Let's talk about....the new on duty menu.

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    So does anyone really enjoy the new menu changes? Were any real benefits gained?

    The 'first' menu lost it's ability to use buttons directly to queue up and jump out of queue. You now have to highlight ready or cancel then hit X (PS at least). Maybe this was intentional to make queue fishing more cumbersome, but really....what was the benefit to the overall use of the menu?

    The Custom queue is just awful now. Very clunky and picked up the 2 worst parts of the other new menu. The graphics and 'always on' list of users that refreshes and makes navigation on the menu terrible clunky and slow....just like the first menu. Favorites...meh, was it that tough to re-queue things daily? I'd also guess, like the RnD 'archive' menu, from time to time this will just wipe out and we'll have to re-enter the favorites? Remains to be seen I guess.

    I was literally in 2 raid groups tonight that broke up because people were not (and according to them...could not) queuing and people left.

    And for Zod's sake, please stop with the light green on light blue color scheme....Use orange or red or even purple (that might be just as bad). Half the time you can't see what you are on for sure.

    And I like the 2 FP 'Elite' raids are in the omni....that should be fun for someone landing in them unexpectedly.
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  2. Red Wáve Well-Known Player

    I logged Forums to make a thread called "Thank you very much for new the new On Duty Menu, I hate it." But seems I was beat to it :D

    Where the f**k are my shortcuts?? (Square to select, Triangle to Ready Up)

    So far, I've only selected the Duos and Alerts from latest 2 Episodes as Favorites, since I run them on 3-15 Toons per day. As I selected them, the Halloween Event I had just run from Quick Play was also/still selected and I found it extremely cumbersome to navigate to deselect it.

    Why do you continue to (in my opinion) waste development time on unessecary channges? For the love of whatever God(s) you worship, give me the option to use the old menu :(
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  3. Red Wáve Well-Known Player

    Update as I just got out of NAn (DK Duo normal)

    I am not Readied up for anything. Pre-GU 129 I would still be readied for the 2 Alerts, but would have to re-queue UVe.

    I havn't played much since the (in my opnion) GINORMOUS waste of development time on Episode 41 (that has dissapeared from the Episodes Feat List, tho unfortunately not yet reverted), I took a year off, partly due to my PS4 dying and PS5 being unavailable, but iiirc, we asked for the other Duos we had qued for to be readied up as we got out of the one we just ran. *Not* for everything to be ready to Ready Up, without Triangle shortcut, making it quite cumbersome on a controller.

    On top of that, if I manage to find my way down to Ready Up, I would queue the same stuff. Unless you also remove Loot Locks at End-Game, I don't see a reason for that, except the (I assume) minority who wants to run mulltiple times a day for Feats that will pop automatically over the course of an Episode faster.

    I suppose it does make whatever-FotM- people-spam-durin-bonus-Source-Marks slighty faster. And I can see it shaving off maybe 2s per 6-15 runs BoP Solo my Baby Toons use to jump from 210-280ish..

    Thank you very much for the new UI, I *really* hate it.

    EDIT: Oh. And I can no longer queue my weekly Omnibus runs alongside my daily Custom Play runs while doing daily Missions. *Really, really* hate that.
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  4. Jcal Dedicated Player

    I just want Triangle back. I'm cool with everything else, just give us back Triangle!
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  5. Capt. Retro Well-Known Player

    I have not finished properly testing it and giving it some more time, but at first glance it seems like a step backwards for speed and User Experience. (On the PS at least)

    It seems built intuitively enough for a PC user, but the quick press buttons being gone and selecting items in Custom being very cumbersome doesn't make for great first impressions.

    The joystick and the Dpad can sometimes bug and completely dissapear, and "getting to the buttons" to press what you want sometimes requires you to go down an entire list or page just to click on something like "Clear All" or " Start Queue".

    Using replays to unlock loot locked content can sometimes be an adventure with the new UI. Near impossible to select it with the joystick and you have to scroll down through everything on the page with the Dpad to get there that way. And for what it's worth, the scrolling direction is inverted in the flavour text of the center picture. (A simple fix for the loot unlock would be to allow the dpad down action to go straight to the red "unlock" button from the "add to favourite" heart in the center image)

    Cosmetically, I'm not a huge fan of the colour scheme, I think some more contrast would lead to a more pleasant menu and maybe I'm just getting older now but the writing feels smaller in Custom Play. This is just my opinion but the smaller text further hurts the UX of the menu.

