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  1. JustSome_Chick New Player

    This explains SO MUCH about how my sister was always able to whoop my butt even though I could whoop everyone else's. THANK YOU mystery solved. Now if only I could only take back all the times I rage quit playing her, storming out of the room in a massive stinky huff. hahahhaa
  2. Sore Steadfast Player

    I talked with Tunso about this at SOE Live. His response was that clipping is absolutely intended. He said he didn't get the people that were against it. The real gem was when he said, "It's like...ummm...have you ever played a fighting game before?"
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  3. RSL New Player

    yeah? well what does this tunso guy know over the OP?? ;) OP said it was a glitch so it must be a glitch!
  4. Zeo Committed Player

    Hi OP, I understand your feelings, clipping takes no skill, because theres no skill in button smashing, I'm totally against clipping but I don't think that it's a "quit" factor for this game.

    Every programmer can see that it's a exploit and It cannot be fixed, this kinda reminds me of "The Duel", where have a exploit in cancel your animations with the guard button, they was called of "K-Style" and the devs only admited that it was a exploit when the game was in their latter days.

    Clipping already destroyed all the balance of this game, it turned controllers into power batteries for sustain the absurd power usage per second and made tanks obsolete, if clipping is intended why controllers are having such a hard time right now? For me clipping should be a active skill, or just take a certain ammount of your power bar/life peer clip, just like the fighting games.
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  5. RSL New Player

    because lazy trollers want to be something other than batteries, ie DPS? because they have no skill points from having walked into gates straight after hitting level 30? should i continue? i have more. ;)
  6. Magical Reset Committed Player

    Part of the reason is DPS. Might DPS has horrible power/damage ratio. A lot of people simply don't know how to be power efficient because they blindly follow guides and have no understanding of any of the mechanics in the game. Half of the time, your healer is also spamming heal powers and overhealing unnecessarily.
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  7. winter13 New Player

    Regardless of anyone's feelings on clipping, there are two simple truths:

    1) the devs are not going to remove it (DPS would scream)

    2) clipping is the reason why the PvP server has a ridiculously low population
    a) clipping drives new, and veteran players away from.PvP, because they die in 1.5 seconds and it is not an enjoyable gameplay experience
    b) before one shots were implemented in t5, not even bosses in lower level content could kill you in pve, as fast as clip artists can in PvP
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  8. Psianide Active Player

  9. Sore Steadfast Player

    There's a few factors to why some controllers are struggling. Some controllers are EXTREMELY effective batteries, moreso than even a noob trying to be a battery can match. I've had controllers tell me, "just try to empty your powerbar, see if you can." As a DPS, I couldn't without being stupid and doing things that aren't really doing anything. Noob controllers that can't double tick, clip with recharges, cycle trinkets, and combo efficiently are being measured against controllers that can.

    Another factor is that there are some bad DPS out there. If they get in your group, the other DPS need to be operating at a very high level or else you're getting enrage timers. Throw in there that it's going to take power to make up for the dead weight.

    And the last factor I can think of is that the devs made power costs scale with your CR. That's not a bad thing. It was needed. But if you have a low vit troll feeding high CR players, it'll be challenging.
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  10. RSL New Player

    yeah sorry if i seemed to pick out bad trollers [those who want to do anything other than give power] and not bad DPS as well. it's just that i've slammed DPS a lot lately and wanted to cut them some slack before the next round. ;)
  11. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I know this piece of trivia and I feel that DC took the same direction. This is evidence by certain similar moves all not sharing the clipping property. However like capcom , the SOE probably saw how beneficial this was for creating a skill ceiling. They are allowed to determine if something is unintended or wait for it "beneficial".
  12. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Clipping is already like fighting games.

    Just like you can do c. Lk xx knee press with M Bison in street fighter you can do tap tap tap hold xx power.

    The taps would probably be considered chains while the power clip is the cancel. Clipping doesn't need to be removed it needs to be enhanced and power management needs to be refined. Power consumption only became an issue because of the new system of having our abilities use more resource the more we geared as trollers rate of giving power was growing probably at an exponential curve while resource consumption remained at a flat rate.

    I have always been against the battery system and instead favored self management system with controllers serving as a means to boost the regeneration rate. Giving out power outright is bad because dps now feel the need to toss efficiency out the window if the damage is worthwhile which in the end means they are efficient in most cases.
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  13. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Funny how the CS told the OP that clipping is "intended" and he still says it is a glitch. LOL how does the OP know more about the game than the DEVS?:rolleyes:
  14. ADG New Player

    You've never pointed out how I am wrong. You have, instead, insulted me and anyone else you disagree with every chance you've had. Thes someone clicks report post to have pulled any comment left that snaps back at you. That isn't evidence of me being wrong. It's more indicative of not winning an argument you personally started any other way. Kinda like clipping. You don't want the opponent to fight back, so you do something they can't see.

    You tend to start your posts off with initial comments like name-calling and negative references. References that would not be negative, except for the context you establish by an implied insult. Had you had a cogent argument that included evidence and presented it in a respectful manner, you would be treated accordingly. In fact, if you had just been respectful, sans evidence, all would be well and good. And I will make it clear to anyone cheering you on, you used my name as your first post in this thread to insult someone else due to your disagreement with me on another thread of a similar topic.

