Bots, auto afkers on camps, Rules regarding.

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  1. Machentoo Augur

    If someone is boxing 10 groups, truebox is not holding them back in any way...
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  2. Lisard Augur

    I hear its okay to fully cheat on tlp's as long as you dont train anyone. why you need a 6 page post to confirm this. its already been visually inspected and accepted by the team. Reminds me of an old saying....cant beat (train) em, join em. get your krono farm on!
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  3. Accipiter Old Timer

    Not exactly. It varies by zone. It's as low as 6.
  4. Sandrito Elder

    The afk botter complaining about being trained is kind of like a break and enter thief suing the owner of the house they are robbing because he got punched in the nose. Go watch Dirty Harry, cause apparently crims have rights too :)
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  5. code-zero Augur

    You do realize that the OP here hasn't posted since the 19th of July don't you? It's entirely likely that having posted extensively about his plans and then doing it has resulted in him getting a long vacation from playing EQ. We'll have to see if he shows up again and see if he has anything to say for himself
  6. Nessirfiti Augur

    Make sure if you decide to use third party programs you record it. Same if you decide to train people.

    Frankly, these threads are making me increasingly certain that a good portion of the people posting them and in them aren't exactly against botting, they're just trying to convince themselves that it's okay and that everyone is totally doing it.
  7. Gromden New Member

    I find i'm logging in less and less and I was having fun leveling my alts. If this keeps up and I keep logging in and seeing botters monopolize zones and DBG doing nothing about it i'll just end up cancelling and playing other games.
  8. Drifter New Member

    Chances are you, and a lot of other people complaining, were planning on canceling when the competition comes out with their TLP later this month. Personally, I think play always drops off about a month or two into an expac and picks up with the next one. As the world gets bigger, there is less complaints about automation. Though, for some reason people love to complain about aoe and the deep. As if anyone would do regular exp there, lol.
  9. kenmei Elder

    Before krono-quest. Caster would actually get together and AoE xp in the Deep(max levels), FG(mid-hi), and AC(lo-mid). FG got nerfed with the addition of AoE killers, so that left AC and the Deep. Long story short, krono-quest likes the shortest bus-route possible, and the Deep is that answer (they need to sell spots).
    Caster life is hard to level up and find groups, and AoE groups were awesome then, but nothing in the game happens now without a price tag and someone getting a piece of it.
    On Selo's today I seen people offer 1kplat for virt in PoK and get denied, game is out of control honestly.
  10. yerm Augur

    I prefer griegs for aoe, as the room structure makes leashing less problematic and picks get spawned without trying. Deep was all ae groups, support for ae groups, and MAYBE a person or two looking for a shard or fero.
  11. Gromden New Member

    Naw. I enjoy every expansion up to and including PoP. The problem is when I log in ( on my main or my alts ) and entire zones are being monopolized by a single person there is no incentive to really play much
  12. kenmei Elder

    I hear you there, I buffed up in PoK, duo boxing level 26 toons. Swam out to Gulf of Gunthak, and found an opening mid beach to land. For about 35mins proceeded to solo-pull undead and work our way to a nice safe spot mid center of undead beach (lower levels away from nameds). Got level 28, then a 65 cleric pops up with 6-party he's PLin (they ain't even bots but some are his) shoutin that the zone is his after I speak up asking him not to train us (notice the newbs, pls) with the obvious 5+ train he has followin him. He basically tells us to F off the zone is his.
    This is all too common lately on Truebox servers, and people are in cahoots, mainly customers, it's an epidemic. We are turning into the asian pay-to-play games we used to make fun of in the past.... and this is on a forced-to-sub server cluster, not one but all.
    on Agnarr one reg gives a shout in general and zone before he destroys it. And then gets props.
    It's.(supposed).. like.(to be).. that (truebox).
  13. kenmei Elder

    Currently I have seen them where the program will have the entire group at once say whatever the primary types, emotes, does, etc.. instantly no delays. Pretty sure this is a default mode for most don't bother to change it.
  14. Scoober New Member

    Pretty sure DBG would win the award for most apathetic GM team in the industry. Absolutely pathetic. TLPs are a good product, the nostalgia, the depth of the game and the challenge and difficulty combined with a real death penalty make for a compelling game, but the GMs are worthless at keeping the game clean from bots and cheats. Even with such a great game, the lack of action on controlling these leaches that are draining the fun out of every zone they infest, is rapidly overpowering my will to keep playing.
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  15. Scoober New Member


