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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Kanmaru, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Kanmaru Committed Player

    If the original intent of the revamp was to balance the game and powers why in the world were artifacts made? I just thought augments would have been our source of stat boosts to replace color gear mods but out of nowhere they announced Artifacts. Doesn't Artifacts actually end up making the "ENTIRE" point on the revamp pointless?

    All artifacts are not created equal, there is a pay to win mechanic behind them and you don't need skill points anymore just maxed out artifacts to be OP at everything you do. This actually broke the game and I would love to see someone say otherwise. I thought our stats were supposed to matter not our Artifacts?

    I hate to say it but I don't think the artifacts were even created for our benefit at all. The process that's needed to level them up is proof of that. I literally think Artifacts were just made exclusively for cash grabbing people foolish enough to spend hundreds of dollars just at to Max them out. It's pretty much a thought that Daybreak had and said "how long can we get away with it before it flops?" The thing is that since so many people are putting money into them, artifacts won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

    In my personal opinion, I feel that as a loyal player that wanted to see the game in far better shape...was lied to and given a false hope that the game would return back to it's pre AM days.

    I'm going to say it and a lot of people might get triggered with me but I feel a TRUE REVAMP is in order. One without artifacts and one that actually let's our stats and player skill matter. The game usually goes through some sort of revamp every two to two and a half years anyway so I think it's time now.

    Final conclusion, Artifacts broke the game and went FAR from the direction the revamp was supposed to take us. There is no such thing as balance with them at all. We don't really need them to still be efficient. They are band-aids that are slappped on powers that should be performing better from the get-go. We don't need artifacts we just need powers to be properly fixed and reviewed.


    (PS) not coming at the devs but Daybreak management.
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  2. LighTning Emperor Well-Known Player

    Yep, it's finally time. I'm absolutely sick of artifacts now. When you realize what the true reason for them being created was really for, it makes me want nothing more than to tell them to keep all of that BS away from me. I agree that it is time for a new Revamp. And hopefully one that is actually for the players.
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  3. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    You are correct and there is no need in convincing you otherwise.

    Stat Revamp helped tremendously on balancing things.......just to the point where they could introduce Artifacts. Systems like Artifacts exist in multiple mobile type games and Daybreak thought it would be wise to introduce them into DCUO. From a monetary stand point they were absolutely correct. From a quality of gaming stand point it was an atrocious decision. The worst things that have happened to gaming in the last 5 years or so has been the introduction of paid rng loot boxes and systems like Artifacts. These systems deter gaming developers from making a better quality game and literally bank on the fact that if they put enough micro transaction paywalls between a player and progression the game will survive. Unfortunately for those of us with the willpower to resist spending stupid amounts of money on such money making schemes there are those that offset us by being unable to help themselves and dump tons of money into such a system.

    In the end, the Stat Revamp was clearly step one to Artifacts. Without the Stat Revamp, Artifacts would have had a very very hard time shining. I despised the AM mechanics and did not enjoy them as much as I did how the game was pre-WM and AM. However, if I could choose, I would gladly take AM over Artifacts any day of the week.
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  4. TheLorax Steadfast Player

  5. Kanmaru Committed Player

    Absolutely. If I also had to choose between the two I also would take the AM era over this current artifact one. And I greatly disliked AMs so that is saying something.
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  6. Kanmaru Committed Player

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  7. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    You already have your answer. The revamp was intended to lay the foundation for artifacts and whatever else they have planned.
  8. Kanmaru Committed Player

    I definitely understand that. Do you personally as a player feel we should continue in this direction though? I want to understand how people are taking to this whole thing?
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  9. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Vote with your cash. Don't pay to level artifacts. You can still complete endgame content without maxed artifacts.
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  10. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    Do I think Artifacts make the revamp pointless? No. I thought the point was to add greater customization and to give another form of progression.
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  11. Kanmaru Committed Player

    But where is the balance? And our customization was supposed to be towards our power loadouts. Meaning we didn't have to use the same abilities like AM era.
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  12. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    I don't have an issue with artifacts in essence. I actually really like playstyle flexibility that they offer. The game just messed up in the execution of them and how their progression works imo. Especially now with seals only available in the MP save for the odd bone they throw us here and there. Really, you don't even need to have any of them over 100-120 to complete any piece of PvE content in this game, including elite. It's super easy to get them to those levels but we shouldn't have to bring out the wallet to get them to any level.
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  13. Walvine Well-Known Player

    I never like the tier tree restriction of the original but in revamp many power interactions were slightly changed too.
    Revamp was for the game engine to use less data while making reshuffled features seem more viable,
    Both artifact and Augs are literally return of coloured mods bound and fanned out specialist .

