Whirling Dervish Fix

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ENLIGHTEND1, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    whatever happend to just picking the movement mode you liked and taking whatever powers that gave you?

    they will have touched every SS power if they nerf this down

    Speed Dash - QQing about objective missions in PVP - Nerf into a SC
    Speed Drain - Controllers QQing about not having a power giving SC - Made an iconic version

    WD is the only unique power left thats worth using
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  2. Dump Truck New Player

    WD can be countered, Acro's feet mod (while not overly powerful) cannot - unbalanced?
    Another movement can tangle your x/y axis above you raining damage while you locate a target lock.
    Point is - each powerset has something advantageous.
  3. Sore Steadfast Player

    I haven't. Is it gnarly?
  4. Mystereo New Player

    WD needs to be fixed, it should not be clippable by any and all powers. Then they should go after OP gadgets with its OP control and damage combo powers and its cyro/intimidation clip too. Glad they got the swarm at least.
  5. SlayingDaimon New Player

    No leave whrilwind attack alone, make High preasure a sustained aura if your going that route.
  6. Snix Dedicated Player

    I agree. Should be fixed. Most DDs were already powers hogs and now we have this hogwash to deal with? No thank you. Please fix.
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  7. MrBlazEakaJB New Player

    Don't know if you guys knew this about WD also but it is also intended to be used as a breakout move and give power back. Just throwing it out there. Just like the move from the Flight tree Air Burst. It's not the peoples' fault that you can clip it with powers now. It's there for everyone to use if you go SS. I personally went SS for Speed Drain since I like to play both roles. WD was just a extra added bonus. I'm sure even way before this exploit, the people topping the charts, were still topping the charts. So let's just stop crying about WD and move on to more pressing issues.
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  8. FANT0MEXX New Player

    Since every movement mode has to be the same can ss get a group pull like flights low pressure
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  9. SlayingDaimon New Player

    Never mind, it's off topic like the majority of these post addressing balance issues in the wrong section again and should be cleaned up.
  10. Gunny New Player


    WD....how can you people actually class this move even? It deals damage, its a beneficial move, hell the only thing you see is the yellow numbers, but why can it be blocked? Never knew might damage gets punished for blocking, just saying....Maybe....JUST MAYBE, its precision-based, even though its yellow numbers? Anyone able to confirm this? That may explain why it has the unique ability to be clipped by attack powers. You know....same concept hard-light uses?
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  11. Dump Truck New Player

    This is true. How many powers are vulnerable to block? Maybe they should remove that vulnerability as no power I can think of is vulnerable to block.
  12. Steak Sauce New Player

    Alright, I get it. A might attack power shouldn't be clippable with another might attack power. Makes sense.
    So why not make WD precision based? If it were, its vulnerability to blocking would make (more) sense, and I, being a HL dps, would do even more damage :D

    I just keep staring at the "relentless precision" white mod in disbelief. While the increase in precision looks very tasty, getting there is just not going to happen. My hit counter never, ever reaches 9, let alone stays above it. So there is no precision love when it comes to white mods. I would strangle a dolphin to get a nice white mod for increased precision, but there simply isn't one. Off topic, I know, but it just irks me.
  13. Pew New Player

    There are plenty of might attack powers that can be clipped with other might powers. I don't see how it categorically doesn't make sense. It enables diversity when designing powers.
  14. La Chupacabra New Player

    Since no green names have yet to comment on WD, because, (I have no idea what they're doing), this last bit raised a real pretty flag. What if each movement mode was given a combo-able power (Like Jackhammer) (to hell with DLC 6 attack movement mods)? in that case, it'd have to

    WD is now essentially acting just like a blockable cryo field, ( it isn't just clipped by any other attack power, it can also be clipped BY DOUBLE JUMPING, it's usable while controlled title is a relic, and now pointless as it has a damage component and is no longer usable while controlled [which is true for all powers except gauss grenade, because BALANCE] ) and if it's treated as such I.e. a target centered PBAoE, instead of what it was, a channel power, it's only saving grace is that I get to use SP instead of PP, and it's got a 5 second cool down. As it stands now, it acts like no other power in the game when it comes to omniclippability and punishment, but it's also by far the strongest omniclip move in the game, so I propose WD is changed into 1 of two variants:
    • Cryofield copycat: Acts just like cryofield, not longer punishable, CD is increased to 12 seconds, might based damage
    • Construct copycat: Act's like a hybrid of the fan and whip thrash constructs, the first "Whirl" is might based, after that a multi whirl "construct" is triggered by hold melee, releasing the other ticks as vulnerable to block hits like a spread out DoT whip thrash with similar functionality to the DoT's snap and fan have, but I'd argue that for balance it'd need to have it'd need to have either it's tick damage slightly reduced of the length number of ticks reduced because it's clipping potential would be kinda silly if it wasn't.

    I see flights High pressure being turned into something similar, at least easily, it could be a Cryofield copycat, and acro could get combale knives or something? Idk it's early my creative juices aren't flowing, one this is certain though, WD in it's current state is an outlier, good( nice damage potential) and bad (punishable), and it could be easily resolved if it wasn't being treated as a "Channeled power" and balanced accordingly.
  15. kgghk New Player

    Didn't say i knew all mental powrs. I said all of fires offensive might powers can be clipped with each other and they just got revamp'd.
    mas /inferno
    the list goes on
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  16. PachamamaMan Well-Known Player

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  17. Sumeric New Player

    The devs will probably leave it clippable, but adjust how much damage registers based on how early you cancel the animation. I'm pretty sure that's how all of the other attacks that spin you around work:

    Most damage = full animation

    Less damage = stopping it early

    That's the trend they have been taking lately.
  18. Captain Just New Player

    Enflame from Fire. Ram, Claws and every other power from Hard Light and I'm not talking about construct combos..but the powers.
  19. thoughtpatern New Player

    WD as a breakout works fine for ms. As does unstoppable both do damage
  20. ace New Player

    for the last time i cannot stand ppl that get beat by something then get ******** and ask for a nerf on the forums. WD is not an exploit its becuase ppl saw one guy using it and now when they cant get as high dmg as that person they cry/ qq.

    im sorry but you players are bad bad baddies. you know what i do when i see all this pets hometurf snowman wd crap? I OWN i always win against it get good
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