Clever / Ironic / Etc Names we might have missed~

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  1. guado Augur

    Sword of 1000 Truths - WoW South Park Episode

    Shield of a Thousand Curses - EQ (tds chase loot)

  2. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Scout Monte Burns in the dead hills may be the only non-lame barbarian male in EQ's existence. Because everyone loves the lucky fan sitting in seat number zero, zero, zero, one...C. Montgomery Burns! :)
  3. Dueceduece Lorekeeper

    There was a raid in The Stepped tributed to Andre the Giant after he passed away.

    Erdna The Sleeping Giant
  4. Hayzeus Augur

    I still like my Vah Shir Bard

  5. Tatankawolfdancer Elder

    How about a post by Hayzeus!! (with fond memories of the third Die Hard movie :)

  6. Dumpler New Member

    Guggles in City of Bronze was named after a troll shaman on Inny server. He had the nickname "Dirty Rat" because when stoicism spell was first introduced you could cast it on players outside of your group effectively snaring them. Guggles would cast it on players in the nexus as they ran to the bazaar zone and a group of us would crouch down and circle the player. He was one of the funniest players I ever played with. His other creation was a halfling rogue named Rawn Jaremy and his emotes were enough to bring groups to a stop in LDoN. Had a role-playing paladin actually leave a group once because of the hilarity.
  7. Taiqwon Augur

    in TDS the HA in Caverns is gotten from a mob named "Mough Kyslaz" Phonetic first name and anagram surname.
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  8. Uxtalzon Augur

    Probably a couple mentioned in thread, but just going over ones I remember:

    Madame Serena (South Qeynos) could be a reference to the same named character from an 80's show called Teen Witch.

    Bait Masterson (no pun intended?) likes fishing in the Qeynos Aqueducts. He could be a reference to Bat Masterson, an old west figure who among many things was an avid fisherman.

    Holagato, female Vah Shir you rescue/kill in that special Xorbb mission. Pretty obvious. Can drop a sword if you kill her - a subtle hint of dislike to Hello Kitty Online?

    Marcy, same mission you find Holagato, drops a shroud with minor illusion click effect. Kind of similar to Marcelline from Adventure Time.

    Named white rat roaming around above King Naythox Thex's throne is named Algernon, very likely a reference to Flowers for Algernon novel. I tried giving it all kinds of flowers, but no luck. lol

    The Sklyg in Beast's Domain is referenced to The Stig in the show Top Gear.
  9. Eaiana Augur

    The undeads in Tempest Temple say "Stay a while and listen" as their aggro emote. This is an homage to Diablo 2, when you interact with Deckard Cain he says this as a greeting.
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  10. Lazy automation Elder

    Any Vah Shir name with any cat pun is the the opposite of clever.
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