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  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    What are Heroic Characters?

    Heroic Characters allow players to select any class and begin their adventures in EverQuest at level 85 with a full complement of gear, Alternative Advancement Abilities, food, drink, and platinum. This feature is a great way for new players to get caught up with their friends. It’s also great for existing players that want to try new classes, or for players returning to Norrath so they can explore content that they haven’t had an opportunity to visit yet.

    How much do Heroic Characters cost?

    Heroic Characters can be purchased for 3500SC.

    How do I make a Heroic Character?

    Once a Heroic Character is purchased or otherwise unlocked, players will have the option to create a Heroic Character when they log into their account and use the Upgrade Character button from the Character Creation Screen.

    Players can also choose to use the Heroic Character button to upgrade an existing character to level 85. That upgraded character will receive all the perks of being a Heroic Character.

    What specifically does a Heroic Character start with?

    All Heroic Characters will be battle ready, and geared to explore Norrath! They will start with the following:
    • 15,000 Platinum
    • Jungle Raptor Mount
    • Two 24-Slot Bags
    • Spells
    • Thousands of Auto-Granted Alternative Advancement Abilities (AA’s)
    • Full Set of Equipment, including weapons, armor, Power Source and Charm
    • Food, Drink, and Ammo
    • 100 Bayle Marks
    Note: The platinum, Bayle Marks, food and drink a Heroic Character starts with is a one-time offering, rewarded to the first character you create or upgrade using the feature. If you delete your character and make a new one, you will not receive these items again. Delete wisely!

    Note: You will still be eligible for the platinum, bayle mark, food and drink rewards each time you purchase the Heroic Character feature.

    If I update an existing character to a Heroic Character how will I receive these rewards?

    Your Heroic Character option can be used on an existing character. These characters will keep everything they had before, and will receive all of the items that Heroic Characters start with.
    Players will receive three reward windows to claim all of the Heroic Character rewards. Players will need available bag space to claim each of these rewards.

    Are there limitations on these AA’s?

    Heroic Characters will have full access to thousands of Alternative Advancement Abilities (AA’s). Players that don’t currently have a subscription will need a membership or need to purchase individual AA unlockers to continue to earn AA points after they have the cap on Free-To-Play characters.

    What skills does a Heroic Character start with?

    All skills will be maxed for your level, with the exception of Language and tradeskills.

    What happens if I delete my Heroic Character?

    If you delete a Heroic Character you created for free, it acts like a normal character deletion. If you purchase a Heroic Character and delete it, you can replace that character with another level 85 Heroic Character. This allows players to make one purchase, and try every class if they would like to!

    The platinum a Heroic Character starts with is a one-time offering, rewarded to the first character you create or upgrade using the feature. If you delete your character and make a new one, you will not receive the platinum again. Delete wisely!

    Why are you adding heroic characters to the game?

    In response to player feedback, we wanted to provide an opportunity for players to play EverQuest without worrying about an overwhelming level and Alternative Advancement Ability gap. This lets veteran players try out new classes before committing valuable time to leveling one, and players who are new to Norrath (or those who have been gone for a long time) a chance to get caught up with their friends.

    Ultimately we want to give everyone the option to explore high level content, and play with their friends with as few barriers to entry as possible.

    Won’t new players be overwhelmed by a Heroic Character?

    Heroic Characters will have access to a preset hotbar that will provide direction to both new and returning players begin their adventures in Norrath immediately.

    We also invite new players to participate in the Mines of Gloomingdeep tutorial before creating a Heroic Character. If a player chooses to, they can upgrade a character created during the Mines of Gloomingdeep tutorial to a Heroic Character after they finish this tutorial.

    Can players create a Heroic Character on Progression Servers?

    Fippy Darkpaw and Vulak’Aerr will not have Heroic Characters until the Call of the Forsaken expansion is unlocked. These servers will not be eligible for a free Heroic Character since Call of the Forsaken will not be unlocked during the two-week trial period.

    Do I need an available character slot to create a Heroic Character.


    If you don't have an available character slot, you can choose to update any of your current characters to be a Heroic Character.

