Whirling Dervish Fix

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by ENLIGHTEND1, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Dump Truck New Player

    And they won't be happy until the scoreboard chart runs horizontally and under damage out it says:
    "Everybody Wins"
  2. Aqua New Player

    Nerfing WoP and speed drain is gonna have a ridiculous fall out in pvp. Maybe trolls should be the only ones giving power but eh idk haven't seen a good enough argument for it yet.

    And nerfing lasso is just cruel and you know it. You would never get anyone to stop kiting in pvp.
  3. Sore Steadfast Player

    And I have no interest whether the movement modes are balanced. I just don't like the clipping scheme broken.
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  4. Ice Lantern New Player

    Which is exactly why I wouldn't mind if they nerfed it. I wouldn't mind at all if they nerfed it to the point to where it was unusable. That much damage for so little in terms of animation time is simply unbalanced.
  5. Ice Lantern New Player

    Players and teams are evolving around Lasso anyways. Besides, it really depends on the community and how they agree to play. Look at the EU videos, they don't use Lasso.
  6. Dump Truck New Player

    Clipping is intended. I can't imagine playing this game without clipping. It would be so slow.
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  7. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    That has nothing to do with what he said. He said he does not want to see clipping broken. Not that he doesn't want clipping.
  8. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Sad to see a bug report and fix getting more downvotes than upvotes just because people are exploiting it.

    The fact that this was in the game way back, and then fixed by the devs for being broken is all the proof you need that this was NOT intended.

    So anything broken is meant to be... dun dun dun.... Fixed.
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  9. TensaZangetsuga New Player

    It's amazing how I can't find a decent rotation without people asking for a fix.... Hey you know what? How about fixing clipping period so that people can't execute a power in the middle of a spin chop & ect. Like come on now, are we still in beta or something because it sure as hell feels like it with powers being "adjusted" every few months. It's a joke I tell ya.
  10. Manny254 New Player

    The issue to me is that if I go right now and create a new dps character, and I want to make my character as effect as possible in a raid the common school of thought atm is that I should choose ss. . To me it doesn't matter if they nerf it or buff others, but they should all be equal.
  11. thoughtpatern New Player

    was wd able to be clipped by any of the clippable powers? (suchas reinforce etc.) use if so i think id still use it cuz it free up a power pointpoint!
  12. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    They probably don't even realize its working this way now. Honestly I think most of them hardly play their own game. Just make it so its only able to be cliped with a non offensive power again and we can all move on with our lives.

    Much like Fireburst this only effects PVE content so its hardly a priority fix IMO but whatever I know I am enjoying clipping the cr@p out of it right now in my melee loadouts.
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  13. TrueMarvel New Player

    Well. Using the argument It sucks in PvP won't save this sure-fire fix. Otherwise Fireburst would still be here with us today(pause of silence)..............
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  14. FANT0MEXX New Player

    Yea ss has a slight advantage in the dps department than other movements but you dont see ss or acro tanks asking for low pressure to get nerfed from the flight tree the way i see it each movement mode should come with its advantages and disadvantages
  15. Dump Truck New Player

    You got it. I don't understand the clipping scheme.

    Do you actually know how many powers don;t work according to this "clipping scheme" term you have made up? It's a LOT more than just WD... don;t worry though, I won't tell everyone on here in front of your friends. We know how you love thinking of yourself as a authority in this game.
  16. Bishop New Player

    I think there is cause for concern when almost every, if not all, DPS builds tend to encourage WD in their builds. With/Without WD comparison of DPS is quite eye-opening.

    I am not crying for a nerf/buff what-have-you, I just think the developers should perhaps look at WD, such as what the OP as suggested i.e it's exclusivity to the clipping rules.

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  17. MARK2099 New Player

    Fireburst was always compare to frostblast for over a year in damage, even when mental revamp hit still was mention because telekinetic bolt use the exact same animation but only hit 4 targets and 4 target damage was lower even if enemies were under dazed effect, i think it was matter of time fireburst get fully fix after the first fix in split damage, since devs start using the phrase "bring in line", ofc devs are just clueless when they nerf powers who never were op from start (meteor as example), another example is dash attack, the most rare change, players cry was op in maps like moon, an easy fix think by all players was just make cooldown super long and more expensive in power to keep viable and not be abuse, instead of an easy fix to keep power usefulness what devs do become a garbage 25% sc leaving all players loadout forever.

    Other nerf were ok, i think spinchop was fair because was the hardest and faster short combo in the whole game, but the nerf in elbow drop was just odd especially because no one ever say was op, the nerf in dw speed bb was op no doubt, but the speed was good for regen power from range in pve, devs instead of make bb hold range and adjust to be a better hold range they just nerf the speed of tab hurting pve players in the process, players usually have better ideas in how to adjust powers, but devs never listen and make their own random changes.
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  18. Potent New Player

    Honestly, only the ignorant thought that Fireburst was useless in PvP.
    However, I've seen MANY a Fire Tank, running Fireburst in PvP, Pre-Damage Split Fix.
    Why? 99% of the time, nobody is paying any attention to the Tank.
    Flying above the group, firebursting repeatedly use to cause huge damage to the entire group, or at least the FF target.
    Yes, I'm talking about Premades and Syncing. Just ask Blunted.
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  19. Dump Truck New Player

    I personally think WD is way more fun now as it speeds up the gameplay and gives you more options in your loadouts. No longer are you limited to having a support power like defib or fiery weapon to cancel it. It has advantages both in DPS and tanking - and probably could for dealing damage in healer/controller role if more players used melee in those stances.

    I think more moves, probably in movement other modes, should behave similarly. I know other moves in fire's trees which are damage moves can be cancelled by other damage moves, for example fireburst could be cancelled after the charge reached 75% with any other fire power and have no loss of damage from either move. What is a bug is that none of flight's moves can be cancelled by a support power (last checked 10/12)

    I also think this is minor, nobody is hurt by the move behaving in such a way. There are also many other damaging moves in the game that can be cancelled by other damage moves - so who is to say if it is a bug or not. This change happened when Home Turf hit, and I welcome it. The nerf brigade is getting rediculous - I can see if moves are effecting pvp where other players are on the receiving end of imbalances (like stasis field stacking or pets ignoring toughness) but this is just sour grapes if you ask me.
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  20. Reyleonard New Player

    I must say, a lot of "you people" won't be happy until this game is burned to the ground period! I'm a flight user and I don't see a problem with WD or clipping in this game, some of you all just need to get over yourself and stop worrying what bob, tom and sue can do better then you. Ya'll asked for a hardlight nerf got it, ya'll asked for a mental nerf got it, ya'll asked for multiple fire nerf!! This community is crazy, so what's next? You going to tell the dev that healer are healing to well and dpser are killing things too fast? ****** thread smh in disbelief. Dev please do not nerf WD or any other power without looking at the whole picture in terms of pvp and pve.
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