Whirling Dervish Fix

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ENLIGHTEND1, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Spidersting Committed Player

    I don't understand why our movment mode stuff has to be so weak anyways. The iconic powers do better then most of our movement powers now. Movement mode powers should be a viable way to play if players so choose IMO.
  2. Dump Truck New Player

    This I full agree with. I would love to go back to acrobats - but I hate it where it stands. This has more to do with the rocket assisted glide then anything. It was fine the way it was. (where you would have to glide near tall buildings to get more height.)
  3. Dump Truck New Player

    It should be fixed: It should be cancelled by support powers/trinkets/consumable AND it should not be vulnerable to block as no other movement mode power is. Or it should be kept relatively the same since it has a huge power cost and a vulnerability to block that no other movement mode or superpower suffer from.
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  4. Mystereo New Player

    This WD exploit is just that, an exploit. Some dev and/or his buddy from twitchcast went SS and changed it from what it was (weak) to what it is now (exploitable). This is terrible, giving one movement mode an unfair advantage over another. It was a ninja-buff to give superspeed an advantage. The timing is interesting, I think a certain pvp tournament started right about that time....hmmmm make me want to WMF (waggle my finger).
  5. Volaron New Player

    Whirling Dervish has done more balancing for this game than any of the Power updates have, and it did it for ALL powers. In PvP it can easily be blocked so it's not a problem, in PvE it gives all powers a chance to keep up with the other, and speed up the raid, so no one is losing anything. You wanting it nerfed is just an ego problem.
  6. Bishop New Player

    So by your presumption, you think introducing a widespread beneficial power somehow balances another powerset? How you see WD fixing Mental or Fire, or whatever is beyond me.

    It's not balancing anything, in fact its proof this needs to be looked at considering you've just said yourself, and by logical inference, that WD aids other powersets to the par of the current meta-game. No one power should be given that precedence. I don't have a problem in so far as PvE is concerned, what concerns me is the heavy and almost required use of WD in order to be proficient with another same-powerset player. Do you not see how it imbalances the perception of the game, I cannot look at another HL user, with WD, and actually understand if he is a good HL user because WD just adds a massive damage potential.

    EDIT: To add to that, I should be able to compete with said player with a variety of choices but I cannot because there is nothing that can match WD. That is the problem.

  7. Volaron New Player

    Because I can clip WD > MT and I now have 2 dots up. I'd rather have one power that balances them all than have 3 powers that beat them all like it has been the past..how many months?
  8. Bishop New Player

    But in reality it doesn't balance anything, it just raises the peak potential of a powerset. The disparity between Mental and HL is the same as Mental+WD and HL+WD or Gadget and Fire is the same as Gadget+WD and Fire+WD.

    What I am acknowledging here is that not long ago I could compare my character with another character by merit of powerset and skill. I could compare HL with another HL and draw conclusions like loadout; rotation; gear and skill. Or compare Electric and Gadgets and infer similarities but throwing WD into it just knocks the perspective off.

    Do you see where I am coming from, in that adding WD to Mental still leaves it weak because if you compare it to a HL with WD there is no difference. Of course, you could argue from here that WD actually isn't affecting anything when the reality is it skews the Powersets proficiency because WD is so potent.

    Let me ask you, would you run a DPS without WD and/or still be capable of making up for the loss in DPS?

    I doubt it considerably, moreso on the lesser used sets in the meta-game.

  9. Dump Truck New Player

    I don't think a nerf is what WD needs. That also is not what the OP is asking. He is asking it be cancelled by a support power as it was pre-Home Turf. That said, I don't think nerfing WD benefits anybody - EXCEPT HARD LIGHT because they don't run it (which coincidentally isn't that your power?) If so, a nerf to WD may not be helping your powerset in the longrun because you know what the nerf brigade would call out next.