    My original prediction for the next step in revamp I've be expecting to appear for to long time now ha is support role paths tank,heal,control for all power sets and level extention to 50 or 60 to unlock the extention of power abilities , Fingers still crossed for that to happen , along side vehicles or repaired train network I the cities , to auto meta phasing cr relevance enemie with in cities based on journal mission activation this allow players who complete specific events finally seeing brainiacs bottles removed from the cities or inductions of amazons and lanterns , pve enemie mobs would appear to be part journal mission procedurally , Say player was doing war of light fighting a red lantern the player with amazon mission enabled would see them fighting a cyclops all enemie factions have equal variants to pull knock back stuns and DOT abilities so would not hinder animation imersion and generate illusion of player repopulated cities , The only complex part to Meta phasing would be group share of missions !!!.
  14. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    In my personal opinion the game is far from balanced and the revamp despite having best intentions did help somewhat, but at the same time did not really achieve its goals.

    Powers still remain heavily imbalanced, some powers are next to dead cause of how trash they are, forcing players to go precision.

    There's still balance issues between weapons despite them of course being better than they were, there's issues between might and precision and the subsequent fundamental way those balances and imbalances affect gameplay to the extent where even content is flawed as a result because of advantages and disadvantages that occur to either group depending on content.

    And yes on top of that they're are massively monetizing artifacts for both money and at times seemingly as an attempt to achieve balance.

    I 100% also believe content is being created with artifacts in mind which further affects balance and pushes players to spend for the newest and best artifacts that give the most recent advantage.

    Exceptional players don't "need artifacts" but at the same time they now provide so much of a difference not having them is nonsensical.

    The distinction between a player not running artifacts or running the wrong build of artifacts is quite profound and not running the right build is now increasingly affecting your characters potential.

    Artifacts started off innocent enough where gains were rather minimal but their potency has without a doubt ramped up significantly over the past 12 months.

    Pretending the game is balanced is far from reality. There's a reason lots use bow flurry, 2 handed, nature, earth, gadgets and why mental is all but abandoned.

    I agree that changes should happen and maybe one day they will, but who knows ;)
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  15. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    The artifacts didn't undo the stats revamp. Artifacts are now suffering from the power creep that we had with powers and weapons pre AM and AM days.

    The problem with Artifacts, aside from the creep, was that they were using it as a crutch to fix under performing roles, weapons, powers, etc. Instead of fixing them, they created a new artifact to "fix" it. The controller artifacts should have been part of the role to make them worth while, but instead you have to farm to get it? While all other roles get artifacts that work on top of what they can do. That's a problem. Then there were ones to fix weapons, that made the actual broken weapons even more broken, because they were trying to help the under performing ones. Where are we at with weapons now?

    I'm not so sure that you have to have them maxed out to run all the content. I just came back and haven't fully tried Metal. (I detest this content and story so much.) But there is a plethora of artifacts now that I haven't even touched yet now that I am back. So far, hasn't impeded me in progression.

    I do agree, they are a cash grab. Considering that there is only one way to get seals.
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  16. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    Ok. Notice I use the word "greater" here. Removing the power trees allowed better flexibility for loadouts and therefore, more customization than we had. Artifacts added an even greater level of customization. EoG now allows an Earth tank to heal himself and Brick at the same time. Something we didn't have before as you either put on a self-heal or Totem, rarely both. Ice plays the way it used to. Fire wasn't well considered despite player protests. Mystic Symbol did help a bit

    Now when you talk about imbalance, are you referring to Sorcery and Mental or something else?
  17. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

  18. Brit Dedicated Player

    Your mind is already made up. Nothing I, or anyone else, is going to say is going to change it.

    You presented yourself as liking the idea of "stats matter", but then you are angry about artifacts providing too much of a benefit. The idea of "stats matter" is that stats matter. It was never presented as "stats from source A should matter, but stats from source B should not matter." Artifacts are a piece of gear that carries stats. Under a "stats matter" approach, they should then matter. Claiming they shouldn't is like saying gear should matter but the boots slot shouldn't.

    Artifacts matter more than other stat pieces? Yes. Yes, they do. You are correct in that. Weapon also matters more than Neck slot. Weapon includes a stat not available on any other piece of gear: the weapon damage. Weapon is weighted to improve CR more than what your Ring or Face slot does. Every piece of equipment matters, but some pieces matter a whole heck of a lot more than others.
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  19. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    I think any discrepancies in balance need to be reevaluated but overall yes, I like the customizable play that comes with artifacts.
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  20. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    The gear only matters because of the perception cr gives and loosely speaking the obviously go hand in hand in that higher item level gear gives higher stats, but that isn't always the case.

    In addition to that elite affinities, at least the four pieces, provides you with 1 and 2% stat increase.

    So you actually shouldn't just quickly rip off pieces sometimes just because you see green numbers, despite it being a very good indicator, CR actually isn't necessarily authorative of a character's stats.
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