Bots, auto afkers on camps, Rules regarding.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Rebik Botslayer, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Accipiter Old Timer

    I'd say better than half of the videos posted obviously show botters.
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  3. oldkracow Augur

    I'm sure even a blind person could find the automation in those videos.
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  4. Nothappening Lorekeeper

  5. Indar New Member

    ketak. chef camp . please investigate this char for using cheats
  6. Aziuno Augur

    Forum Rules:

    Naming/Accusing - Openly accusing another player or group of misbehavior results in non-constructive discussion and is not allowed. You may discuss the type of behavior at issue, but specifically naming individuals or groups is not allowed. In cases of exploiting, harassment or other violations of conduct, please submit a ticket to Customer Service for investigation.
  7. Magician New Member

    If there is no one at the keyboard is it considered a player?
  8. Xeris Augur

    Honestly, at the rate these groups are killing... how is this at all lucrative ? I'm so confused. I can see how it makes sense to aoe pull the whole zone but just afk farming disco seems slow and stupid. How can you make enough plat to fund 6 accounts worth of krono per month this way?
  9. Magician New Member

    Runebranded Girdle is probably what they are trying to farm.
  10. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    each abc group can make 35k plat in raw corpse plat/vendoring the gems every 24 hours, plus he's selling every drop from the named. each disco group is about 35k in raw corpse plat plat/vendoring the gems every 24 hours plus the drops. a krono is 15k. he has 10 groups.

    obviously this varies based on how long hes on but he also has a charm pet when he camps disco so he kills faster and might make more than 35k in 24 hours. he kills pretty fast, i mean he clears of all of ABC usually and all of disco 1 and most of disco 2. so not sure why you think his kill rate is slow. if you look at his groups they all went to plane of hate/fear first they're geared. they arent some naked mages. they probably all have rbgs or fbss for haste, hes platinum rich he can deck them out in whatever and if he took the time to get them planar gear he prob got them decent droppables.

    thats whats so crazy, someone took the time to farm planar gear for 10 groups and is recklessly botting them in front of everyone. i mean sure maybe he leveled them in the planes to get the gear, there were posts about bots in plane of fear.

    u can see everything he sells on this page:

    so in simple math hes making at least 350k platinum a day. thats 23.3 kronos a day in just raw plat, but hes also making BS/diamond jewelery so its more, he also sells rbgs for 2.5kr which with 4-5 groups in abc he probably gets at least one a day. if you add up everything else he sells on that link above (frog robe 1400p, monk staff 2500p, ODS 5500p, sebilite scale pieces, cobalt vambraces 3500p, dark scale greaves 2500p, sarnak warhammer 6500p, book of obulus etc) plus disco can also drop RBG hes easily making more than 23 krono a day, but hes AT LEAST making 23 krono a day.

    6x10 is 60 accounts so he can fund his 60 accounts in a little less than 3 days of farming and the rest is profit. if a month has 30 days, 27 days of 23 krono is 621 krono a month, and if he sells that on the black market hes making 5899.5 USD a month, obviously its not a consistent 5899.5 a month cause kunark isnt open 12 months a year and krono has been going up in platinum value (so he makes less krono per day over time). he used to make more though because krono was cheaper it used to be what..7k when kunark opened?RBG was 3-4 krono and items were more expensive (inflation). he'll probably make a lot more than 5899.5 a month once velious opens up since there are other zones that give more platinum a day. i guess he has more than 60 accounts since hes got at least one solo farmer in droga for skins/salts plus his CL toon.

    each group can easily get one frog robe a day, one monk staff a day, one cobalt vamp a day, multiple dark scale greaves a day. just depends how many of his 10 he has at chef vs disco since some of those are disco items, we could say he has 5 abc 5 disco, so hes making 5 frog robes, 5 monk staves, 5 cobalt vambraces, 5 dark scale greaves, 2-3 sarnak warhammer (pretty rare) and ODS/book of obulus are a toss up also pretty rare. so thats just an example of extra platinum in addition to the raw plat he makes from corpse coin split + vendoring the gems. you can also add up all the BS jewelery hes making but I've never done JC so not sure on the profits but hes farming the black sapphires so its more profit. I'd say with 10 groups in seb he probably makes at least 50 black sapphires a day.

