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  1. Revulsion Elder

    well my guildie tried to buy the pieces in the bazaar for the collections stuff and the message he received was You must own the Rain of Fear Collector's edition to collected this item so looks like he has to purchase the collector's edition of RoF to get the ground spawns, wow that's going to be a PITA for him, looks like its going to be a while before he gets RoF since he dont have money and lost his job back in october last year.thanks for the info on telling me to tell him to try anyway. sux for him.
  2. Greaseman Journeyman

    Is there a possibility of doing some future collection sets where the spawns can be influenced by players? Like certain drops only possible or just more likely in proximity with corpses. Maybe even player corpses. Or placing other things on the ground. Nothing that automatically produces a particular spawn but maybe just shift the percentages a bit.
  3. Imrahil Augur

    That sounds wrong. Can it be he bought one of the pieces which are actually only for the collector's edition and not the normal RoF collections? There is one collection which is "collector's edition only", all the others work with "normal" RoF.
  4. Imrahil Augur

    A personal view from a paladin (one of the few classes still needing someone else to get a reliable invis - yes, Cloudy potions work too in stacks):
    you do realize that some classes have a huge advantage on some collections where see invis-mobs are located? Certain areas in Xorbb are not very accessible for most classes, where others (rogues, classes with reliable FD) have no big issues.
    Is this imbalance intended to make up for some other uses those classes have lost over the years (monks pulling, rogue SoS mostly unimportant)?
    It's no big deal (the bazaar can help), just curious :)
  5. Augur Developer

    This is technically possible (although I'm not sure about player corpses), but would require significantly more spawn location options and a reworking of the system.

    But I'd need to be convinced that the gameplay would actually be better. If players have no way of knowing how to manipulate these spawns, it might just be more confusing and less fun. I could see something cool in "clear a camp and a secret doorway opens that has a collection item behind it" though. Where the activity causing the spawn is intuitive and something players would likely want to do anyways.
  6. Augur Developer

    Yeah, just to clarify on the point here: all but one collection set should work for players who purchased the standard RoF expansion. The collectors edition-only achievement should not even appear in your achievement window if you do not own the expansion.

    All collection items say what set they belong to in the advanced lore tab. You might to recommend your friend check what set the items' are in before buying one. If it's not "Stalking Fear" (the CE-only collection), he should be able to collect it with the standard RoF expansion.
  7. Augur Developer

    Disclaimer: This is just my thoughts on this. I haven't discussed this with the team as a whole.

    When building the system, I didn't look at Collections as a way to balance or counter-balance classes' power against one another (and didn't hear anyone else mention that during the process). Some classes are going to be inherently better at exploring or escaping danger, just like some races are better at fitting into small spaces or reaching high shelves. Their ability to explore and escape danger is often a part of their core class design, and something that players were aware of far before Collections were introduced. The fact that it happens to help them collect, specifically, Collection items easier is tertiary to that.

    That all said, there might be some element of truth in your idea simply because we recognized that we needed more reasons to explore the world, keep your eyes open while playing, and step off the beaten path. And the Collection system tries to encourage that.
  8. Maereax Augur

    I wouldn't use the big collection bag. Anymore, the large majority of the common, non-dropped pieces are all being sold in the bazaar for under 100 plat. There's really no reason to hang onto them. If there was going to be a reward for a hard collections sets, I'd like something I'd actually use please
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  9. Kyreth Elder

    I think it'd be neat to have an arc of tradeskill-based collections someday that result from failing combines with trivials over 400 (since those usually involve more costly items and not something most people would want to be failing on purpose with a low level tradeskill character). We always get the message "You lack the skills to fashion this item together" on failure and sometimes it makes me wonder what exactly it was I did end up fashioning. It could be funny to have a collection item very rarely result from these abysmal failures - like a knotted ball of thread or a bent needle while tailoring, or indescribable mush or burnt remnants while baking. I don't know if there's any possibility in code for that, but it would put an amusing spin on losing half of the ingredients you collected.
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  10. Maereax Augur

    That is an awesome idea ^
  11. Kaenneth Augur

    How about changing which items spawn based on time-of-day?

    Or, for true evil, make it so the 'rare' spawn only can appear if more than 80% of the spawns in the zone have been picked up.

    (In a MUD module I wrote I included a drug that could kill players with withdrawal; and an exponential price function; so if they used it too much they would end up broke and dead. I considered it an 'educational' game.)
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  12. Ducreux Augur

    Any ETA on when the next patch is going live? At present every single collection spawn for "Minotaur Warfare" in Gorge of King Xorbb is in the same spot in an unreachable crevice outside the zoneline, no joke it looks like a small sun. This is the last collection I and I'm sure others need and there is no way currently to complete it and I really enjoyed this series of mini-quests.
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  13. Keshua Journeyman

    YES! The Minotaur Warfare collection is the only one that I haven't been able to complete and it is because the ground spawn is unreachable at this time. It's up on the wall but you can't get to it. :(

    Really should have more than one spawn location in my opinion. All of the other collections do
  14. artofnoise Augur

    I hate to even speak this, but one way (maybe) to make the collectibles have more Bazaar value would be if they were Lore. This would of course create all kinds of issues but is about the only thing that comes to mind.

    Unfortunately, I do not know how you would deal with the inability to pick them up if you already have one. A player would not know which one the conflict was with to even destroy it. Spawns would be left up unless there were a way to make them auto-despawn if clicked by a player that had that same item.

    Sounds simple, but I am guessing this would create havok behind the scenes (ie. code, etc.) Although now that I think about it, was this not somewhat akin to how the Trivial Loot Code functioned? In the TLC situation, of course, it judged the auto-deletion of items from a Loot window based on the player's level.

    OK, now that I've said all that... (climbs drearily into the dunk-tank) ... fire away. :eek:
  15. Tordail Elder

    Just wanted to add another bugged location ... in Breeding Grounds, the room with the Shard's Landing portal, the largest volcano/geyser had eight collectibles stuck inside it last night on Luclin. Once I looted them, they began spawning in more normal locations. I will see if I can get a /loc tonight.
  16. Talif Augur

    That's not bugged if you can get them. It just means other collectible hunters missed that location and they eventually all ended up there. Bugged locations are ones that are impossible to reach.
  17. Mazame Augur

    Ok in Valley on the hill side I near the cave on the west wall I can see 10+ drops yet trying to reach them is impossiable be cause the wall prevents it. I even tried /duel and punting my self to see if I could reach with no luck. Looking for the enchanted blade it a pain becase I can't find any other spawns up because they all stacked on the one spot. any ETA on when this will be fixed?
  18. Jasmy Journeyman

    I found that particular location unreachable tonight, with SoE on. While attempting to get to it I ended up backing over the volcano and dieing due to invis dropping. Couldn't say how many were actually up there, though, since i never could reach it.

    I've had a couple poof on me in the past couple of weeks as well, unfortunately I don't recall the zone or a location. I am running around trying to collect these things in so many zones to help my guild members out, I lose track of where I've been.
  19. Gumlakx Augur

    A Rogue shroud works wonders for running around RoF zones to collect groundspawns.
  20. Revulsion Elder

    well thats the problem you see he don't actually have the RoF expansion so was curious if he could get the updates without it, which apparently from what i am reading that being the case I understand the CE collection stuff shouldnt show up in his achievements window but it does and he doesnt have the RoF expansion. but I guess collecting the stuff is out of the question till he is able to get the expansion is that right?

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