DCUO Teases Atlanteans and Superman's 80th in 2018

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    DC Universe Online's next major content releases uncover war and deceit in a first glimpse into Aquaman's Atlantis and retell the legendary story of Superman's death in a months-long celebration of his 80th anniversary. The new episode, Deluge, will launch this March, and Superman's 80th anniversary celebration will begin this April.

    DC Comics' Aquaman Vol 8. #31, 2017


    In DELUGE, Mera, Queen of the Seas, has joined the surface-dwellers in investigating the return of Starro, a giant intergalactic starfish with incredible powers over the mind but little conscious purpose. What drew Starro to Earth in the first place, who is really behind the attack, and what does it have to do with the oceans and her home, Atlantis?

    The investigation will lead Mera and the bravest heroes and villains back to Central City to investigate, then deep beneath the sea to their first real glimpse into the underwater world of the Atlanteans and to the conflicts lurking in a divided kingdom.

    SJ'S TAKE: "For you comic readers, Deluge should ring a bell. They’re a small but dangerous group of Atlantean insurgents that have been lurking beneath the surface for years. Their goal: to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of surface-dwellers and Atlanteans both, and to take the Atlantean throne." - SJ Mueller, DC Universe Online Creative Director

    • Deluge will be a large-scale episode and event, with level-agnostic event versions of content available for a limited time.
    • The episode will feature new and returning Atlantean heroes and villains, including Aquaman, Mera, Black Manta, Corum Rath, and more.
    • The storyline will include a variety of singleplayer and multiplayer adventures set in Central City and in the all-new Spindrift Station, an Atlantean outpost deep beneath the sea.
    • The episode will launch new player rewards, including new gear, styles, base items, and feats.
    • In addition to new rewards and content, Deluge will include, update, and make permanent the content and rewards from the previous Starro The Conqueror event.
    EPISODE 31: DELUGE will launch this March on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

    DC Comics' Superman Vol. 2 #75, 1993


    80 years ago, in May of 1938, Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1. The world of comics would never be the same, and all of today's massive cast of heroes and villains owe their inspiration at least in part to the Man of Steel.

    Over the years, there have been tremendous Superman storylines, but perhaps none stand out so clearly in our minds as his battle and death at the hands of Doomsday. For our part, DCUO will celebrate Superman's 80th anniversary with content: our retelling of the death of Superman.

    Beginning in April, a series of content and player gifts will tell that story - in our world - and with our heroes and villains playing their parts. This isn't an episode or an event or a seasonal. This is a celebration, and we invite everyone to come along for the ride.

    SJ'S TAKE: "DOOMSDAY is coming. A Doomsday like you have never seen. Like the Justice League has never seen. This monster is an unstoppable force. It may be that not even Superman can stop him this time. Can you?" - SJ Mueller, DC Universe Online Creative Director

    • This celebration will be a series of new, free content additions, available to all players.
    • The content will retell our version of the classic DEATH OF SUPERMAN storyline, in the world of DCUO.
    • New and returning Superman-family characters will appear, including Superman, Lois Lane, Doomsday, and more.
    • The celebration will launch new player rewards, including new gear, styles, base items, and feats.
    SUPERMAN'S 80TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION will launch free for all players beginning this April on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
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  2. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    Sweet! Thanks Team for the tease!
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  3. ChillCat Loyal Player

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  4. Nyx· Loyal Player

    Finally!!!! Sound awesome!!!! So many new stuff....HYPED!!!
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  5. Miggly Committed Player

    FINALLY!!!! Black Manta is getting some attention from the game.
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  6. >>>KIra<<< Committed Player

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  7. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Sounds AWESOME!

    Also, Mera is beautiful on that cover
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  8. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Very exciting. Can't wait to finally see Black Manta in game.
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  9. Zneeak Loyal Player

    More atlantean content on the way. Sounds good, thanks for the tease!
    Oh, and you know that you need to deliver on the base items in regards of atlantean-based content, right? ;)
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  10. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Looks cool. Can't wait to see the way the celebration is layed out.
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  11. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    When we getting Superman model reverted back to the old one.
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  12. ARMY TANK Well-Known Player

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  13. TestReporter Loyal Player

    The storyline sounds exciting, now i really want to see the mechanics/gameplay side of the episode. Atlantean content is something we want since launch, please don't fail with this one.
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  14. Telos Usr Dedicated Player

    Sounds great actually. The Deluge should be interesting if its sticking to comic lore. Earth 3 was great so if the same love went into this it should be.

    Please, PLEASE for the love of god, let the gear in April be Superman. Not Future, not Multiverse, not Elseworld. One of the below PLEASE?


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  15. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    Do we get to have a party in the HoD for the Death of Superman? Or, y'know, help out ol' Doomsday? Let me guess, we have to team up with the heroes to do...blah, blah, blah...
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  16. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Very nice and this will definitely please those Players that have been hollering for some Atlantis/Aquaman content for ??? God I forget when that started LOL Also glad to see us celebrating Superman birthday :) Great choice for a story line .. that is definitely one of my favorites
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  17. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Yes, villains should be helping Doomsday on this one! (With optional suicide squad/task force x instances in the on duty menu)
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  18. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    This looks awesome!
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  19. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Maybe you'll get to battle the four imposter supermen. That could be fun.

    The heroes would fight the Eradicator and Cyborg, villains would take on Superboy and Steel. Or Eradicator and Cyborg too, because, hey, they want to destroy the planet, remake krypton, etc., etc., villains included.
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  20. Sodeyinde10 New Player

    Honestly, thank guys you so much! Best of luck to the team.:)
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