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  1. HOLY FORCE New Player

    I wrote Customer support today on this issue and here's what I had to say + there response and my return reply.

    Today I was playing PVP legends and Arena's. I reported 3 people for what I thought was a speed hack or macro violation but now I believe it could very well be that they were just clipping. Lately I've been hearing a lot about clipping and had to google it to learn more about it. To my shock I found out that players were consistently cancelling animation of weapon attacks or powers to beat someone. Please, please tell me how is it possible for the devs to have created a game that allows someone to hit a player with 3 or 4 moves without seeing any animation. This is absolutely the worst news I could receive regarding this game. I love PVP and PVE content and the sole purpose of me liking this game is to watch the animations that come from powers etc. Now Im learning that for me to become a elite player I have to learn to clip. How stupid can this thought process be. If I do decide to learn to clip it would destroy all the joy I get from watching my character smashing someone over the head with drop kick , haymaker or super power. The coolest thing about this game is becoming a super hero with incredible abilities but now if I wish to win matches I have to sacrifice all that amazing eye candy to accomplish a million moves in 2 seconds. Now I will never again enjoy the action sequence which I love so very much. Also how can this be fair to players who don't clip or have any idea what cliiping is. How do they know when to block if there's nothing to react to visually. This destroys the whole concept of the game for me. That someone can hit me with heat vision, multiple punches and whatever they clip with and I don't even get to see what hit me. Player's on the forums are saying it takes skill and that the game would become to slow. This is absolute horse ****, excuse my language but this game is quite fast and to defend clipping as a skill set is utter garbage. If the devs intended for this to be a part of the game then why bother with creating any animation at all. I'm so mad regarding this issue because I've spent at least 50-100 dollars monthly for the last 3 months on this game and now I'm seriously considering the thought of leaving. Please send me a reply that says you understand my anger over this and that sometime in the near future this will be rectified in a following game update. One last thing if it cant be taken out of the game there is one solution. If someone decides to clip that they suffer a penalty for damage output or they do not get rewarded for phantom moves period. Please consider my thoughts on this topic, Thank you and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR .


    I understand you had some concerns regarding clipping. This is not considered an exploit and is allowed. If you would like to comment on game features we suggest submitting feedback to the developers through the forums located at

    If there is anything further you need assistance with feel free to contact us again.


    Senior GM Volom


    I'm sorry I know your stance on this issue and what mepps has said about this issue on the forums but your not listening or reading my statement properly. This is a exploit that has never been taken care of. Shame on you and the devs for ignoring this since game release. Its obviously a huge mistake because if it was intended it would be explained in each tutorial and instruction book on how to master this stupid EXPLOIT but no its been a dirty secret amongst the elite community. I'm so insulted by your response do you take me for a total idiot. I have a question for you then. If you went to see the latest Superman movie that was released in 2013, would you go see a movie where superman hit general ZOD ten times and then finished him off with heat vision without seeing any of the special effects. The answer would be NO so why should I play a game where someone uses powers to that same effect and gets rewarded for PHANTOM DAMAGE. your reply is quite sad and your avoiding the problem. If this is considered acceptable then why do we play baseball for 9 innings, really by your response your telling me that I shouldn't watch the first 8 inning's and skip to the end. How about this two teams don't play at all they stand for the national anthem and when its over we just declare a winner because 10 PHANTOM home runs were hit. NUFF said.
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  2. Jamos Well-Known Player

    I guess you haven't been here very long. Clipping has been a thing for a while. Is it fair to be bombarded with nigh invisible attacks? No, but the devs seem to be down with it. So we have little say in the matter.
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  3. Jamie New Player

    I cut down most of your post. To the first portion there is a saying, something about a duck walking and making duck noises.

    Secondly, why do people play 9 innings of baseball? Seriously, this game is so power I wish they would clip during it.

