Whirling Dervish Fix

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ENLIGHTEND1, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. ENLIGHTEND1 New Player

    I am sure this has already been posted, possibly not in the Bug Reports section though.
    This is not a QQ thread for a nerf rather a post for a fix to be re-introduced to Whirling Dervish.
    Whirling Dervish is an attacking power and should only be clipped by support powers, Trinkets or Consumables, "not" another attacking power. WD is the exception to this rule and gives the player "free damage" clipping any attacking power in a rotation with no added animation time, It is a power that ignores the mechanics of the game and is being exploited. I know WD never used to behave like this so hopefully a hasty fix will be implemented soon
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  2. BRUDHAWALT New Player

    i agree, fix it or make downdraft from flight be able to do the samething, and a power form acrobats too.
  3. Dump Truck New Player

    Aww are you mad you didn't top the scoreboard?

    I'm pretty sure none of flights/acrobats powers make you fall on your face if blocked by anyone remotely near you. This limits whirling dervish's primary usefulness to raids (only content where nothing blocks) - which means players using it are actually helping you. I won't disagree with how it's working, you're right. What I will call you is a scoreboard cry-baby.

    It's hard to disagree with that? Unless you do the pious, "It's still a bug and all bugs should be fixed" approach. But we all know the truth. No body is being hurt by this move - except your ego.
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  4. ENLIGHTEND1 New Player

    Obviously every DPS likes to see their name high up on the scoreboard but this is purely a post to keep the integrity of the game, it is a bug and needs to be fixed, all egos aside if your a good DPS you don't need to use these exploits to do good damage
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  5. ObsidianChillSucks New Player

    Actually your incorrect. WD did at one time behave in this manner being able to be clipped by any power and it was fixed that it was only support powers and with some recent hotfix or game update that fix was undone and it has reverted back to its former state
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  6. Dump Truck New Player

    Right... integrity of the game. Now, let's be honest... Have you actually tried the move to see how utterly useless it is in 2/3rd of the content in this game? (Solo/PVP = useless with blocking). Or that it is vulnerable to shield blocking as well?

    I don't hear the integrity of the game suffering from this. Thank you for speaking out for the ads of Gates who have no voice. Lets be real though, this is entirely, 100%, undeniably a scoreboard issue with you - and that alone because that is the only thing affected by this move.
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  7. Chequered New Player

    WD is not an exception because it isn't the only power that does that.
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  8. TrueMarvel New Player

    I'd rather Flight and acro get a WD like move
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  9. Potent New Player

    I'm getting tired seeing people throw around this scoreboard crybaby bull****.
    So people actually CARE about their performance, and would prefer more even fields to perform on. What is so "crybaby" about that?
    Is it really such a problem that people get fun out of the game from actually doing and wanting to do well?
    I understand there is a lot of QQ, but not everybody is a crybaby, and there are legitimate concerns about the balance of powersets.
    Scoreboard chasing being frowned upon is the stupidest thing I have seen in these games. EVERY game has "Scoreboard Chasers".
    EVEN MMO's.
    So you're not competitive, GO DO YOUR OWN THING.
    Its funny how we are the "crybabys". When usually the only crying about this, is you people crying about us chasing the scoreboard.
    Get off your high horse like you guys are some godly ascended being, just because "You don't care about a scorecard in a video game".
    Most of the time all it seems like is you guys are just jealous you don't perform, and will never achieve(no matter how hard you try) the level some of us have.

    PS. Weren't you just bragging about out DPSing 2 DPS in Tank stance in FOS2 in another thread? Sounds like scoreboard chasing to me.(If you really weren't a scoreboard chaser, something like that never would have crossed your mind.)
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  10. Aqua New Player

    And that's why I'm acro now lol however if anyone complains about speed drain I will destroy you.
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  11. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    Actually, if this is a bug, then it should be reported, regardless of what majority of the people think. It's not about qq's but for overall gameplay balance.