    For me personally, the custom play part of the On Duty menu was the best part of it. It was fast, not a lot of frills, it had keybinded actions that allowed me to get into my content and build a playlist as efficiently as possible. Feels like that has been lost a little at first glance. Although I may grow into this new look and feel, it does still feel raw and like it's never been tested on a PS by anyone....with that being said, hopefully through more use I can find some bright spots.
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  6. Dr.Dip New Player

    As others have said..I hate it. I agree with most of what has been said. Resetting loot locks is the worst. On xbox the scroll is also backwards. (You have to scroll up to go down). Also it's impossible to see where the cursor is or what you have selected can you please change the color? Or give us an option to change it with our own colors or different schemes?
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  7. Red Wáve Well-Known Player

    Update 2 after finishing Main and first Alt for the day.

    I do like that the "Selected queues" are Toon Bound instead of Account Bound, tho the value of it still eludes me.

    I don't like that the "Favorites" are Toon Bound instead of Account Bound, I'm guessing it has nothing to do with what Omnibus will prioritise (in case of doing it in a full group, for example). Maybe that is just me having most of my Toons at End-Game, since that and Seasonals are the only things with Loot Locks left, thus making Alts obsolete everywhere else.
    EDIT: After giving it a bit more thought, I do like Favorites being Toon Bound. Helps my "elitist Toons" in saying "Nope. I don't do normal. Not on my Fave list." so please keep as it is.

    As a side note, I heard in LFG that a guy couldn't scroll down to select a character for Legends, havn't tested it myself yet.

    As a second side note, after just doing SWn, a way more beneficial use of the development time, seems to have been fixing the aggro on 1st and 2nd boss. Why do they jump out and kill us, the very split-second the cutscene ends? Cost me and probably a few others the "Don't die" Feat on that run.
  8. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Why can't I select a whole tier at once? So if I want to run - say - some lower tier duos, for quick marks, or feats, or fun, I either have to queue omnibus, where I have high chance of getting into instances I don't want to be running right now, or I have to manually scroll to and double tap each of the 30 or more options. Or just queue a couple and wait forever.

    EDIT: Ok, so it seems, that once you've done one of your runs, the queue doesn't reset, so you can just queue again right away, which takes away some of the inconvenience of selecting everything manually. Still, ability to select a whole tier would be really useful.

    Also, before today I could select some raids and alerts I needed, some of which (like Khandaq) I've been queuing for months with not a single match, then do omnibus duos to pass the time. Now, there appears to be just one queue for both custom and omnibus, so I either have quick omnibus duos and can't queue anything else, or I have to manually select ALL the duos, if I want to be in a custom queue for anything at the same time. EDIT: Could there be an omnibus option within custom? But then, every time you finish a run all your queues are off you have to requeue, so of course an omnibus duo will pop before any particular raid I need, if I queue for the at the same time, each time...

    So, what exactly is this new menu supposed to have improved? Favorites tab is a nice addition, and the graphics match omnibus menus, so I guess there's that...
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  9. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    It's apparently possible to select all the duos, alerts or raids in omnibus first, without hitting "ready", then go back into your custom menu, select anything else you want and then click "ready". When I try it the other way around, so adding all the omnibus duos to an existing custom queue - I get "Failed to update queue" when I hit "ready".

    Still, since all your queues stop after you're in your first instance (presumably - all I know is I have to hit "ready" again once I'm out), it will be difficult to get into larger and less popular instances, because the stuff you run while waiting for your Khandaq will pop up first and remove you from the entire queue. Unlike before, when often you'd get a raid ready pop up as soon as you left your solo, duo, or PvP instance.
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  10. Red Wáve Well-Known Player

    As I got to Atomica, during my daily routine, I had an epiphany.

    Where is my active, conscious decision, that my experience/knowledge of mechanics, good gear and decent sp, far outweights my lack of Arts enough to q as Tank in SDn? Hadn't noticed, since I always q both roles anyways on the better equipped Toons.

    Now, I have abondoned my "DoN't Q aS a RoLe YoU cAn'T dO!!!!" stick years ago. Removing it by only queuing stuff/accepting Omnibusses with a 90+% succesrate with the group I'm in. I mean, CT? HELL NO, unless I have Tank, Heal and 1 good dps, or I'm adventurous on Ocean, knowing I can either Heal the group through or, worst case, keep myself alive and solo as BHeal, provided we ever gets past the server room.

    Add the year old fact that gear don't matter ANYWHERE except Gotham/Metro/HoL/WT/HoD/League Hall and your Base + End-Game Instances, new players have no intuitive way to learn the finer details of the game, nor anything really. Just do t1 for a week and you'll be end-game at 40-60sp. Then they may notice that they can't do the things they used to. Half dps gear? Not enough Dom, Vit nor Res to do the Role you're attempting, without Clamp giving you minimum stats for the Role you're in for the Tier you're at.

