Bots, auto afkers on camps, Rules regarding.

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  1. code-zero Augur

    I know where all those sites are as they aren't particularly a secret anymore. What I'm saying is that there's a reason that one of the hax sold is for an instant name change. If someone has invested $10k in hardware and attendant software just to run multiple characters the odds are against them being hyper visible.

    As for using sweatshop players to support the game....who'd ever admit that anyway? What sounds cooler, spending a lot of money on cool hardware or admitting that the big crews are a bunch of guys being paid chicken feed? Claiming to have a supercomputer has much better troll value than a sweat shop any day. Face it, you WANT it to be the guy with the super computer, you can feel much more rage and angst about something like that

    BTW the OP hasn't posted lately, wonder if he went through with his "over pull" plan
  2. Ajjantis Elder

    Eh what? That game server status page isnt worth a penny.

    We have no clue at what point it shows high or medium. There could be 750 player on a "high" server or 2500 player. Thats actually a huge differece.

    And it doesnt give us any idea at all if mangler has lost tons of people due to the fact it has so many AFK bots and Kronofarmer.
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  3. code-zero Augur

    Whenever you cancel a sub you get to answer a questionnaire and among those questions one is "why are you cancelling"
    If the reason was "because of <whatever the heck>|"then DBG would start taking it in to consideration. So if Krono and farmers were to be significant then I assure you that they'd sunset Krono sales immediately.

    The only reason for having TLP IMHO is that they drive Krono sales for subscriptions. No Krono = no more TLP's
  4. Accipiter Augur

    Says who?
  5. Accipiter Augur

    You think that doesn't happen?
  6. code-zero Augur

    Some people lead very sheltered lives it would seem. I understand it is more psychologically appealing for the people you hate to not really be people at all but instead some evil genius with a supercomputer and unlimited resources and a bit disturbing to think that it's some poor guy being paid 10 cents an hour equivalent who's working 12 hour shifts 7 days a week.
  7. Accipiter Augur

    No one put numbers to it. You did that. There are companies, usually in China, that make money selling plat and krono. These companies can hire incredibly cheap labor. They create teams to farm in EQ and other games. If they don't mind cheating and circumventing true box, they can hire one person to run 6 or more characters.

    You have mentioned "supercomputer" several times. Obviously you aren't using that in the technical sense but more as a layman's term. A computer that can run dozens of EQ instances could be built for no more than $2,000.

    The IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer "Intrepid" at Argonne National Laboratory runs 164,000 processor cores using normal data center air conditioning, grouped in 40 racks/cabinets connected by a high-speed 3-D torus network.

    Now that's a supercomputer.
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  8. code-zero Augur

    Yeah, I was using supercomputer in the layman's sort of terminology. :)
  9. Xeris Augur

    I have 2 pcs and 3 laptops and a few numpads. I dont use VMS or any of that stuff...
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  10. Ajjantis Elder

    Yeah but you arent 24/7 in sebilis, camping mobs with an automatic script that pulls, heals and kills everything.
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  11. yerm Augur

    Plenty of legitimate players set up keybinds and complicated action scripts to minimize the need to "play" alts and limit button presses etc. No afk and/or automation, no hacking. So when someonr mentioms rmters, why assume it has to be either some massive vm hacker army or a legion of sweatshop workers? It could just be, get this, folks running a handful of physical machines using macros/keybinds that they have optimized over their professional plat farming "career" working a job with an acceptable pay rate in their 3rd world economy since rmt pays in dollars.

    In this case, a legit rmt army if its not abusing truebox circumvention and not utilizing active hacks is going to be difficult to nail for what will be only minor rule violations. Potentially (although I doubt it) they could be 100% legit and breaking NO rules until the moment they sell on a 3rd party site. Realistically, they are probably running some illegal scripts but not major afk automation, and less likely to be heavily reliant on vpns since this is a professional gig so they'd just invest in some real hardware. You get a few dudes who can monitor screens and hit a few buttons while mostly just observing and respinding to gm tells. On selo the sg farmers had at least one shift with a chatty guy people I know liked to talk to, and at least one shift was a dismissive jerk.

    Wanna actually get these guys banned? You want to catch them in the actual act of selling product on 3rd party websites. Which, I hate to be that guy, is likely to only be possible unless you either drop cash on a setup or identify which of your friends is trying to pay2win 3rd party and literally snitch them out.
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  12. Ajjantis Elder

    You are welcome to explain me how the scripted puller at disco in sebilis manages to target a frog that just spawned 5 rooms away before pulling it?

    Then you can explain me how he walks the exact same path, inch by inch, doing the same robotic movements while pulling all the static spawns back to his auto scripted group that stands up at the very same milisecond. Casting the same spells over and over again just to sit back down.

    Then you got to explain me how he manages to do this with all 6 characters for 24 hour straight?

    Not a single character does any deviation.
  13. yerm Augur

    He sets up scripts/macros/whatever including target functions, then he sets up whatever on his pc to fire off these commands, and then he does it on a dozen other pcs, and then he supervises it. Maybe a couple people supervising. Maybe shifts.

    I don't know the details or specifics. I don't think it's 100% clean. I am suggesting there is a middle ground between dozens of poor downtrodden sweatshop workers, and some hacker setting up skynet.
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  14. Iyacc Augur

    Why did you bring Skynet into this?!?!?
  15. Ghubuk Augur

    You don't really believe this do you?
  16. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    ya the disco/chef guy actually targets the frogs and pulls them through walls with a warrior or monk, but i havent see him on since patch so he either got banned or hasnt broken the code yet. or maybe since he clearly also uses eq bot he changed his names.

    its not hard to see, go wait in a room of disco or chef invis, wait for him to pull the mob and see the door never even opens and the frog is targetting him and running towards him. how does a warrior or monk do that?
  17. Bot spotter Journeyman

    Why do people seem to have a hard time telling the difference between the account sharing Asians and the guy using hacks to completely automate 9+ groups at a single time.

    If you've seen them both in action, it's easy to tell.

    The 80 boxer hasn't been on since patch but some versions of the program is up. Saw a guy with the same setup in 2 jugg picks. Like sk cleric chanter 8-9 mages.

    Sk targets any jugg or reet that spawns. runs like a robot there. Cast lowest level lifetap. Run back. Even manages to target juggs that are way beyond the /target range.
  18. Nolrog Augur

    GMs have the ability to make themselves invisible to everyone and then watch what goes on without anyone noticing. That is almost certainly what happened here. He didn’t just disappear.
  19. Antelope New Member

    [quote="Nothappening, post: 3809208, member: 446528" its not hard to see, go wait in a room of disco or chef invis, wait for him to pull the mob and see the door never even opens and the frog is targetting him and running towards him. how does a warrior or monk do that?[/quote]

    You can single pull some mobs through a wall with just taunt. Sort of similar to same mechanic of using taunt to pull and using a click Invis to not aggro the other mobs. Not saying that’s what is happening, but that’s how you can pull through a wall.
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  20. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    ah good to know but ive seen his monk do it as well which baffled me. hes back at disco/chef now.

    guy in juggs is never afk and answers cc's, so idk.

    u can always tell the guy at disco/chef cause he answers chef camp checks with 3 characters per camp check. i bet you could say cc 5 times and he'd answer each one with the same 3 characters each time, even if you said it within 5 seconds of each other.

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