got an idea! Leave the whole getting achievements while in raid/afk in the game.. Then sure add the augment reward like everyone wants but include a second level of difficult to progress the aug further that's inline with the goal of the achievements.

    For example, have the aug start out around 20% of maximum. Then the next step is to kill more named to level the aug up to 100%. Some decent amount would be good so it's not too easy. Maybe 10,000 named or so? Let any named count regardless of zone you're in. Make sense?!
  15. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    30 points for completing each hunter is enough reward for me but I'm not going to argue against a new awesome Augment or title, or skill, or whatever... because that would be silly. :)
  16. MyShadower Augur

    Ask for Improved Ranger Gate, ask for Improved Ranger Gate! (You still die but the corpse follows you to bind!)
  17. Thrillho Augur

    I think you're forgetting which game you're playing. In recent memory, the Epic Retelling has the first name of the person to complete the quest on the server listed on the wall in the game. Artisan's Prize has a server-wide message congratulating the first person to complete it. There were posts in these very forums patting the backs of those who completed EoK first. There's even a fan-made website (Elite Gamers Lounge) to keep track of the rankings of each guild for each server. There's another one to track the gear / AAs / etc. of players (Magelo) - and is consistently used to see who is on top (Artisan's Prize % complete being the main factor in the top rankings now). ZAM / EQResource / Raidloot exist to help players along with quests / tasks / missions properly. None of these sites give out info on how to cheese past achievements.

    These things are important to people. Playing the game as it's meant to be played and doing it first / better / faster / more efficient than others is rewarding for some people. Adding something to cheapen that will not benefit the game - it'll either negatively impact it, or keep it neutral at best. The risk isn't worth the reward.

    Comparing this with the Artisan's Prize has been done a lot. The bypasses for the Prize were put in the game purposefully. The seals for it were made to be tradeable. The TS materials were made to be tradeable. The whole TS system from the very beginning of the game was made to be tradeable. If you're going to bypass the majority of the quest, you still need to play the game to do so. You still need to do the progression in PoP. You still need to get the seals - either through farming TS items and doing it yourself, or by farming plat and buying them.

    It was only until recently that you could get a hunters checkmark for being in a raid format. A seemingly unintended outcome (bug?) is that you can get a checkmark for being out of zone. I could see an argument for it - you die in a raid and end up zoning while your team gets the kill and you miss out on it. Seems unlikely that you can't get a rez in the time it takes to down the mob though, but I suppose PoHate / Fear named could hold that back. Still, unintended for people to be AFK in another zone while folks do work.
  18. Redrum_Redrum Augur

    Just remove the notion of a item, title, aug etc based on hunter achievments and tie it to the score itself. Have the item or whatever scale based on your achievment number. Exclude the achievments gained based in raids and raid mobs to allow the whole playerbase the ability to gain progression. This way even the casual non raider can have the ability to attain max status. This could be a never ending evolving item and progress into the future as expansions are released. Maybe every 1000 points it gains X status, stats or whatnot.
  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    We do. And I put it in quotes because it is an opinion. As a player of an MMO I hope you know that your opinion is not everyone's opinion. Some people may find task like this Zen, or Comforting. Something easy and relaxing to do to chill out after a hard day and still check off some virtual check boxes, and instead of boring it is calming.

    Unfortunately, I'm going to make this the last work in this thread because people are sniping at and insulting each other
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