    Additional Heroic Character Info

    This offer is available to all former and current EQ players. Every account created before 11/8/2013 is eligible for one free Heroic Character. Every account created on or after 11/8/2013 will be able to create one free Heroic Character per household. The offer of one free Heroic Character + Bundle will expire on March 27th, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT. Additional Heroic Characters can be purchased for 3500 Station Cash.
  2. Fanra Augur

    Thank you for this FAQ post. I think you might want to make clear that creating a new Heroic Character requires an open character slot or upgrading a current one. It seems to me that we are not being granted a free character slot if they are already all full.

    Your statement, "For the first two weeks (3/12-3/26), the first Heroic Character each player creates is FREE!", does not make that clear.

    Note that I'm not asking for an additional free character slot (although I wouldn't object :)), I just think you might wish to make it clear we need one to take advantage of the free Heroic Character and we need to have one available unless we are just upgrading a character we already have.
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  3. Fanra Augur

    Also, you list that all Heroic Characters start with "Spells". You may wish to make clear that if the spell has Ranks I, II, III, that they start with, I assume, Rank I.

    Also, I'm assuming by Spells, you mean every single spell possible for their class, as well as disciplines.
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  4. Luenn New Member

    What skills does a Heroic Character start with?

    All skills will be maxed for your level, with the exception of Language and tradeskills.

    Will our normal character's be getting a boost to their skills up to level 85 as we did with aa's ?

    For me having it sit around for hours casting spells, swimming or what ever is the biggest bane of this game.
  5. --Voodoo-- Augur

    I would still like an answer to the question of how multiple accounts are handled.

    Say I have 4 accounts created prior to Nov. 8th, and 4 accounts created after. I believe that should be 5 total Heroic Characters. Is that correct?
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  6. Geroblue Augur

    From the faq above, each account is separate and can have one free HC.

    Of course, that is likely paid accounts.
  7. Caitto New Member

    I do not see any mention of account creation date or IP address related restrictions.
  8. Arcaine Elder

    What if you did not want to receive the granted AA's yet on the heroic character?
    I'm thinking about bumping my ~70 pally up, but do not wish to receive the aa's yet.
  9. Lily Augur

    It was mentioned in a previous thread. One heroic character per household if created after 11/8
  10. Roshen Brand Manager

    If you're talking about the free Heroic Character created between 3/12-3/26/2014, the restriction works like this:

    For accounts created before Nov 8, 2013, the free Heroic Character option is available one time per account.

    For accounts created on or after Nov 8, 2013, the free Heroic Character option is available one time per household.


    So yes, assuming the information you provided is correct, you should have 5 accounts eligible for free Heroic Characters during this trial period.
  11. code-zero Augur

    Guess you'll just have to tough it out and endure having the AA's
  12. Roshen Brand Manager

    Then you won't want to use the Heroic Character feature on this character. Heroic Characters get the full AA Auto-Grant.
  13. Arcaine Elder

    Thank you for the reply.

    I do think, however, think that this should align with the current grant process, that you can auto-grant if you choose. Especially, or rather specifically, for characters that are upgraded to heroic.

    There's a good reason why many people choose not to take the grant right away, and I would absolutely like to take advantage of the Heroic character that I apparently am entitled to, but do not, personally, like this forced aa "grant".
  14. taliefer Augur

    what kind of gear/weapons will they start with? if its just defiant stuff, the tanks and melees are going to be at a severe disadvantage as that stuff is pretty poor quality. especially the weapons.
  15. Roshen Brand Manager

    Appropriate gear to get started in the game immediately.

    To give players an idea about what the power level is of these items, I have a few screenshots here: https://forums.station.sony.com/eq/...orrath-on-march-12.208798/page-3#post-3062184
  16. Roshen Brand Manager


  17. Izcurly Augur

    It's NOT the same as the auto-grant, however. The heroic upgrades are regardless of subscription status. The auto-grant button is only available to gold subscriptions. Basically heroic upgrades are all-or-nothing decisions. Not such a bad deal, really.
  18. Arcaine Elder

    I guess I want to have my cake and eat it too, but I was just really excited to be able to upgrade my character to a heroic, but really do NOT want the auto grant yet. I have actually stopped leveling my pally since hearing about this, but I guess I'm going to be stuck leveling him from 70-85 like a chump while everyone else jumps their toon ahead.
  19. taliefer Augur

  20. Sollas New Member

    Noone is forcing you to take the free HC. You have the option to dillydally for 2 weeks (plus the dawdling you were able to do since initially hearing about HC's).

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