    That was disrespect and was an attack on two people at once, me and the person that started this thread. It seems odd that those that make their disdain for your conduct clear have their posts removed while you are allowed to continue insulting and berating people.

    It is more unfortunate that your behavior is applauded, widely accepted and you are seemingly permitted to skirt pass the guidelines or have become so coy at insulting people that your posts no longer technically violate the rules while still doing intended harm. But let's be clear. Not everyone is a cheer-leader of your conduct and water seeks it's own level. For all the friends you make in treating people as you do in the forums, you also gain the notice of those that will invariably disapprove of that conduct and respond accordingly should opportunity arise.

    Being respectful of others isn't difficult. In fact, you have to go out of your way to be rude. This is what it appears you have done, repeatedly.
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  15. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    What's next you people going to call blocking a exploit. When you should relies that (wait for it)... you can block too!:eek: Just like clipping. You have access to clipping to, if you choose not to do it well then you should expect the other person to clip too.
  16. HOLY FORCE New Player

    ADG . I would just like thank you for all your input and positive feedback. Your very intelligent and respectful which really made my day .As you can see I'm very new to the forum's and to be honest this my first time using this method to voice my opinion. I've been gaming online since 2004 but never used forums until now.

    If it wasn't for your well written posts I was considering not coming back. The constant ridicule and blatant bashing of people is something that is not programmed in my DNA. I'm a former VET of two tours in Afghanistan. I'm just some dumb grunt with a simple grade 12 education. I fought to uphold all that is good in are nation and live by a strict code of honour, morality, respect etc etc.

    What I've exp so far on this platform is very rude and hateful individuals. I cant believe I fought for all those who live in there mothers basement to be tough guys on the computer. I hate bullies who prey on the weak and cowards who hide behind there computer screens. I'm positive if I was to ever meet any of you in person you wouldn't be so arrogant or sarcastic because that's how people get knocked out and when I say that, trust me there wouldn't be any clipping involved.

    That being said there were others besides ADG that I would like to thank for there kind imput. Even those who have disagreed but were polite I thank you.
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  17. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Clipping was an unintended thing when the game launched. It was then adopted into the game (Either they couldn't stop it or liked it? Idc) and really just is a part of the game now. New powers now are actually built around it and their content is built around it. It's not something that can be removed this late into the game without hurting the game honestly.

    Just practice some and get the hang of it yourself. Chances are you've done it by accident plenty of times already and didn't realize it. Heck... You can start clipping right on Braniac's ship. For PvP, they actually added in those nice crisp and clear symbols above yours and the enemies heads to show you what type of counters they are doing even if they try to hide them in a clip. So.. study those symbols if need be, it'll help a lot for less experienced PvPers.
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  18. HOLY FORCE New Player

    Thank you for your input. As I stated earlier I really enjoy all the animation to powers etc. If I clip then then the enjoyment I get will be gone. I know this issue well never be resolved but I felt I had to voice my opinion so if DC ever decides to do new MMO they can be aware of what works and what doesn't.

    I did play this game when it was first released because of my loyalty to DC comics for over 30 years but left because the game had to many issues from the start. I came back 3 months ago because I liked the content and changes that they made. I also realize there's a option in setting's to warn of incoming attacks. I choose not to use it because I feel it takes away from learning to def and attack by using hand eye coordination.

    Sorry but I think its weak to use and even though I've been bested by those only because they use this option it does not make them a better player. Its a crutch. Yes it's allowable but its not fun to constantly be flashed to block. I get much satisfaction from being able to figure out people's tactics as the match progress's and often laugh at myself when I fail to block break at the right time.

    Also I like to say a lot of people complain about long casting time for certain power's but those certain power's were probably designed in that fashion. If you choose a nuke power that does incredible damage but has long casting time it's there for a reason. Its called strategy knowing when to use a nuke is a art. You have to consider timing and space but if you can now by pass that, then what's the point.

    When I choose my power sets its based on animation and how effective it will be in battle. I'm a comic book geek at heart so when I create a character there's a theme involved. Now the way this game is played no one cares about the cool factor. People use power's and weapons that they absolutely hate but because it gets them a win in PVP so there ego's explode. I think its sad that your forced to conform to this way of thinking.

    When I played WoW there was a option to cancel a power that was casting. It was useful, made sense and you had to practice the when to use it. There was no reward for not fin that move. Common sense dictates if a move is cancelled then damage will not be inflicted. When I played WoW I had 15 powers to choose from and with Star Wars there was 24. I did very well in all aspects of PVP and lead many of the leader boards. So these constant attacks about having no skill or reflexes is utter nonsense.

    So I will continue to play without clipping or using the block symbols. I will win some and lose some. I could adjust and learn but then it would ruin my gaming exp. I would never go see a super hero movie if I knew they took out all the special effects.. So when a new mmo is released sadly I will have to leave.
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  19. Cloud_9 New Player

    This. Also, playing the counter system will allow you to trounce more than a few of these players without the aid of clipping.
  20. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Lol...I thought the same thing
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