Let's talk about....the new on duty menu.

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but the new menu has the tendency to lock you up if you opt out of an omni. And while I get it....we don't want people opting out of omnis...I doubt the plan to fix it was to make the person with group lead unable to re-ready up if one is opted out. A few times last night, a group of us (5 people) were queuing omni raids while we did some weeklies. Each time we opted out, the leader was not able to re-ready and got the message about 'invalid' entry or whatever in the chat tab window. Pass lead, drop and re-pick up the same person and we were able to re-ready just fine...unless we opted out again...then it was rinse and repeat.
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  2. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    ...queue up, failed to update queue, failed to update queue, queue up, failed to update queue, failed to update queue, queue up...
  3. Red Wáve Well-Known Player

    So about 10 20 mins ago (took longer to retype than I expected) a Leaguemate asked if I was game for LPvE Team-Ups.

    "Ofc I'm game, I do love me spin-to-win-Harley-Queen <...nvm they nerfed Doom Spin years ago. Well, at least HoD is a quick map, as long as we pick up and...nvm they nerfed Barrels. Well, ofc Ry, anything for you <3"

    So I got invited to his group and a few mins passed. Nothing unusual these days, prolly just cursing at his troller, his tv and the new On Duty.

    "Umm. Jade. How do I select a character?"

    "Idk. Prolly need a mouse. Cuz, y'know, DCUO is a PC Game."

    I left our 2 person group to see if I could figure it out.

    I selected the map from Event Tab. Noticed a "Legends" tab had appeared. Told him to use that, before trying myself. I was.. beyond dumpfounded at this point.

    "Oh great, thanks mate." "Wait. How do I scroll down?"

    "Starting to think you really do need a mouse, Ry"

    "Wait WHAT!? That is so [probably against ToS to repost on Forums] how do those [idk, never read it tbh] expect to keep their custumors!?"

    "Idk. I'm not a Dev. Someone decided we needed a new UI. No worries, they'll get their money back selling Atlantean Packs or smh"

    "That is so [he's Welsh] beyond [it may be a stereotype] at this point. What are they gonna do for [but they sure curse a lot] LPvE bonus week?!?"

    "You're thinking too hard, Ry. LPvE bonus isn't till next week, that's future Dev's problem xD"

    "Sorry, Ry. I'm being sarcastic ofc. I'm just.. beyond outrage at this point. Imma go tell Forums, tell 'em you said hi. bbl hf tc :*"
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  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Crap...yeah...I got that the other night too. Forgot to mention it. Well...hopefully no one on PS needs anyone past the first 4 or 5 lines of characters.
  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    BTW. Actually landed in FVE via omni last night. That was 20 min wasted watching people NOT run the mechanics on Grodd and re-wiping. I only stayed as I still need a Rouges combo and FVR won't populate from omni because of this blunder. I figured what the heck....I know now 'the heck'.

    Not even blaming this on the clamp this time. Elite should just NOT be in Omnis. If you get Elites as your omni choice....

    Unfortunately...I'd guess many players don't realize they are landing in an elite run.
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  6. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Any word if Daybreak is working on fixing the new UI?

    If so, when might one expect it to be repaired?
  7. HMBoyd Level 30

    yep just tried to use black adam and i can’t scroll past superman, hopefully the devs fix it
  8. HMBoyd Level 30

    the legends menu is also glitched for controller users, i can’t scroll past superman
  9. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Controller support for the UI is very underwheming. The game has above average controller support all over the game and i hope it will continue with new features added like this UI.

    Since im a PS player my feedback will be revolving around exactly that. Since PC players have to click anywhere all the time anyway, i dont think its as critical for them (but feel free to correct me).

    Selectable areas
    The amount of selectable areas in this UI is significantly higher than the older one. The different tabs for the instance types such as raid, event, etc. werent selectable in the old UI. There are shortcuts with R1 and L1 already built in, but the fact that you can still select it with the "cursor" on the controller, doesnt help at all. At times, it makes you get lost quite easily and forces you to press more buttons to get where you want to.

    Selected runs
    After selecting an instance - wich is achieved by a simple double press on "X" (wich i really like) - there is a window appearing on the right side of the UI. There is one unnecessary selectable are wich is the "Clear All" button. This can easily get a shortcut binding to "R3".

    Its fine to be able to select single instances in the Selected runs tab, but having the categories such as raids and alerts also be selectable isnt necessary and would create a better experience if those would be skipped over by the cursor.

    This is a feature i really like. The only issue im having with this one is the unnecessary "add to favorite" icon in the main window of the instance. If this one wouldnt be selectable with a controller - because we have that shortcut - it would once again enhance the fluidity of the UI and make it feel less frustrating to use.

    Start queue

    This needs a shortcut. We had trinangle before and we should have it again. Also - once again - dont let us select the button with the "cursor".

    Combat Rating icon
    The green skull symbol has nothing to do with the game. It is nowhere shown or mentioned before. If this icon would appear next to our player card for example, fine. But it doesnt. It seems completely out of place and since everybody uses "CR" in any faction and server, it should be changed to an icon with "CR" worked in there. That way its even easier for new players to understand what CR means without having to ask.
    (It can also be attached in the legend next to Favorite, that "CR icon" means Combat Rating for further clarification.

    Role Selection
    The only issue i saw with this one was that the selected roles reset back to default if you re-enter the UI after selecting an instance with a role but not starting the queue. So if i would've set up everything and just forgot to hit "Start queue", close the menu and then re-entered the UI, i wouldnt queue as support role unless i paid close attention.

    Generally i like the UI rework. It fits the omnibus design. The text color choice in the main window mentioned by others already isnt the greatest. The already existing shortcuts are nice and the Favorite feature is a great addition. Being able to see what different kind of instances are queue'd in one spot is nice, although i will hardly ever used that. Its a feature wich is great for new players - wich is always a good thing. If all of my above mentioned suggestions get applied in the fututre, this UI rework will be a straight up enhacement of the old one. As is, it feels too clunky for controller support and its at best just on par with the old one. The old one was much more fluid while this one is more new player friendly. We should aim for both. :)
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  10. Raven Nocturnal Loyal Player

    You gotta be OP just to reset a mission, On-Duty has mechs now
  11. beardrive Committed Player

    My awareness of the on duty menu is updated. If somebody else declines an instance, sometimes you will get the ready up cog on the screen. If you go into the menu you sometimes you get kicked out of the queue and have to requeue. You need to leave the menu to do this, otherwise it will always fail to update.

    In addition, you can now reject the omnibus instances and still be able to requeue. However, when you are waiting for the timer to run out, you need to again leave the menu entirely, and then requeue again. That works.

    So in any instance where something gives you a notification, or you make a change, just exit the menu and go back into it.