Whirling Dervish Fix

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ENLIGHTEND1, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. renzhe New Player

    Hopefully, either the devs or Meeps will come out to state whether it is intended or not.

    I actually hope this WD clippability stays, because history seems to show that rather than fixing a power, the intended fix actually ends up breaking the power, rendering it useless.

    As an Acrobatics user, I would hope that the movement modes get a chance to have a makeover.

    And since they stated that Sorcery and Nature are more balanced before their revamp compared to Fire and Ice, maybe they could then spare some time to look into the movement modes as well as iconic powers and see how to improve things there?
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  2. Sore Steadfast Player

    You're right. I have an agenda. It is that the mechanics they've established for powers to be applied consistently throughout the game. What's you agenda, to be able to use anything at your disposal to be stronger in game? Power tree vs. movement tree? That's weak.

    WD used to clip like it does now. They already addressed it once to be in line with their clipping scheme. That's how I know. It's clear by comparing it to other powers in the game that reverting it back to how it is clipping currently must have been an accident.
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  3. Satla Well-Known Player

    I hope they will fix this already, only so people will stop whine about it and that they will see its not even that good for its powercost, also its a bit slow.
  4. TrueMarvel New Player

    The movements modes weren't even remotely balanced before this glitch.It won't be after this is fixed. The movement modes imo should NOT have stengths and weaknesses.Players should not feel compelled to choose a movement based on that. Especially considering we have that dumb as hell lightning animation A whirling dervish type move should be in every mode. SS is already ideal in PvP. Extending that dominance to PvE is the quintessence of imbalance.
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  5. Zim New Player

    If your agenda is what you say it is, then why dont you make a bug thread on every other mechanic that is not working the way YOU think it should. As I said before, the devs know what is going on with WD right now, and yet they are doing nothing about it. Therefore it must be "working as intended".
    I do not use WD all the time. I use it purely as situational. My main is flight, so whether they nerf it or not does not affect, and wont bother me one bit. What does bother me is the countless scoreboard cry babies who cry nerf every time they get out damaged.
    You have zero proof that this is or is not working as intended. And neither do I, but I am just going by what I see. If you are so concerned with the mechanincs of the game, then bring up something that we have some clear evidence that is not "working as intended".
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  6. Sore Steadfast Player

    There you go getting all emotional again. Calling people crybabies. Throwing out insults. LOL, "Sore...sport". Accusing me of nerf crying for the scoreboard. I've already made my intent clear. And I do report other powers as I see them broken. Did you forget about the Swarm thread. Heck, that was my own powerset. If anything, my behavior illustrates consistency and integrity.

    Are you trying to claim we need 100% definitive proof to make the case for a bug? No bug report would ever pass that criteria. You're pulling that out just for this one item because you're emotionally attached to it. I've sufficiently made my case. Looking at the powers in this game, it is clear might attack powers are not meant to clip other might attack powers. If you have examples, they're bugged too. Looking at history (when the game launched) it is clear might attack powers are not meant to clip might attack powers. Looking at the specific history of WD, it is clear it is not meant to be clipped by might attack powers (as it was already addressed once).

    Obviously the final ruling will rest with the devs, but I have a pretty strong case here. You are right about one thing. I'm sure the devs are aware by now. Since this thread hasn't been moved to RESOLVED I wouldn't consider the matter resolved. I'm betting they're not going to say anything until they've posted a fix as part of a game update or hotfix in the announcements section. So there probably isn't much need for additional debate at this point. I can leave it as a pending "I told you so" opportunity for either one of us.
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  7. kgghk New Player

    Or make an iconic power like they did with speed drain.(Word of power)
    Thats why my gadget troll is ss.

    You do realize almost every fire power (Might) can be clipped with every other might based power right? and im pretty sure mental as well as others can too.
    My main dps is flight and pre , and i beat ppl with wd daily.
    This is just like tansmute clownbox. I beat them daily to even with the fake damage. Neither cause issues in pvp.
    So qq
  8. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Why iconic instead of other movement trees? So SS still has yet another advantage over other movement modes?
  9. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Ppl want all the advantage, but none of the disadvantages of there role/movements. If soe nerf wd I think they should nerf all movements too, for instance make it so no matter how high you fly or glide npc should be able to snatch you out the air or in mid flight your toon get switched in the wrong direction. All im saying is, if u want everything to be the same eat the whole package not just the the good
  10. PachamamaMan Well-Known Player

    Stupidest post of the century.
  11. SlayingDaimon New Player

    You've probably never played as an acrobat.
  12. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    I clipped WD with another power like you guys said and all I got was below average damage that splits like crazy at the cost of 60% of my power bar. If it is not supposed to clip with other Damage powers then it should be fixed, but calling it an exploit is just retarted. To me WD is no different than heat vision or robot side kick.

    If there is something I'm missing like a way to triple it's damage ( kinda like lightweight in HL) then please correct my ignorance.
  13. King Atom New Player

    This reminds me the Clown Box threads that ended up with a fix soon....

    So I wont be surprised that whirling dervish will be changed as well because with so much attention like this its inevitable something is going to happen.
  14. TrueMarvel New Player

    All movement modes should have a whirling dervish type move. To hell with uniqueness. In this case uniqueness means not balanced
  15. Sore Steadfast Player

    So not counting beneficial powers like Menace, TK Shield, Grandeur, Psychic Empowerment, etc. You're saying you can clip Mass Terror with Thought Bubble. You can clip Phantom Flames with Psychic Shock? You can clip Pyrokinesis with Telekinesis? You can clip Terror Tendrils with Telekinetic Bolt? You can clip Cryokinesis with Horrific Visage?
  16. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    WD does 10 ticks of about 100 damage for me. It's an AE around me, it does split but it doesn't split equally so splitting just means overall more damage for me.

    With speedster at the cost of like .1-.2 seconds I get an extra 1k damage every 5ish seconds assuming there are enemies near me (usually are).

    It's totally unbalanced, doesn't mean I want to see WD nerfed but instead I'd like to see flight/acro get something similar. Let one of the acro powers be marked beneficial so it can clip. Flight have whirlwind be made to be like WD. Boom things are balanced.
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  17. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    If players start trying to get better and stop crying nerf, this game would be a whole lot better. It seems everyone want players brought down to there lvl instead of stepping theres up. Stop crying nerf because ur dps is lacking. Fyi I do believe wd should be fixed, but not nerfed
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  18. Dump Truck New Player

    What's your opinioon of the hands mod for acrobats? Have you faced it in pvp yet?
  19. Dump Truck New Player

    If the mechanics are reverted back, I won;t complain. But the move certainly doesn't need a nerf. Thumbs down.

    Acro has your amazing uncounterable hands mod that makes you invincible to any counter mechanic in pvp, flight has the ability to attack from really really far away... but flight should have moves canceled by support powers-they have NONE that do this now.
  20. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    flight doesn't hit from any further away they just get to use the z axis so more angles of attack I guess and can hover overhead so people don't really see you.

    acro's mod is feet mod and it's truly nothing special. It's more fun than powerful. It's plenty fun rolling and winning duels/1vs1 against idiots but anyone half decent will take you out.
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