Bots, auto afkers on camps, Rules regarding.

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    Yeah you can do this if you actually get within 2 feet of the mob. What these groups are doing is warping to the mob and warping back to group. Combined with taunt the warrior can single pull anything.
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  3. Overcast451 Elder

    That's the single biggest thing people can do to combat it - don't buy crap from 3rd party sites with real cash. I'll give DBG the extra $5 on a Krono - just to know it's not going in these people's pockets.
  4. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    theoretically everytime you buy a krono you're creating one that will end up in someones pocket and resold. ;) by not "creating" a krono via dbg you're stopping the plague. if people just stop buying krono from dbg then they might do something
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  5. code-zero Augur

    That's all theoretical though. Krono are doing just what they're suppose to do. On live I have both bought Krono from DBG to purchase items I wanted and I've bought Krono when I had more plat than I could ever use. I've traded LoN expansion packs for Krono as well.
  6. Gana Augur

    You know, a lot of people forget to turn off trading with other players. If a GM wanted to "catch" them, watch them attack, go trade with them. Don't say anything, no tells, just open a trade window. When the character doesn't do what he was doing before and doesn't accept/cancel the trade so that he can...
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    Other threads locked, botters still ingame botting 24/7 untouched. This dude botting all these accounts all over the place must be sucking some serious DBG pp on the side.
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  8. oldkracow Augur

    Just another trick that catches a couple of cheaters before everyone adjusts.
    Might as well just ask the cheaters if they are cheating and perhaps 1 or 2 will say "yes".
    Oh wait they already do with a /tell /say system in place.

    The GM needs a system to spawn a mob nearby that might be invincible and just look at the person try to kill it without ever running, asking wtf, etc...

    I'm sure you'd find the automated bots even using an intern you hired to just run that experiment as a GM.
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  9. code-zero Augur

    You do know that the guides can do that when they run events don’t you?
  10. Hdizzle Augur

    DBG are the botters. They probably run redg*ides.

    If you look at objectively it is a good hustle; sell item for $, buy it back with pixels, resell it on your own 3rd party site for additional $. Rinse and repeat. Why wouldn't someone as an employee for a second tier video game company make a little pocket change on the side?

    The above thought is something I came up with to stir the pot cause I like to... also tell me it can't happen. Maybe its already common knowledge?


    Stop buying pixels with Krono like a bad.
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  12. Protius Lorekeeper

    lol WOW, all of the hate directly on DBG and this post is still not locked.
  13. taliefer Augur

    its justified hate at this point. the fact that this level of blatant automation continues to go on for this long with no action is laughable
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  14. Overcast451 Elder

    I have a job, make decent cash and this is just the entertainment I choose to pay for. If you are paying for an account in EQ, or buying any video game, paying to watch a movie or TV; you're paying for pixels. I'm ok with that. I earn the money by trading my time for money at work. I mean how is a movie more 'legit' than a video game? It's just pixels on a screen in both cases. I prefer gaming because it's interactive, personally.

    So since my time's more limited than some, due to a job and family. I choose to 'outsource' platinum farming. I buy a Krono from DBG and trade in game for PP. I'll use that coin to buy gear, work up tradeskills - whatever.

    Then someone buys the Krono from me, then either uses it for account time (probably 5-10% of the cases) and the rest re-sell those Kronos on some third party site. I'm sure they use a number to keep their bot armies going as well.

    If not for the 'outsourced' platinum/gear farming - the demand for Kronos would go way down, since they would be harder to sell in game - people buying them from DBG would have to get competitive on pricing. Right now, it's the opposite - the PP/Gear farmers have to get competitive.

    It's a catch-22 really. But all the while, DBG is making money from the transactions. If they weren't - EQ would cease to be, so that's not terrible either - for those of us that still enjoy this game.

    DBG doesn't want to kill the economy in-game or the revenue stream from the Kronos, but the bots drive most players mad, when they are dominating spawns/zones.

    Only real 'balance' I can really see in the situation is to just allow any zone to be instanced on demand by a group of 5 or 6. Then people who want to camp an item - can do it. People who want to just buy, can do it too. That would probably push down gear prices as well - giving players more bang for their buck on Kronos anyway. The farmers might have to work harder and sell for less, since people could camp whatever without griefers and even more botters could farm even more loot - increasing gear supply. So kind of a win/win, really.. lol

    As long as it's not TOO easy, like in WoW, I wouldn't think it would be a problem. Heck, in WoW, you can login to a city and never leave it. WoW the game is ok I suppose, but I simply couldn't stand getting a random 'group' where no one says a single word. You do the dungeon, get your loot and go. Bleh.
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    Yeah, all of this botting is frustrating. It's also frustrating that DBG throws the terms of service rules around on the regular guy but doesn't enforce it on the botters. Go figure...
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  16. Overcast451 Elder

    Yeah. I still really like the game, but with every passing TLP sever, the community seems to get a bit more toxic and DBG seems to just ignore the problem - by and large. Although the charm/CoTH nerf was a bit encouraging, well, a little anyway. I suppose the bots might be generating some cash for them, but once enough of the legit player base goes - the bots won't be making any cash either. Normal players are the cornerstone of the game. Bot armies aren't going to be buying from each other... they need to realize the same people they are annoying - are their customers too! haha. Funny, but it's quite true.

    Unlike when I first started this game in 2000, I have plenty of disposable cash for online gaming now, and while EQ still happens to be my current favorite - that might only be good a little bit longer. We'll see.

    They can ignore the issues, but I'll vote with my wallet, lol
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  17. code-zero Augur

    Well maybe that's because the people accused of botting really aren't botting.

    I've watched multiple videos of alleged botters and I don't see it at all.

    DBG has every right and a responsibility to stop all forms of self help justice by players in their games.
  18. Radical New Member

    No TLP server has ever been more toxic then Fippy. Man, I loved that server!
  19. aFTeRLiFe New Member

    Doubtful, having 0 gear and doing the same thing over and over... It's common sense, and when you tell them to go away and they don't respond. Definitely a botter... What was fun the other day I messaged one and it responded with just random letters. I'm pretty sure they have their bots set up to respond with some sort of message. Sure they do but if they are going to enforce the rules at all it should be across the board not one individual. I see that you like to defend these botters, and not just in this thread either. You're pathetic.
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    If you're paying attention: It didn't work at all.

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