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  1. Geroblue Augur

    Found two SC cards on my desk I wasn't using, and used them. That gave me 4000 SC, and I used 3500 SC to make a HC for an account I had already used the free one on. Got all the same stuff, including the 15K plat. So, its not 35 dollars per HC, but 30 dollars with 500 SC left over.
  2. Sokahar New Member

    The dollar amount really depends on what deals you received when you purchased SC. I paid just under $10 for a Heroic Character due to having purchased SC when it was 3X.
  3. Koneko Augur

    if I upgrade a char to a heroic char will that char have it's bind and origin moved and all my hot key changed?
  4. Allurre New Member

    AA Question:
    If i upgrade my level 91 Wizard with 3K AAs will it add another 4k+ AAs on top of the AAs I already have? or just add 1k+ AAs?
  5. Mary Poppins Augur

    It'll just add whatever aa's you're missing up to UF expansion.
  6. Mary Poppins Augur

    Bind should remain the same. The hotkey thing is optional. The toon I upgraded had some window pop up asking about the hotkeys - I just declined or whatever and kept what I had.
  7. Rose Tyler New Member


    I normally play EQ2 but my mum has just talked me into logging into EQ. My account says I'm new even though I started it in 2012, is that because I haven't logged into EQ before?

    Even though the account only thinks I've just made it, shouldn't I still be able to get a free Heroic Char as the 1 per household? Or is that already taken up by the Free one my mum made on her very old gold account?

    Please help.
  8. Koneko Augur

    thanks I am more worried about the origin thing because my home is Freeport it doesn't take me to it but it still is what it is!
  9. Geroblue Augur

    When you started game play and when you started on the forums is a different thing.
  10. Geroblue Augur

    Hmm... I put the 15k plat ni the shared bank and deleted the character, i had intended cleric, but had accidently selected mage.

    Armor, weapon, spells, J-1 merc, mount, and the two heroic storage containers show up... but not the stat food. Only thing I noticed not showing up so far.
  11. feiddan Augur

    This is correct. The stat food, bayle marks, and platinum are all part of the extra claim package, which is available only once per account.
  12. Dalsina Lorekeeper

    Do new accounts get a free heroic character?
  13. Fendy Augur

    Do you live in the same household as your mother? If your mother has claimed a free heroic character on her account then the "one per household" has been used. When you try to make a heroic character it would be the second one in the household and will cost 3500SC.
  14. Toboe Journeyman

    all i see is an advertisement of lies. Got the email today about this deal, So i read up on it, says nothing about having to be a gold member to get it. but it appears you do or you pay 3500sc for the upgrade.

    thanks again soe for not being honest
  15. Crystilla Augur

    What isn't honest?

    We just made a new account this weekend (bronze so free). It did have a heroic character attached to it which we used. We then upgraded that account to silver. (We have 3 gold accounts that were made many many years ago). Now, if we tried to do another heroic on that account we'd have issues from what it sounds like.
  16. Toboe Journeyman

    ive got three silver accounts, all accounts I have had since 2004, not one of them can have a character made or upgraded to heroic without paying 35.00
  17. Crystilla Augur

    If they're silver slots, how many characters do you have on each?

    You have to have an open character slot (so can't have more than 3 characters already since I believe silver is restricted to 4 characters total per account per server). Editted to add and yes, even to upgrade an existing character, someone else said they had to get down to 3 total to use the heroic character feature. Not sure if that's a bug or intended though.
  18. Geroblue Augur

    I know my cleric should have had merc up, and I should have had more knowledge about 85th level spells, etc. before I ventured into Feerott The Dream. Died both times.
  19. Crystilla Augur

    If you need cleric info, use THIS post. I'm still adding to it but spells are there.
  20. Fellenwhite New Member

    After upgrading one of my 15 year old characters to Heroic, all my veterans AAs aren't even listed in special tab anymore. Is this intentional, seems like a bug. :(

    Disregard... This heroic feature set is super buggy. I managed to get it heroic activated on all of my accounts, but it involved logging completely out and back in numerous times. And then once the heroic was applied, vet rewards disappeared but reappeared after again logging out and in a few times... lol, all is well...

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