    Just one of the 5+ picks in Seb right now, they are all full of anon, guildless bots. You're losing the fight DBG
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  16. Drifter New Member

    I don't know if you were agreeing with me or not. I meant, who would do regular exp in the deep, like pull and kill? To me the people who do aoe can have that zone as long as they cough up the shard for free.
  17. Fluid Augur

    Maybe I'm thinking of another game. I thought of the intent of the Truebox-TLP servers were to induce people to subscribe for a better GM supported game w/o the f2p unwashed masses being bad actors. I think it was actually said "Nobody will risk losing their paid account" to cheating and bad behavior.

    All it did was make yet another TLP server that I find annoying. I have multiple accounts so I could box when necessary with full power and autogrant AAs. No boxing, no mercs, no autogrant AAs, everything being sold for Krono, bad actors. You really have to watch what you wish for because you may get it.

    I had a lot of fun running up characters on TLP servers. After a short time it becomes an unpleasant grind. I am probably too sensitive to it, but I have to shut off chat just so I don't hear one more item for sale for Krono. All of the tedium of a f2p account with none of the perks and a bigger downside.

    I still enjoy grouping and the best way to get it is on a new TLP server, but that is it. I've had my binge playing sessions to prove to myself I could level and make pp as fast as anyone. That being done I am spending less time on the latest greatest TLP server. Maybe I will hit them again after they catch up with live. Until then it will just be the occasional login to see how they are doing.
  18. Bull New Member

    Firstly, let me say that I'm with everyone that's against botters. I dislike the play style and they are extremely detrimental to the community. However, you cannot really blame daybreak for taking their time in trying to deal with them.

    Now, why is that?

    From a business, product, or software perspective it may not be feasible to just drop a series of changes into a game in order to deal with a small set of players. Remember, they're writing code for a 19 year old game too. Moreover, any single change has the potential to cause catastrophic problems later.

    Actually, I'm going to change topics for a moment and assume that Daybreak Software engineers follow the agile/scrum principles or something very similar. You might be asking yourself, why is this important and what the heck does it have to do with EverQuest, Botters, or LGUK?! Well firstly, do you know what these principles are??? If not, you should read up on them - it's interesting. They'll give you insight into what developers have to go through. And, here's a hint... They typically don't make decisions on what to work on next. :)

    As a software/technical engineer myself, I know they may not have the resources to commit to such a epic, feature, or many stories that run with the level of changes necessary to deal with the early game design that's being exploited. Think about it this way, only the first few expansions are riddled with botters - thereafter they aren't to be seen! Also, the game's Product Owner/Managers are likely tasked with expansion development above all else and this is going to take up all the time between sprints and releases. Either way, bugs and exploits that aren't game breaking (dealing with botters included), are put into something called 'tech debt' which is an imaginary bucket that can be dealt with eventually. Again, PMs/POs have to find the time for their developers to do everything and that's a job in itself - literally.

    In closing, I have no doubt that botters are a concern for everyone at daybreak working on the EverQuest project and it's a product they want the player community to continue to enjoy for years to come. It would be foolish to believe that they are content with folks circumventing the rules, design, and overall architecture of the game, but change at the scale needed must be realized as something fragile - like skating on a thin sheet of ice on a lake.

    By the way, 24/7 GMs are out of the question... I'm pretty sure they aren't going to pay 2-3 people to rotate shifts just to deal with a handful of people running 10 accounts.
  19. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    You are thinking of another game, or just drew your own conclusions based on what you wanted, and not what was said. There has never been an official statement of "better gm support" or any statement regarding risk of losing accounts.
  20. Fluid Augur


    Q: What things are not allowed on this server?
    A True Box Progression Server is a place where players are only allowed to play one EverQuest account at a time on their computer.
    Doing any of the following on Mangler may result in action being taken against your Daybreak Account:
    • Playing multiple characters at the same time from a single computer.
    • Using 3rd party software.
    • Any method to send one key press to multiple characters.
    And as a refresher, doing any of the following on ANY server may result in action being taken against your Daybreak Account:
    • Unattended Gameplay: Any method that lets a character take actions while you’re not at your keyboard.
    • Playing on virtual machines.
    • Any attempt to circumvent the /pickzone timer.
    • Any attempt to avoid or circumvent lockout timers.

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