Let's talk about....the new on duty menu.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Reinheld, Oct 6, 2022.

  1. GermanM Committed Player

    Do you play in PC or PS?
  2. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

  3. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    The problem isn't getting used to something new. The problem is loss of functionality.
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  4. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    I totally get it. Was talking mostly about myself. This is why I said that changing stuff according to feedback here can really help.
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  5. Aetrius Well-Known Player

    We kept having an issue last night where we couldn’t requeue as a group. Whoever was the group leader kept getting failed to update queue whenever they tried to hit ready. The only way to fix was to reform the group.

    The single queue for everything also sucks. Used to queue for something fast while waiting for other things to pop and frequently it would pop as soon as you came out of your instance. That isn’t possible anymore.

    Really, the old on-duty was fine, put it back and spend some time making the feat menu at least a little user friendly.
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  6. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    PS Players!!!

    What do we want!?

    Old On Duty Menu!!

    (Can’t hear you)

    What do we want!?!

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  7. Kozzie New Player

    When I push right or left on the d-pad I want it to cycle (right or left) through the lower three windows (instance list, description, selected runs). Sometimes it does, sometimes when I push right or left it goes up in the events/favs/duo/alert/raid section, that section can be manipulated with the R1 and L1 bumpers, there's no reason for your "cursor" to ever go up there. Just make it so right and left on the d-pad cycles you through the three lower windows. It would make it easier to navigate on the controller.
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  8. myandria Item Storage


    I think the main takeaway here is that the new on duty menu doesn't let you "multitask" queue; we now have to queue in the custom menu one mission at a time and take the time to choose another mission when finished, instead of one being ready for entry from a selected list. No more "set it and forget it."

    As for the font, I think it is the font "style" that is hard to read as well as the font being too small; the devs should have stayed with the Arial font that is used for the omnibus messaging AND make it either 10pt. or 12pt. The way that the custom duty menu look currently I think it is between 6pt. and 8pt., which is way too small for menu that is used often.

    The navigation on the console has been slowed down because we now have to open more drop down menus instead of just tabbing to the type of instance desired and then making a choice(s). It's as if the devs who designed this UI did not take too much into account the console/controller mapping or did not realize that this would be an issue.

    For the PS4, the triangle button selected all of the missions in the tier; now that is gone. I think the devs could bring back the use of the triangle button to allow the drop down menus of a tab selection to be opened, instead of having to do it one Tier level at a time. For example, the triangle button could open all of the drop down menus of the solo tab when it is selected.
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  9. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Ya wanna go left or right....just press DOWN to try and highlight the ready box....lol, for some reason it doesnt go straight down it goes to the right. It's so crazy, it reminds me of trying to use a controller with drifting problems. I gave up and logged off today, I just couldnt deal with it anymore.
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  10. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Wait. How do you do that? I don't see any way to deselect anything in Omni.
  11. Berza Committed Player

    You open On Duty, select Omni and queue for it but don't hit Ready. Go back to Custom Play, and at the bottom right of the screen you can see the list of all content you are queued for. You can deselect any instances you want, even leaving only one in the queue, and it will still count as Omni for the weekly. Tested with duos.
    Also, once you are queued for Omni, you can queue for anything else, before hitting Ready. Chances are it will bug and you will need to close the UI, but you open it again and you will be able to hit Ready.
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  12. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    People with controllers, you're doing it wrong. First you need to do Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A and then select the instances you want. It should work 100%.

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  13. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Oh, is your voice command not working?

    “Hey DCUO, queue me up for Spindrift Elite”
  14. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Oh yeah, this works. Okay, so the new on duty isn't entirely bad. On the PC it's actually not too bad at all, but I think the PS players need to be listened to here.
  15. Ozman Well-Known Player

    Yeah after playing for a few hours tonight I can definitely say I am not a fan. I can see how it might be better on PC, but on console it's awful. Favouriting instances is fine, but having to remove something I've just run before I queue for a new instance just seems backwards.
  16. Emoney Dedicated Player

    What if I use my power glove????
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  17. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    I used it only briefly this morning. To be honest with you, it was awful. I wanted to queue for T6 alert, and ended up inexplicably in a T2 Duo. I eventually figured out how to navigate my way around, but it took far longer to get into instances than it should have.

  18. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    That seems a bit ridiculous. Even more so the fact that you hit omnibus and then go to on duty and queue something and you have to deselect everything and that takes a lot of scrolling as long as you don’t go past the bottom or you do it all over again. This thing has wayyyyyy too many bugs in it. Devs had no idea what they were doing. Pc may have it better with that mouse clicker but the whole thing is poo.

    I’m also going to Walmart as I need a magnifying glass just to see if I’m queued up or not. And to see where that darn curser goes. Grrrrr
  19. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    The only thing I dislike so far is the highlight when I'm trying to make a selection. I don't know who's brilliant idea it was to make the highlight gray but I have to continuously move my cursor just to confirm what I'm selecting. The highlight needs to be a contrasting color like orange.
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  20. Emerald Vibe Committed Player

    Nothing beats the original on duty menu, i hate the new on duty menu with a passion, i also wear glasses and the words are soo small i had to get my chair closer to read everything.
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