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  1. hero turner Well-Known Player

    Ohhhh and in the league halls we have the members saved toons can random be picked as a backup when using prestige to unlock in the generator for the whole league to use as a buff to your normal side kick or backups for the 30 to 60 day period that it is active.
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  2. stärnbock Devoted Player

    not sure if i understood:
    so, the break of an artefact level destroys the artefact?
    then i would have to level a new artefact?
    hmmm... but i can respec to another artefact then?
    how big are the chances i overclock the thing?
  3. stärnbock Devoted Player

    will XP booster (MP) help?
  4. Tarif Committed Player

    Starnbock, No, theres a chance when using a catalyst, that is used for a break through, the account bound, rare item, that will fail, costing you the catalyst, not the artifact itself, from what I understood.
  5. hero turner Well-Known Player

  6. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    How does the Artifact Item Level factor into your CR?
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  7. Primortal Level 30

    This is ok and all but overall it’s just more stuff to farm. Keep in mind Devs that most players goals is to get more powerful and look cool doing it. We want to show off our achievements. So when we equip an artifact and let’s say it’s at high level, it should have a animation feature. That’s what this new idea is missing. I should be able to see the star heart resonate power of some sort throughout my character. That way other members in my group knows I have it equipped.

    Also: (throwing out some ideas hear) how about other iconic artifacts like the glove of Krona. When the player equips it, they are seen wearing a glove made of hard light that can create constructs and do extra damage. Then you we be able to see something like a fire Tank also using the power of will.

    How about the essence of Tamaran (made up idea your welcome to use) when equipped turns the character hair into fire and allows a character to use the power of starfire on top of their own powers. That would be a spectacle to see.

    How about a kryptonian chunk or Red Sun fragment that will give your character all the powers of a kryptonian. Not that crappy version already in game.
    How about Bane’s serum that makes you grow 10 feet and insanely muscular.
    How about power rings from different lantern corps that allows a character to use those lantern powers on top of their own powers.
    You see where I’m going with this right? If your not adding animation and showing visual changes then it’s just another task to increase power.
    You guys are on the right track but you forget how much players love visual animation.
  8. Moja Developer

    Some great suggestions in here for future Artifacts! :)

    To answer some questions:
    • For now, Catalysts have a 100% drop rate.
    • Nth Metal will be a pretty common drop. Most likely, you'll get some time any time you run a raid. Higher qualities will obviously be more rare. At launch, content difficulty will have no effect on the quality of Nth Metal that can drop. However, we may add some way to get more Nth Metal from harder content in the future.
    • The vendor offerings from Constantine are all below the Premium cash cap, so Premiums can get everything.
    • Artifacts will not affect your CR at launch. I'm hoping one day we can update CR to be a representation of your total character, instead of just gear.
    • More visual feedback is definitely something we want to do in the future. For now, we're trying to keep the system simple so players have some time to learn it before we ramp up the possibilities.
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  9. TestReporter Loyal Player

    I think it would be better to make Nth Metal and all other materials drop 100% of the times and always drop the same amount, and make the price match that. Most of the players in the game don't like RNG tied to progression, it would be better if it was totally based in your effort to farm the items instead of luck.
  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Off topic but will that include skill points?
  11. recoil Committed Player

  12. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Its not a break, its a breakthrough. It takes place at milestone levels. All it means is you dont succeed you have to try again but you dont lose the artifact or progress
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  13. TheBatGuy New Player

    I'm not sure that web-shooters thing is serious, but I doubt they'll get the rights to spideys famous webs
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  14. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    Would it be more accurate for the item to say 'Required Level' instead of 'Item Level'? (since IL results in your CR)
  15. Kid Kaos New Player

    Mobius Chair ...has to make the future Artifact list . Just saying...Also wouldn't mind to have it sitting in my Bases and League Hall's.:D
  16. LighTning Emperor Well-Known Player

    Wouldn't be fair for the people who actually bought inventory space and bank space with MP cash. Not going to happen.
  17. recoil Committed Player

    mobius chair is already a base item. it's a reward for the briefing in darkseid's war factory. IF you can get all the briefs. i've only ran that infernal raid once successfully.
  18. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    I was on test early, there is feats for artifacts stuff like upgrading to a certain rank and collecting certain nth metals, and a certain # of them

    If that's what you're asking about Fatal
  19. recoil Committed Player

    honestly i see no problems with this new system. in fact i believe it solves a problem. feats attached to time capsules. well if you have artifacts that when leveled by running content boost stats to higher and higher levels then why would you even need stat points via feats? along with the quark vendor i'm starting to see a sort of long term plan.
  20. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    So i just watched the stream...

    They seem cool this is the kinda thing i would like in the game and i can see this being really cool in the future...

    But i have 1 nit pick... a concern and a suggestion...

    My nitpick and this is purely a nit pick i acknowledge that and acknowledge how silly it is.. however... that said... why is the star heart a healer artifact and not controller... for those green lanterns out there, and yes i know the original green lantern gets his powers elsewhere from the current green lantern corps....but if i were a green lantern i would rather see that star heart apply to the controller just cause it makes more sense... i get its magical and magical goes with healing a lot of the times.. but i would have rather seen it be a controller one only cause hardlight is that role...


    Please dont give support role jobs to dps artifacts... i dont want to see artifacts for dps healing the group giving power back giving people defense... debuffing... shielding giving crowd control resistance etc. i dont want to see this eliminate a spot of a support role for a dps...

    Suggestion make some artifacts work with one another... so lets say you have two tank artifacts (these are completely made up)... one that gives 10% control resistance to the group and the other that gives the group a certain amount of defense... make those two different artifacts synergize together... so if two tanks are in the group at the same time... it gives a group shield that can pop every 25 seconds (this is just an example and not a real suggestion on what the devs should make the artifacts work).... let the synergy be strong enough that you incentivize the use of more than one support role in the group

    The support role community in this game is really low... most people dont want to do it... give a reason for people to want to do it... it will also help make raid groups more successful especially amongst pug groups
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