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  1. Kurayami Augur

    That's okay Augur, I don't mind answering them! I typically only read the lore text if the item has a truly interesting name or graphic associated with it. Nice one on the silky bra in CC by the way, I decided to buy a dozen of those and parcel 1 each to all the female chars/paladins I knew in game. A message occurring when clicked would likely catch my eye a lot more. I do tend to ignore the more boring ones, like bacon, ham, pure ice, etceteras.

    I think putting the description in the achievement window could be fun, if it was OPTIONAL. My screen gets cluttered up enough when I'm checking through achievements trying to work on a list, last thing I need is for a list that will require scrolling to keep up with. Ain't nobody got time for that!
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  2. Talif Augur

    I've been a collection junky since EQ2 started them. It was part of what kept me playing Rift for so long, as well. So I was ecstatic when it was announced for EQ and have loved every second of having it in game.

    On the mob drop vs ground spawn, maybe consider adding a tiny (fraction of a percent) chance for the mob items to show up as a ground spawn in the zone? By tiny I mean, if there are 10 mob drop items, then each would have a 0.1% chance for a total of 1% chance. This would give people a chance to get the items if they are unable/unwilling to get a group to kill those specific mobs but still make killing the mobs far and away the better way to amass the collection.

    I mentioned it earlier, but I really like the idea of a "tiered" collection system. By that I mean, collecting the rares in a special collection leads to an item than then allows you to see an entirely different set of collection points. It's important that these "advanced collections" only give exp and fluff items as a reward, though (EQ2 does cool house items for the advanced collections). They should be something that no one ever feels they are required to do to advance in the game.

    And yeah, I would love if the advanced lore showed up in the collection window. Ideally only after you've actually collected the item.
  3. Riou Augur

    I would read them all if they went in the chat window, in the item bar inspect is kinda a pain because you have to inspect item -> hover up to it -> click the additional lore tab.

    I think the easiest thing with them is that since there's like 300 pieces over the like 30ish total parts, it's easier to put them in a Spreadsheet instead of check out the Achievement Window, so more text "spam" is probably not as good in the Achievement Window though since the check boxes + description area you are there to basically see how to get the Achievement.

    Part of the earlier questions too regarding the Collections for Ground Spawn vs Drop Rate, I also think the Drop Rates are too rare on the drops vs the Ground Spawns. Dunno, ground spawns seem super common while Drops seem super rare, not sure how easy you guys want them but maybe somewhere in the middle is best.
  4. Caudyr Augur

    I like the diversity of having one of the collections be based on drops, but they are definitely too rare. As someone else mentioned, the 'rare' bit on drops should be gotten rid of. They should all have an 'equal' chance of dropping...and the drop rate should also be increased. It also wouldn't hurt if mobs could drop multiple collection items, as well (I'm not really sure if this is possible atm, or not).

    The 30-60 second respawn timer on collection items is sufficient, imo, because of the time it takes to check all spawn locations and whatnot.
    For the first part, I'd say a 'fair compromise' would be to put in the same # of ground spawns for the dropped ones as there are for any other collection...however...make it so that only 1, maybe 2, locations are up at any given time. This way it would be 'hard' to find them, and you'd likely have to compete with finding them over killing mobs would still be the 'better path', unless you can't help it.

    For the next part, I'm not sure if that's possible, but it would definitely be pretty awesome if you completed a collection...and in doing so you got a collection item for a 'bigger' collection, as you said...and when you finish that 'bigger' collection, you get an item. Something spiffy to go in the house would be pretty wild...tbh I think things like this would've made more sense as 'zone rewards' than the items we got do, as well. Snowball would've been nicer if it had a more reasonable reuse...and what does the Fear Fruit even do, lol.

    Alternatively, you could have these 'house items' be unlocked on a merchant in Sunrise Hills for purchase once you complete a zone's collections...and make said items be things that would fit the theme of those zones.

    For the last bit of this quote, I think having the lore text show up in the achievement window would be good, but only if it only shows up after you have successfully collected that given item. Aside from that...having the item lore show up in your chat window when you "successfully collect" an item would be nice, as well.

