Bots, auto afkers on camps, Rules regarding.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Rebik Botslayer, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Bot spotter Journeyman

    I think we are hoping that you will be a spark to help our community. If you've seen these bots, it's something that's been going on for 6 months. The community is frustrated that people have been allowed to do this for so long and yet told to send videos and petitions. We have done that.

    Why are we wasting resources of customer service and wasting our own time recording and reporting these cheaters?

    Can you give us hope that something very recent has changed and the bots will start to get banned? Or are we in for another velious and luclin of bots running wild and ruining the economy? It only took a fraction of what's going on now to wreck the economy on coirnav.

    The situation has grown so much because these people know they won't be punished as long as they respond to that 1pm AFK check.

    We need more than an afk check. The cheats are very obvious to spot.

    Welcome to the community and I really hope you guys can help us out with this problem that has been going on. The complete obviousness of these bots has just become ridiculous and it's insulting to the other players that it hasnt been taken care of. Pleaase poke someone with a stick and remind them that what's going on is not okay. Thanks.
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  2. Machentoo Augur

    How does one go about doing this? Contacting a member of the community team, that is. And who are the members of the team? I have tried several times by PM and never gotten a response.
  3. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Currently, me. I am the community team at the moment. You can send me a PM.
  4. yerm Augur

    Can you explain/detail for us what steps you recommend that we take to pm you in the event of an account suspension or ban?
  5. potatoface Journeyman

    I typed something like this and deleted it several times. It's just too depressing at this point. Thanks for the effort.
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  6. Watajoke Journeyman

    So I am assuming the absolute 0 action against these 3rd party cheat users are a way of saying to the community that it is ok for everyone to use them aslong as they are at the keyboard to respond to tells?
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  7. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The same Sirens Grotto crew that runs on every TLP since I returned to EQ.... is still botting as I type this. ;)
  8. oldkracow Augur

    Don't think you need to assume anymore, after enough time it just becomes evident that cheating on any level however you define it is OK.

    Worst case you get a couple days vacation that's if you are stupid enough not to learn how to program a chat bot to talk with /tells or /says.
  9. Drifter New Member

    Sure the afk botting sucks, but let's not all pile on the brand new community manager. I mean, they just said a few posts ago that they are the entire community team.

    There is one good thing about the bots. They keep extra picks open. You might not be able to get disco or abc, but would that pick even be there if they weren't holding it open?

    On Coirnav there was a guy who botted disco every day 24/7. Not going to name the player but all of their toons were from the periodic table. At first it annoyed me, but then I realized it was just disco and I went to abc or bugs or crypt. Without him sitting in disco for that pick, it would have closed.
  10. Yummydain New Member

    It's safe to assume that CMs and Devs can not comment on their plan of action against TOS violations like botting until a meeting has been had and an official post made. If they choose to do so, that is... They will not be able to promise the community anything, or say anything that hasn't already been parroted over and over regardless of how much they'd like to.
  11. Bot spotter Journeyman

    They kind of help and they kind of dont help.

    If they sit 12 toons in every pick, it makes popping another pick nearly impossible. This theory works when it's like that disco guy you're talking about or the guy now who has 12 at multiple juggs. They take 1 camp that doesn't leave the pick crappy.

    When you go to seb and every pick is being aoe or has a botter group planted in it...

    So it works for some things. Really the bigger affect they have is on the economy.

    These botters might even be reducing the amount of krono people purchase.

    You can get many more items for 1 krono because of them. So the guy who might have bought 10 krono from daybreak, can buy the exact same items with only 5 krono.
  12. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    halogen and crew are inactive now but had 0 suspensions or gm visits. go team. u actually need 10 in a pick to keep it open. it is annoying when someone tries to camp every chef or disco. i always thought the same, keeps the picks open over night. when velious/luclin comes and theres maybe 1-2 picks, that matters. we'll see where this 10 grouper goes.
  13. Xeris Augur

    Sirens grotto. Tbh, staying in Seb isnt a bad idea
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  14. Overcast451 Elder

    Yeah, there's little need for the players to report anything. If a GM ever actually logged on - they would clearly see it - it's rampant. So either, DBG is never checking on what's going on in this game or they simply do not care.
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  15. Gromden New Member

    There's one in lguk right now pulling almost the entire pick. Probably same folks leveling up a new crew. Killing xp for actual groups trying to level here. Bet nothing happens though! Yes been reported by multiple people.
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  16. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    AE powerleveling services ^
  17. Prolog New Member

    My monk was grouping with a paladin in lguk last night in the process of building a full group and finding a camp spot when an aoe bedroom group ran us over. No apology was offered or expected to be honest... Later last night I started another lguk group and noticed some half killed mobs wandering around.. imagine my surprise when one was the Ghoul Lord! ... I think that aoe pull must have ended badly. Lguk can be the wild west for us lower level characters.
  18. Careless New Member

    Been back for about 5 days now. Started fresh on Mangler. I have seen multiple afk mage bots in freeport. One has been there for almost 40 hours now. I've sent reports, but as usual nothing has happened.

    There are now two afk bots in south section of nek forest farming both spider camps. Meh :\
  19. Hdizzle Augur

    If truebox wasn't in place imagine all the extra picks and instances everyone could run with boxes of their own, good thing truebox is in place. Best idea ever. I can't with these forums Lol.
  20. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    ya darn truebox are holding people back, instead of boxing 10 groups these botters could be doing a lot more groups, but then again the people could counter box and dps them out of spots. then dbg would make more krono, but then again we'd have those big botters outdpsing whole raiding guilds lmao.
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