    You mentioned an instruction book, did 1 really ever exist? There isn't one now. The bottom line is that you are upset because people have learned how to play better than you and you want them to be penalized. The game can do a better job of explaining things but expecting them to change because you are not familiar with something is just a joke. What you have spent in the last few months might cover Mepps salary for the time he spends on these forums this week. It definately doesn't give you the right to demand anything from the dev's especially when what you want goes against what most players want.
  4. MercPony Devoted Player

    Umm.... is it bad I clicked this expecting it to be a discussion about clipping Rage powers?
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  5. IdontDps Committed Player

    i dont care the devs have said its a mechanic in the game deal with it or leave
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  6. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Someone point me to a list of all powers that can be clipped - or a shorter list of powers that can't. Because I've just started exploring that and I've noticed that some things I try to clip simply stop showing damage numbers. Is that phantom damage or are they really stopping the damage?

    I mean if being a speedy clip monkey is the only way to play past tier 2, I'd better start learning I suppose.

    Not the way i WANT to play but pretty darn clear it's not going anywhere and it's "when in rome or go home" *chuckle*
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  7. Whiteroom New Player

    Same. I was kinda like "Oh great! Someone else with some dreamt up idea of how it will work...", then I was like "Maybe something official was released!"
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  8. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Ditto White and Merc, that's what I thought too.
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  9. Eranthis New Player

    this had me cracking up im in tears right now LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ;'} OMG this is hilarious ! :D
  10. compasionate grenade Committed Player

    Its ok if u lost.

    Ur still pretty in dark.
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  11. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Lulz :)
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  12. Jamos Well-Known Player

    I for one eagerly await for the topics about rage toons rage quiting. That is like whoa.
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  13. Dogico Loyal Player

    I clip everything all the time and while I do miss out on seeing certain animations I enjoy the fast paced nature of combat so no major complaints here.

    Having said that, y'all don't need to call the OP stupid and whatnot; he brings up a valid argument. Clipping was never meant to be in the game, don't believe that lie. Even in fighting games/action games where an animation can be canceled into another animation the damage from the first animation doesn't go through. I love fighting games and while I enjoy pvp in DCUO mastery of its mechanics offers nowhere near the level of satisfaction of mastery of even a competent fighting game. I never feel good in pvp just fast because clipping is such a huge component of the game. I'm not against clipping, like I said I enjoy the combat but to believe the game was designed to include such a practice is disingenuous at best. No game has clipping. None. Plenty have canceling moves into other moves but no game has clipping.
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  14. JustSome_Chick New Player

    omg soda pop BURNS when flying out the nose in laughter!
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  15. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    If the dmg numbers stop you didn't clip, you "animation cancelled". Without knowing your powerset it would be hard to tell you what could clip. Check the guide for your power in Oracles' database.
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  16. Jamie New Player

    I wish I could help you here. I know that some powers like mass det can be clipped but the damage is reduced if not outright eliminated. Most (maybe all) powers can be jump cancelled so if the damage hits at the start of the animation you can jump cancel to reduce animation time. Hope this helps some. And yes, I know your question was sarcastic but it still was a valid question.
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  17. Sore Steadfast Player

    Try to learn clipping. You'll find out 4 things very fast.

    1) There is a structure in place preventing you from stacking too many attack abilities on another player
    2) There are only a small handful of ways to get around that structure
    3) Any over-reliance on clipping will run you out of power unless you're running a full PvE raid
    4) While clipping is needed to really push out the numbers, it's not as runaway as the OP would have you believe
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  18. Blue Hound New Player

    I'm sure that's what we all thought when entering this thread. lol
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  19. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Will do. The list is too long of what I play because I can't decide which is my favorite yet. I've taken several toons to 30 and several more to the mid 20s and having an attention issue that is currently unmedicated, I'm addicted to variety. Jill of many trades. I'll take it one day / power at a time :)
  20. Whiteroom New Player

    I fugure they never originally intended it. However all new content is designed with clipping in mind. Its here to stay, taking it out would mean re-balancing pretty much everything in the game. It is fun once you get the hang of it too.

    Also, there is already ADGs troll thread on the first page where he could have put this, plus the whole banging peoples faces into a wall of text...
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