    I do have four questions, though...
    1.) What "Player Flag" is given in the "Nothing Left to Fear" achievement? Is it something that's hidden and incomplete as of right now and will be revealed with the new zones?
    2.) Will there be more collections added for the new zones?
    3.) Will collections continue to be added to the zones in new expansions...or are they just going to exist in RoF?
    4.) Will there ever be any collections added to older zones, to add some flavor to those as well?
  5. Gladare Augur

    I believe it's alt+left click that opens an item window without the hovering.
  6. Gladare Augur

    Enable Post Effects in the display advanced options. I believe it is also a regen.
  7. Riou Augur

    Yea, but even bringing it up you have to move your mouse up to the Lore tab to swap it from the base one (Basically just a lot more extra work to see the Lore then it could be just putting it in the chat box or something hehe)
  8. Coruth Augur

    I would suggest that all collections be ground spawns AND have a small chance for a mob to drop the item. It only makes sense that if they are on the ground a mob might happen to pick one up.
  9. Greaseman Journeyman

    1. Other than the few remaining bugged locations, they are about right.
    2. I prefer spawns that are more spread out, this helps keep one or a few people from being able to monopolize the spawns.
    3. Some ideas for more challenging/interesting collections spots:
    - a lava river bed where the lava drains away perdiodically, either on a timer or maybe in response to player actions
    - under destructible objects
    - in a small area that opens after a task completion or answering a riddle (like entrance to Yxtta)
    - rares from the dropped collectibles should drop from rare mobs or at least a higher chance
    - locations accessible during certain times of the day or when raining
  10. Greaseman Journeyman

    I do read it in the lore tab. It would also be cool if it appeared in the text box. Not so much on the achievements tab, I don't want to scroll up and down in that window any mroe than I have to now.
  11. Zenedia New Member

    1. The ones that require camping mobs, basically killed my enthusiasm for the collection system. I don't mind killing mobs; heck, that's what the game is about. But, like someone else said, when I need a group of people that all need a rare drop collection item, BLAH. We already have that with armor/weapon/aug drops. If they dropped like, say, Urticacae, I would be much less reticent about this part of it.

    2. Hell, spread the collections across hell and half of East Wastes, for all I care. This is what I figured the collections were all about, forcing us to poke our noses into every little nook and cranny of the new zones.

    3. The only thing I'd say about spawn locations is that everyone should be able to access them. The under-geometry ones are mostly fixed, and I can't offhand think of any I've seen that require invis to undead to get near, but let's keep it that way, please?

    As for the advanced lore text... I forget that stuff is on the other tab most of the time, but when I do happen across it, I read it. Putting it in the Achievement window would be an improvement. On a similar thread, though, if there is any way to put the set the item belongs to on its inspect window, please do so. I hate scrolling for ten minutes through the achievement window trying to figure out what this thing I just picked up goes to.
  12. Tordail Elder

    1. I don't mind the spawned items being difficult to find, but they shouldn't be so difficult that people miss them and all of the spawns end up congregating in one spot (geysers in Breeding Grounds as an example). Spawned rares shouldn't be as rare as they are, either. But the big thing I don't like about collection as a whole is the dropped collections. The rares are entirely too rare and in some cases, there aren't enough mobs of that specific type to have a decent chance of getting the item without HOURS of camping and farming.
    2. I don't have a preference.
    3. More active spawn locations, please!

    Yes, I do read the advanced lore text on Collection items but no, I wouldn't read it as a message in the chat when it's collected (depending on what filter it was on of course). I'm a raider; I have all unnecessary text filtered away from my main windows. I wouldn't like it listed on the Achievement window, either. I find the Achievement window very clunky and in serious need of an overhaul already.
  13. Caudyr Augur

    1. For the most part they aren't too easy or difficult to find/reach...however as the previous poster said, the 'rare' drops fro mobs are entirely too rare. The drop rate should be increased (and/or allow multiple drops from 1 mob potentially)...and the drops for dropped mobs should be set to be equal (or REALLY close to equal) chance of getting it from the mob. There shouldn't be a rare 'drop' from the dropped collections...though having them for the ground spawn ones isn't a problem.