    What should happen is throwing knives and downdraft should be revisited. I think all movement modes SHOULD have one nasty damage power, a support supercharge, and an ability to knock them into movement mode to escape. THAT would balance the movement modes - not a nerf to WD. That said, WD also costs a huge amount of power so you need to balance the power to the damage it deals AND it is vulnerable to block -the only power in the game that I believe is.
  10. Bishop New Player

    I'm not asking for a nerf actually, my position is exactly the same as I posted much earlier in the thread:

    I was addressing Volaron's argument that WD provided balance to powersets.

    You have intrigued me now, why you think an WD nerf - which again I do not condone - benefits HL users? It heightens their DPS by enormous proportions, and HL isn't my power - if anything that is Gadgets or Earth but I have a plentiful supply and knowledge of all of them.
    I reiterate that if they rearranged WD to obey the clipping mechanics then I would be most happy. Still wouldn't take SS for it!

  11. Gunny New Player

    Hmm...It would be interesting to actually run some tests on WD. This power is very effective for damage, but the downsides are the power usage and the weird blocking punishments it suffers. The power usage is actually VERY taxing, which most who have used this first-hand know what I am speaking of. Blocking is a serious hit on the power as well where enemies DO block. WD's mechanics are rather strange though....likely it will be looked at and probably fixed to not be a black sheep in the ability trends, rules, and guidelines.

    As I said earlier, if WD is actually measured by precision, that is something that would definitely explain the extra-ordinary blocking fault it has, as well as the attack power clipping (precision-based clipped by might-based, same guidelines Hard-light users follow).

    Sitting here crying for "OP" and "NERF" is not the purpose of this thread, nor should it start to be. This is to report bugs, which the OP doesnt have a particular BUG to report, but does notice something funky with WD. I will definitely be testing out the power when i hop online here soon as I do enjoy using this power. I'll be sure to put up whatever I find here, maybe some testing and facts might narrow the problems for some on here instead of the pointless bickering back and forth.
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  12. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    I'm curious which ones. I am not familiar with any others in the game currently.
  13. TrueMarvel New Player

    How is WD might? Doesn't it get blocked? It must obviously operate under a different set of rules
  14. Pew New Player

    Im bad with names, but of the top of my head attract from electricity, jackhammer from earth will remember some more in a bit.
  15. MARK2099 New Player

    I think you are giving way too much credit to WD, try 2 raids one using WD every 2 rotations with HL (since cooldown don't let use in every rotation) and another one not using, and see the gap in damage and power usage to compare %, is not even 1/5 of the final damage (considering you are using melee aoe cone combo and clipping as fast as the average HL player), saying give a massive damage are lies, sure add decent extra damage at the end for raids with lot of adds like GATES but not much, could be said speed up thing a bit no doubt, ofc this is without mention the power cost, is not like is a free power,

    This is mostly for pve scorechaser (which i yet to see any good player destroying me in score using WD at most may do a bit more damage than me and power consumption is over 50% more), in pvp no way a player gonna dare to use unless want others laugh at them because can be block so easy.

    i do agree have to be fix, so players like you see how a power who can be spam every 2 rotations and expensive not make good players in pve, is easy to see how players are good just watching the score, if you see a player doing 800k using 150k power and other doing 700k using only 80k power, ofc the second player is better, power usage should reflect damage.
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  16. Ogat New Player

    Right on Attract wrong on Jackhammer. WD is grosly power inefficient(I had a lantern use up over double my power and outdps me by mere 15k once- my toon is flight). However if the existance of powers that behave that way is intended all movements should have such options, otherwise it's simply an unfair advantage over the other movement modes, intended or not.
  17. Dump Truck New Player

    Can someone please explain to me how this move is hurting you again? I seem to be forgetting.
  18. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Because I'll lose damage potential if i switch to a movement mode other than superspeed, which is pretty dumb.
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  19. Dump Truck New Player

    Well switching movements should not hurt your damage potential. Do you think if throwing knives and downdraft were restored to some of their former glory, instead of taking big nerfs (which WD has never received one since launch - I think) this would balance the damage potential of the movement modes?
  20. TrueMarvel New Player

    All movement modes should get a whirling dervish like move.
    Or have their previously nerfed moves un-nerfed
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