Development Update: Artifacts!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Moja, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

    Please do not put this in solo content. Group content is what suffers the most in this game. People will always choose the path of least resistance to a goal. Keep this in group content for the sake of player retention.
  2. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Well played DC....
  3. Frank Zarjaz Committed Player

    Although I don't find stat increases all that compelling, this system is a solid foundation on which to build.
    I like the idea of collecting iconic DC items.
    I really like that we can play any character, in any content and still progress.
    I like that some of the metal icons look like fried chicken.

    In future it would be great if artifacts had extra abilities and visual effects.

    Future artifacts I'd like to see:

    Darkseid's Mini Skirt
    Krypto's Super Pooper Scooper
    Zatanna's Nipple Ring
    Batman Vs Superman's Earth 3 Oscar
    Spider-Man's Web Shooters
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  4. SasquaT Dedicated Player

    That is the best idea ever i mean its not yours but it will be nice to force it :)
  5. OhSicks Well-Known Player

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  6. xpoipoix Well-Known Player

    Well what about item space in knventory ? bAnk? Stack size increase for all Current items ? We lacking on space and most ppl have maxed out space and use couple toons for storrage only
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  7. hero turner Well-Known Player

    This is interesting, although it would be nice to have our inventory items to all be stacked up more than 16 at a time, also there is items that we get a lot of and it would be nice to have them stack as well, the more inventory space for your personal inventory, bank, shared bank and league halls bank really need to get more slots available.
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  8. Megzilla Developer

    I shouldn't art while hungry :(
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  9. NotHappy Active Player

    Sounds like we need more bank space..I would actually BUY more
  10. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    So if catalysts are loot locked are they an rng drop or guaranteed?
  11. Ully Committed Player

    This is a neat concept. Of course, my main concern, as always, is the RNG element to it. A green name has not issued any statement regarding the RNG/ drop rates associated with the new OP hands and so naturally, I'm very skeptical on this system, however, I'm hoping for the best.
  12. recoil Committed Player

    i LOVE this idea! what if we could get iconic armor artifacts as well? like chest armor alot of people are mentioning the helmet of nabu which would be nice. this would be an excellent way to introduce new styles and progression all in one fell swoop each dlc. imagine all the new iconic style we can get with this?
  13. Frank Zarjaz Committed Player

    I reckon it was more to do with the dodgy stream quality I was getting. :D
  14. stärnbock Devoted Player

    my main complain was allways that your alts were not helping much to the benefit of your main characters.
    my main complaint seems to be gone now for good. and that sounds AWESUM!!! now if only gear and essences
    would be account bound tradeable, i would call it perrfäct...! well, hope for gear sharing in the future ^^ excited!
  15. ChillCat Loyal Player

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  16. hero turner Well-Known Player

    We a better melee style fighting system for the characters for example like in the mortal kombat, or injustice game where they can grab each other and toss way across the room kinda like now we can pick items up and throw them, we should be able to do that with the opponent's too, and we need to be able to throw them using mental powers and other powers that able us to pick them up like graviton,thought bubble ect.ect, and also better martial arts and melee styles fighting and combos, and also weapons combo's use two weapons at a time in duel weild like sword and shield combo, sword and whip or chain uhhhh maybe other combos other than the normal two axes or swords, I think it would be nice to have nunchuk, chain,whip added as a weapon styles. Would be nice as a lifetime /legendary members have access to the armories with the saved content unlocked to switch at random for example we can switch out four saved armories at random now but some of us have different power and skills saved to different armories and can't access them unless we purchase a power token from the market place, which is ok if you want to change the toons powers but if you are a legendary members and have different power saved to the armories it should be unlocked and able for us to use with out buying a token.
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  17. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    A little confusion on the Artifacts in regards to item level. In the live stream Artifacts show an Item Level - but they are not factored into your CR, correct? If they're not part of your CR, then don't use the term Item Level, just use the term Rank. Or are they part of the 115%? Or is 115% changing to a new %?
  18. hero turner Well-Known Player

    I think we should be able to trade, sell or delete anything we want, a lot of times we keep collecting the same stuff over and over, and can't get rid of it, because you can't sell trade or delete them and they are not stackable and takes up inventory space
  19. hero turner Well-Known Player

    Concerning the pets or the back up mods, why not unlock the option to select others character toons you created on the account to be a back up or a side kick, and also the ability to save them to a base and league halls when logged out so when others enter it looks like they are moving around like they are really there and even spar with them for practice. And the base and league halls need a lock in place mode if you don't want to have your stuff destroyed all the time.
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  20. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Late for the reply, got side tracked, but I think base items that give an added buff to your toon wouldn't be a bad idea. Many comic characters use artifacts that they don't actually wear to boost themselves up, instead it's sitting on a shelf somewhere or hidden in a chest. It would add a new level of creation and character lore.
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