    2. TBH, I prefer the way it is atm. I like how there are some with fewer active spawns, but they are gathered in a close area like the SL outcast camp...but I also like how some of them are spread out like the animal tracks one you mentioned. As a whole, I think having both is the best move. My only suggestion may be to have more active spawn locations up at a time if they are spread out across the zone instead of in a 'confined' area, as they are really hard to find in zones such as Eastern Wastes if it's not night time...and even then it's still luck of the draw a lot of the time.

    3. In some cases (such as EW maybe), it might be nice to have less spawn locations cause they are so hard to find as it is...however, for the most part they could probably use more locations instead.

    For the record, I do like the change you made to the graphic of the items on the that it's visible from a much greater distance. It was such a pain to find them when they were tiny little balls on the ground until you get close enough for the particles to kick in...and they were so hard to pick up. Now they look like shining stars on the ground so they are visible at a greater distance...and the "pick up box" is much bigger, as well.
  14. Crystilla Augur

    I prefer the spawns to be more spread out as well (so there isn't a monopolization of space). For example, some of the spawn spots just north of the big lake in Grelleth has a lot of spawns in a very small space, which makes competition a bit challenging - especially since you can resell these in the bazaar.
  15. Underbrush Elder

    No, it should be a challenge of some sort, the mob drops being 1 of 4 lines is a very decent setup. The drop rate going up a little bit would be good., like the Jellos, they are in a tough place, and are not especially easy.

    Looking forward to the challenge in future zones.
  16. Fenthen Augur

    I play a Cleric, so I either have to gather a group or box like 3-4 toons to kill high end stuff safely. I gave up on doing Chapterhouse quests because a merc tank wasn't good enough for 3-4 mobs at once, whereas a live tank is. Other classes, such as necros, shaman, SKs, etc can easily solo the mob-drop collections, which gives that "unfair advantage". I am totally cool with Rogues being the "explorer types" that can go wherever they wish, but having drops, especially rare ones, on mobs that require a group, means the collection becomes tedious and takes that much longer. You could at least make them as common as the hero forge stuff dropping from random trash (beryl for example is all over the place), with no drop a less than 1:50 chance or so.
  17. Talif Augur

    Well, you need Stacked invis for Chapterhouse...

    The set that the items go in are in the Lore tab, which is usually the reason I end up reading that text.
  18. Talif Augur

    1) It's a title (Fearseeker? something like that).
    2-4 got answered earlier in this thread. Collections are planned to be entered for new zones that come in the future and to be retro added to old zones.
  19. Caudyr Augur

    Thanks, I saw the answer to #2/#3 after I'd posted that...but must've missed #4. If there's any sort of title for that, it must be suffix only as I see a "the Fearchaser" that I don't remember having before, heh. I think I'll stick with my Destroyer of Worlds title, though. :D
  20. Tegila Augur

    this^ People have been asking for reasons to traverse old zones rather than they remain desolate. Even if the reward isnt even xp so much as it is unlocking housing items as mentioned or some other silly baubles, if you could ever y2-3 months ad another expansion..starting with voa and going backwards probably..and add a set of collectibles to each zone, more if you want to take the time for 4sets each..but add a set to each zone, then give them lesser rewards but something to make them worht doing at least for a good portion of players..i think it would rekindle some of the game's nostalgia, and maybe people will stop and kill stuff while in those zones. You could make them groundspawns or mob drops..or both, so people can kill or explore for their rewards, whatever.

    I'd probably do say 8aa a zone reward for voa and HoT..and yes people still would have to unlock the upper tiers of HoT to do them which is GREAT at 3 years past, to keep interest in the zones alive, (1 set per zone of whatever size set you want etc) then maybe 6aa per zone in UF and SoD, 4 per zone in SoF and TBS, 2 per zone in earlier, or stop there and make it just flags to unlock vender stuff etc, but eventually get all the way back to eq vanilla so even lvl 100s have a reason to scope out and learn old zones if they never ahd to, and those that did 10+ years ago will get some of that oldtime feeling...minus the fear. You COULD do something fun like have a 10% chance on looting a groundspawn in say the first 10 expansions, of triggering a deathtouch or maybe just a big nuke, to keep some of that danger in it.

    idk howexactly youd do it or would want to, but i definitely think adding collections to older zones..eventually every zone in the game including flagged ones (most are losing flag requirements anyway, im sure UF will be gone in a couple months and a year later HoT, since then all unlocked) to keep some itnerest alive in them.

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