    Besides, the simple fix for this is to tag it as a harmful ability, and not as a weapon ability and, as compensation, remove its vulnerability to blocking.
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  12. Impact Prime New Player

    A bit of psychology says that it's you who's chasing scoreboards, and are terrified that fixing whirling deverish will remove your ability to compete/keep up with others, so you're going on the offensive, directing it at someone who's asking that it be taken away. Firstly there's nothing wrong with competing to be the best at your role, competition is a huge factor in games, and for a lot of people is the main reason they are enjoyable. So neither you nor the OP, nor any other competitive player should be attacked for it. And if you really didn't care about scores, you wouldn't be making such a fuss over it. In fact, the attitude of most who complain about competitive DPS would be: "yeah let's take this away from those power spammers!". Maybe you want to compete too and feel bad about not being as good and want to take it out on others, or maybe you're a troll. I don't know, nor does anyone on the forums care on this sort of thread. It's irrelevant.

    As for your other points about it being vulnerable to block, this is true. Whip thrash as a power is also vulnerable to block, but states it is so. So it is possible for a power be intentionally vulnerable to block. So we can't know whether Whirling Deverish is intended to be vulnerable to block and is missing that point on the tooltip, or whether it's a bug. In any event, you're basically arguing against the fix of a power because something else about it is broken. That's flawed reasoning; tantamount to saying one bug should be fixed, but where there are multiple all should be ignored. How about instead, adding that to the discussion, and suggest that it be fixed too?
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  13. Dump Truck New Player

    First, SS is not a power set. The movement modes are completely imbalanced and have been since launch.

    You're right, I was. I think it's fun if I can outplay people in DPS stance when I'm starting off with a big disadvantage, and no buffs while doing another job at the same time. On the OP, I was just calling a spade a spade, and the OP topic is a QQ thread. Plain and simple. Now, 'high horse'? "I'm not on the level of some of you?" Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? Now that's just funny. Thanks for the laugh.
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  14. Aggronator New Player

    LOL at people crying about WD. I love seeing people use this in PVP..block em..free kill!
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  15. Dump Truck New Player

    Shhh! Don't tell them that, it will ruin the entire WD is OP arguement.
    Don;t tell them that low level ads block too.
  16. Ice Lantern New Player

    I use Whirling Dervish but I too think it should be fixed. Not only that, I think it should be probably nerfed even after that. It is so powerful that it becomes pretty much an automatic for DPS'es who are Superspeed. As a result, it takes away from the uniqueness of the powersets, especially considering that it does so much of the damage.

    It's the same reason that I don't like that SS is by far the best movement mode in PvP or why I wish they would nerf Speed Drain, Word of Power and Mesmerizing Lasso. Those moves are so effective that they make everyone too similar. And for me, it takes a lot of the fun out of the game. And yes, WD sucks in PvP. All that means is that it is only making that component of the game more boring.
  17. MARK2099 New Player

    Don't gonna affect me at all if is fix, sure is a good extra damage in raids with multiple adds who never block like gates, other than that is an expensive useless power easy to block even if is clipped.

    If get fix WD have to be with CB fake damage too since is used to boost damage score, sure WD is real damage but still is use mostly to inflate score the price to pay is ofc stress controllers even more using every 2 rotations lol.
  18. FANT0MEXX New Player

    No just no Wd does need a fix i agree but not a nerf plus soe doesn't know how to properly nerf things when they nerf they over nerf
  19. D0SE New Player

    This made me spit up my OJ a bit. This community will never be happy until every powerset weapon and movement type do the exact same damage with different animations. STOP THE NERF THREADS, START THE BUFF THREADS.
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  20. Sore Steadfast Player

    The clipping scheme is broken and should be fixed. I have no interest whether you use it in PvE or PvP. I have no interest what effect it has on the scoreboard. I have no interest in whether it is blockable or not. I have no interest whether it is considered OP or not. I just don't like the clipping scheme broken.
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