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  1. Toboe Journeyman

    plenty of character slots open.
  2. Shugz New Member

    I made a new bronze account, no sign of any free Heroic character. Did it before claiming on either my or my gf's gold accounts (both of which were before the household cut off anyway).
  3. jAbb Journeyman

    I don't know if this is relevant but when I made a new bronze account, I didn't get the upgrade to heroic button until I verified my account via their email. Then it popped right up.
  4. Shugz New Member

    I reverified just in case, but no change. :(
  5. Geroblue Augur

    Thanks ! I quickly read it, looks like it will solve several problems for me.
  6. Shugz New Member

    Fixed with a petition. Apparently the new account was being strange and had no Heroic flags at all!
  7. Jpump145 New Member

    So, myself, my brother and our friend all have Station accounts from 2005 or earlier. I was able to upgrade a character to 85, my brother tried to do it, and the option was greyed out. We currently live togehter.

    My friend is able to upgrade 2 characters to 85 on separate accounts. All the accounts have payments for Planetside 2, and EQ2 subscriptions prior to November 8th, 2013. None of them have had an EQ1 subscription in their account history that we can see.

    Why is my friend able to make 2 heroic characters on separate accounts, and my brother an I are not able to each make a character? Is it because the billing address is the same, or were you required to log into EQ1 prior to November 8th, 2013.

    Any insight would be helpful.
  8. some_guy New Member

    So based on the first page response from the SOE member (the 4 accounts previous, 4 accounts after = 5 HCs), creating my account should have allowed for a HC on it. However, when I did it, no dice. I also verified the account and no dice there either.
  9. Toboe Journeyman

    after i complained on this post two of my three accounts have a heroic slot yesterday after the free period expired. but my 3rd no go, and thats the one i wanted as it has my main sk which was severely under aa'd, mainly becuase when i was actively playing him before my nec and clr it was back when aas were a mother to get not easy like they are now, so i get two unusable heroic flags on two accounts i dont want, and none on the one i want, as i am happy with my necro and clr, especially because they were leveled when it was harder to level, like remember agro kiting in nobles? yeah that time, now i can just go to the farm with a healer merc and let my pet tank = easy.

    I have no sense of entitlement here, im glad i can play with no monetary requirement when i cant really afford it for a month or two (especially with 3 accounts..) Id just like a flip flop here on heroic flags.
  10. Toboe Journeyman

    btw i forgot to add, on silver you dont need to free up a slot, i checked it out on my nec account made my (when gold) baz mule 85 heroic with 6/4 slots avaliable, worked fine on upgrade with no errors.

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