    After logging a few Toons to double check, it seems everyone has automatically selected both Roles, without even the vague, outdated and insufficient Role description you had to look at and select, before you could q into Alerts/Raids in the old On Duty menu.

    Not that Tutorials would help much. You've tried actually paying voice actors to tell players what to do, but the d**n people just turn the in-game sounds off :rolleyes:

    BUT: Removing what little tutorials the game has/had, is helping NO ONE!

    PS. No offence, but I sincerely doubt that the programming is smart enough to know I have an Armory for both Roles on all Toons from level 25, when you get the free one (used to be 8, when you got your Base grrrr), and that is why I'm qued for both Roles as default o_O
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'd rather have square to drop queue if I opt out of a run. I noticed that if you wait a sec, 'ready' is auto highlighted, and you can just press X after pressing it on 'start queue' (or whatever the bottom left button is). Triangle and Square should still be there though....I bought these dang controllers with all the buttons...if I didn't need them I'd have bought the knock offs that just look like this.
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  12. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    If the old On Duty menu needed anything, it was some better descriptions of things you're about to queue. Case in point - why doesn't it say anywhere what content belongs to which episode? Or am I missing something? There are a few episodes, like Bat Metal II and JLD, where the clue is in the names of the instances, but for others, I have to guess or look it up. Why?
  13. Ice Lynx Dedicated Player

    I don't really like it.
    Everything feels so cramped with small text and tiny buttons, and instances' description is hard to read sometimes. On some, you have to scroll to read the entire description or even see the loot locks.

    I don't even feel like queuing up for anything. :oops:

    I'd prefer the simplicity and color pattern of the old custom play, although it could just be a force of habit.
    Could we at least have an option to switch between UI designs? :oops:
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  14. GermanM Committed Player

    This was an unnecessary change in my opinion. What are the benefits besides the favorite feature? Ok, maybe looks nice and all, but beyond that i dont see the point.
    I dont have problem´s using it, but i was hoping this would allow us to reduce Queue time by allowing people jump into instances without the required player´s because sometimes find someone who want to make certain duos or alert´s are hard givin the low population we have (I know no one said a thing about anything like that, but still, allow players run instances should be a priority)
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  15. Tolly Committed Player

    I wonder if at 60 years, I will still be able to read this menu :confused:
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  16. Ryazan Dedicated Player

    I don't know how easy or hard it would be to implement, but we should just have had an option in the settings to use the old menu. Just make it "Simple On Duty Menu on/off".

    I am not really feeling this new menu. I hate having to collapse each tier option to see the instances, and the menu doesn't remember which ones you have collapsed/expanded... But the biggest downgrade is having the button shortcuts removed from controller users.

    Having an art piece depicting the episode of the instance is probably a good thing for the new players or those who don't remember the instances, but I just preferred the simplicity of the old menu.
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  17. Berza Committed Player

    The only good thing about this new UI is the fact we can now choose what instances we queue for when running Omni. You don't want NGN to pop on Omni? Deselect it. That's cool. Everything else... it has been said above.
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  18. Ozman Well-Known Player

    I'm 43 and I caught myself squinting at it a couple of times last night.
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  19. Kozzie New Player

    I like the favorite tab, but it seems like one step forward two steps back with this menu. It seems like effort for nothing because a lot of the issues with the old one are still there, just under a different skin. Navigation on a controller is clunky. If you accidentally push down once too many it puts you at the top, but pushing up doesn't return you to the bottom of the list. If I remove a "selected run" I lose my cursor and have to tab over and back to get it back, then re-navigate to where I was to remove another "selected run", repeat, it's a nuisance. The tiers are sorted lowest to highest, this seems backwards to the needs of most players. You can no longer que up for a whole tier at once. We can no longer choose to que as both roles for alerts and only one for raids. On lower alts I don't want to heal raids but can heal alerts, and you don't need a controller in alerts, so I can que as a controller/DPS for alerts but only DPs for raids. Can't do that anymore, less functionality. There are only two buttons currently utilized, the other two can be used for shortcuts to make the clunky navigation less cumbersome.
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  20. valiant Villian Well-Known Player

    So far it no longer glitches out. Previously I would attempt to Que something and while scrolling down to the raid I wanted, the screen would glitch out, not allowing me to select anything. It would require me to warp or teleport to a new area to try again. So i consider this new system a vast improvement.