    he's also farming goblin skins from temple of droga.. but ive heard its pretty lucrative too when you have 1 char farming it 24/7 and ive heard theres multiple bots there. hes selling goblin skins for 18p EACH and goblin salts for 9p each.. I dont know how many salts you can get a day but I'm pretty sure you can get at least 400 goblin skins a day per char. so lets say just one char (idk how many is actually him in droga) is making 3600p a day in skins, plus however many salts. maybe that char makes a total of 5k plat a day, so 1/3rd of a krono or three kronos every day so that one toon makes 10 krono every month but uses one of those, so 9 krono a month for one character that he can turn on and forget.

    you can tell when hes afk when that link above says he hasnt auctioned in 6 hours (as of now)

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  11. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    obviously if he got banned now hes made a killer profit and would probably just relevel again. i mean how many weeks have these chars been running? they didnt just start making him money in seb. he was farming money in hate and fear, hate drops a lot of gems as well. thanks to slow GM response and increased EXP its a no brainer.

    he's not 100% afk cause when you have 10 groups pulling in that kind of loot you have to unload it from each group and turn that platinum into krono since each day the value of krono in relation to platinum is going up and then hes selling almost every damn item there is from these camps. maybe he has a script to sell the items to players, doubt it so thats the tedious work there. but im sure a lot of people wouldnt mind just having to unload 10 groups of loot and play the commonlands tunnel market while their 10 groups farm themselves without his help.

    he's clearly afk over night though if you watch his auctioner history on this website you can see he hasnt sold in 6 hours at this current time.

    so obviously if you were a night owl and bored, the most effective/disruptive time for him/to stop his farming would be now.
  12. Xeris Augur

    I'm not sure tlpauctions is 100% reliable. I've seen these videos, hes not clearing super fast. Even assuming your figures are 75% accurate to what this guy actually makes, curious what the cost is in terms of power/equipment to run that many machines, and whatever software he uses to control and automate stuff.

    Then there's his time. Even if he's automating the playing he's definitely not automating selling so that means hes basically sitting for like 15 hours per day in EC slinging items.

    Best case scenario hes making 6k/month, realistically he may make less... even at 6k/month tbh this sounds like a pretty bad existence. When does he sleep or eat or go outside or have interpersonal relationships?

    More power to this dude for gaming the system and making a viable career for himself on EQ. Good for him if those numbers are real. On the other hand, that's way more of any actual activity than I personally would ever want to engage in, or think is healthy.
  13. Machentoo Augur

    Software and machine(s) cost almost nothing, assuming you can run multiple toons on one machine (which obviously anyone running 10 groups can.) One nice system can run sixty characters with the right settings and software. Krono to sub 60 accounts will be the biggest expense by far.
  14. Death2Gnomes New Member

    after reading the first couple off pages, its quite obvious the botters are the people arguing for, and defending the botters being complained about just to convince everyone else that its ok to bot.

    DBG not caring is the obvious because botters contribute to profits. period.IF they cry, DBG comes running to their aid. As was said already, 6 accounts > 1 account.

    I declined subscribing to everything SOE because of the bot networks and the flagrant abuse that has ruined EQ's economy on ALL servers. 10 years later, I am not surprised this is still an issue and some people are still trying to fight the good fight against a lost war.

    The GM's simple dont care or are paid to look the other way, either way they are complacent with botting. I will not be renewing my subscription again.
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  15. Moranis Augur

    I'm with Machen on this - you can easily put 60 characters on 1-3 machines. There's some old videos of the zerg mage groups on Ragefire running somewhere around 50-60 chars - typically on 1 machine. Sure, the characters may be stick figures and graphics tuned down, but I wouldn't be surprised if this guy has 1 really nice performance desktop and is running 59 VMs.

    It certainly seems like one of those cases where this person has a legitimate skill set and is wasting it away on EQ.

    I could be wrong though...
  16. code-zero Augur

    Well it's been 2 weeks since the OP posted his strategy of "mass pulling to the COS room".
  17. Nothappening Lorekeeper

  18. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Just a reminder.
  19. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Magician, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt on this. If you would like to PM me to discuss that's fine, but please don't continue to post about this topic.
  20. Watajoke Journeyman

    Except for the fact that you cant PM or log out(without clearing cache) or do anything when suspended from the forums. Nice 2019 system.

    "Dont train afk cheaters" but its apparently okay to afk bot 60+ characters while minimally watching over them and RMTing off all the stuff they farm.
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