Whirling Dervish Fix

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ENLIGHTEND1, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Etho New Player

    Fixed that for you. Next time you might try reading up on the facts before you dismiss a post as generic "QQ".
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  2. Exsophere Level 30

    Agree 100%
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  3. FANT0MEXX New Player

    I don't mind wd getting fixed i only cliped it with intim anyway which would still work after said fix but what i don't get is why are people asking for a nerf to its damage?
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  4. Snix Dedicated Player

    I only wish that they revert whatever they changed. This really doesn't effect me as a DD but as a Troller I hate it and whomever uses this spamtastic power. Just stick to your own power sets powers. It's a shame that some people would sacrifice a lot more power for more damage.

    /End Rant
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  5. Sumeric New Player

    That's obvious. Those that want the damage reduced feel it provides an unfair scorecard and actual damage advantage to superspeed characters for next to no cost and the other movement modes have nothing of comparable utility and spamability .

    I personally don't care where the damage comes from as long as things get killed reasonably quickly (flight user here). If I get outdamaged by clown box or dervish I could care less because the controllers will like me more...lol
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  6. Captain Just New Player

    Whirling Dervish needs a fix, there is no logical arguement against this.. the only people that would ever defend the way it is currently working are the same people who are using and abusing it.
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  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please try to keep discussion (in this forum) to comments directly related to the bug and how to reproduce it. This is not the place to argue the merits of a potential nerf/buff.
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  8. PachamamaMan Well-Known Player

    common meps you could at least say if it working as intended or not.
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  9. Dump Truck New Player

    I know, right!?!?
  10. D3adshot Lawton New Player

    That's just it, Mepps probably doesn't know if it is working as intended. He has to go find someone in the know and then also ask for the okay from a higher power if he is permitted to reveal details.
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  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are investigating what's happening and what's intended.
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  12. Ray New Player

    why are people crying when this power only works for PvE? it helps the whole team finish faster. you cant use it in PvP because you will get blocked alot

    can someone please explain why PvE players are crying about being able to do damage fast?
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  13. Elusian Crowd Control

    Same as PvP players cry bout Tumbling Mod.
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  14. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Only because it makes your DPS out on the scoreboard higher than mine. :mad: *NERD RAGE*
  15. TrueMarvel New Player

    I still believe all movement modes should get a whirling dervish type move........................................................................
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  16. Captain Just New Player

    It is more about the epidemic its causing, regarding power hungry dps and the fact that it is simply a broken mechanic. Whether you like it or not, it is not working as intended, end of story.
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  17. Pew New Player

    As much as theorizing can be fun what really counts to determine if something is out of balance is looking at its use in game.
    Fact is that currently every PvE instance you go into WD is spammed by every SS damager out there as a primary attack with just some added sprinkles depending on powerset.
    Additional info: Ofc i use WD currently myself, it's the strongest move in my entire powerset.
  18. Spidersting Committed Player

    The other 2 movement modes had good dmg powers and were nerfed into the ground. Acro had Throwing Knives that back in T1 pvp gear would hit for 500-700 on a crit per target up to 3 targets. Now you are lucky to break 150 per target with throwing knives. Flight had Downdraft that would stack in the area. Now it only dots the target you casted it on and not around the target plus the target. Both of those powers could of easily competed with WD in the dmg department but both are now practicly useless.

    Throwing knives was the only saving grace i had when i was doing nature dps back around update 2 and they broke nature dots. It allowed me to keep up in the dmg department until i had a fix.
  19. TrueMarvel New Player

    Wow... I remeber that. Throwing Knives use to be one of my favorite moves then one day BAM! it was sucky.
  20. Aqua New Player

    They should buff throwing knives and that dot move from flight back up forget the name too lazy to scroll up. A lot more health on pvp gear now and a ton more options to do good damage, no reason for them to be so awful.
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