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  1. Jadz Xander New Member

    Lured a friend into Everquest, hes never gamed on a PC before in fact he had one built just so he could play with us. Yesterday he tried to go Heroic and it says he has 0 available. Only account only person in the house who plays. His account is barely a week old. Does he need to call customer service? or is this a know issue thats being worked on?
  2. Greyowl Augur

    About DoN bug:

    Did DoN steps 1-4 myself, was hoping for step 5 reward (sanctity of the keepers) after "upgrading" to hc. Didnt get the AA tho (not talking of AA numbers, but the special tab AA - resist chance for any detrimental spell).

    I recieved OMM upgrades.

    Gold account 2000-2004 and 2012-present.
  3. Karthanon Augur

    Roshen/EQ Devs: Thank you for the Heroic characters - my wife (who hasn't played since Luclin) decided to try playing again, rolled a Mage, a dojo ed my non-heroic Ranger and Druid in Old Bloodfields (saw my first train there in...well, ages) and Fabled hunting (Fabled Master of the Guard, Kunark/Velious/ToV dragons) and some Void progression (so she could learn how to manage a pet, deal with adds, relearn managing agro)..I had a blast.

    Died to one of the Fabled dragons deep in Sleepers Tomb (merc healer was stuck on geometry and didn't follow..and I didn't notice until Druid mana was low and dragon was at 30%..was eve fun dying. Will try again if they're still up later).
  4. wingrider01 New Member

    Have two accounts, both in Silver status

    1 - 03/16/1999
    2 - 05/04 2012

    Neither account has any flags for a heroic character
  5. Tenador New Member

    My account was created 1/20/2014.

    It is a FTP account with a level 95 warrior.

    I have not claimed a Heroic Character on any account I own.

    When I log into this account it states: Available Heroic Characters: 0

    When I log into the character, there is no upgrade option on the character/inventory page.

    It was my understanding I could upgrade one of my accounts created after 11/8/2013

    While the character I wish to upgrade is 95, I would still like to upgrade him for the mount, bags, and DoN/MPG AAs.

    Why is there no upgrade option available for me.

    Note: I understand the upgrade for accounts after 11/8/2013 is one per household. No accounts have been upgraded from this household prior to or after 11/8/2013.

    Does the account need to be Silver/gold? Is this not available for FTP?
  6. Derd Augur

    Did you update your ui files. The upgrade button is part of a ui upgrade so unless you have an up to date ui you wont see it.
  7. KC13 Augur

    Question: Do you need to have a Gold account to get veteran's awards? My F2P account said I was entitled to a veteran's char a few days ago. I typed in /veteranreward and didn't get it. This is a char that was raised to 85 via the Heroic Character option. Today, I noticed that I also could not progress any further on the Drakkin Breath Weapon quest line. Both of these options are AA's. Is this a bug? The AA screen shows 4700/250 and each time I complete a quest, any quest, I get a message regarding being at the AA cap.
  8. Tenador New Member

    Using Standard UI, so not an issue with the UI. This will not affect the character select screen showing zero available either.
  9. Geroblue Augur

    Character select screen is where you should see it.
  10. Tenador New Member

    I have a feeling I may know what the issue is. However I am not 100% certain at this point. I have 3 FTP accounts created after 11/8/2013. I logged all 3 accounts in since the HC introduction. One of the three accounts is showing 1 available. Bare in mind I have not used the HC upgrade function on any account. Well . . . I do not want to use the HC upgrade on the account showing 1 available. That account has my 95 Bard on it. I want to use the HC upgrade on this account. I am assuming, because the bard account was the first one I logged in, from an account created after 11/8/2013, that it flagged that account as able to upgrade and the others arn't? As I said, I haven't use the HC upgrade on any account at all. I was under the impression I would be able to pick the account I wanted to upgrade.
  11. Tenador New Member

    Yes character select screen. However, Derd was talking about the green "Upgrade Character" button on the character/inventory window. You should see both.
  12. Derd Augur

    Also from what I've gathered only your Oldest ftp account gets the upgrade, have you by chance made a f2p in the past and abandoned it and started a new one? Which would still be "flagged" as yours?
  13. MasterRin New Member

    Has a skill boost been implemented to upgrading an existing toon yet? Been waiting to claim on main to raise some poopy skills but if it's not happening would like to claim on a lowbie while the window is still open.
  14. Geroblue Augur

    Ah, I see it now, just under 'Consume Krono' on the character's inventory window.
  15. Derd Augur

    Someone he replied to used lon instead of don, he didn't catch it and repeated it... and later posted about his mistake <roshen> The aa's are Don and Mpg that at this time seem to only be flagged on gold account HC's Something else Roshen is looking into and I'd expect a reply when they get back into work on Monday.
  16. Gythlen Augur

    My guess is you'll have to contact a CSR to get a particular account flagged if you don't want the one in question.

    Hopefully Roshen will be back (since it's the weekend) to clear more things up for you guys.
  17. smash Augur

    Here an important question.
    Lets say I create a HC for free today a beastlord..

    Then in 10 days I BUY & make 1 HC char and I make a bard.

    In april I regret that I made a bard, and i delete it.

    What will then happen:
    - Will I be able to make a new HC ?
    - I will not be able to make a new HC char, because I already got 1 which my account is flagged for.
    -I will be able to create 1, because it is not the original I deleted.

    Then situation 2, which is like situation 1, but there I delete the bard,
    Same questions, but I will not be able to create a new 1, because I deleted after trial period and it is the 1 I created there. ?

    Sorry for double quote, no idea hwo it came in.
  18. wingrider01 New Member

    Unfortunately Tenador mentions the 3 FTP accounts, like him the 2 accounts that I am having problems with are FTP and according to the FTP matrix they can only petition on transaction based issues, other then that the knowledge base is the only form of support ir trying to get some form of answer in this thread from SOE
  19. Elshandarr New Member

    My account was NOT recognized as eligible for the 85 upgrade when I logged in today. How might I get this resolved?
  20. dhaark New Member

    i recently returned from a hiatus after getting a new pc. I started over with a few FTP accounts in mid November/early December, I have no heroic character flags for any of my accounts. Any idea why this may be or how i could go about fixing the issue?

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