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  1. Little Sister New Player

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  2. BadJade New Player

    A lot more of the terrible players in game seek out macroes and think its the only way to play or compete.

    Soe never fixed the simple macroes of clipping bb for pvp as lets be honest NO ONE cares what you use in pve as long as they get gear.

    However macroes are on the rise again. And its very very easy to spot. Report people and move on. Nowaday the average quality of player isn't great and quick to blame cheats/hacks /or even hate clipping. not to say it doesn't exist i said it is on the rise again.
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  3. Archangel Rafael New Player

    A long time ago in beta, they turned the clipping up until it was too much then turned it down till everybody was fighting in quicksand. Then they turned it back up some and then they made all the bad guys fight better and block/break. And then they released it.

    clipping has been in since day 1. Maybe it has gotten out of hand. Depends on how much clipping you like. In any case its a balance and they're not changing it now cause it gets harder to re-balance which each additional powerset.

    like it or not, DCUO is what it is. It's not an RPG. It's an mmo arcade game
  4. Whiteroom New Player

    The same can be said about every game and not just nowadays. I don't know how many server bans I received in COD/BF from players who were terrible and didn't understand how to play thinking it was hacks.
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  5. SuperiorMouse New Player

    dear OP, good luck with this one.

    the technical function of canceling (clipping) was built into the game for functional reasons. it allows players the ability to interrupt a power or combo to drink a soder etc. however the devs never intended it to become what it is and used to stack multiple attacks simultaneously etc -- and this is what the community has come to refer to as clipping. they've spent a lot of time introducing us to messaging and telegraphing of these combat mechanics and if it was originally intended they wouldn't have bothered with any of that since clipping completely circumvents all of that. it's sad really because there is a lot of money and resources dumped into various areas of the game which are completely destroyed by the popularly and support clipping has received. the problem is, now, it's so far ingrained into the community that it cannot simply be removed -- the sheer volume of nerd-rage would destroy the game. it's like a weed and it's taken hold. so... good luck with your post and stuff (sorry). :)
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  6. Sore Steadfast Player

    Really it's a simple system with directional clipping.
    A) Beneficial powers clip anything
    B) Damage powers only clip weapons
    C) Weapons clip nothing

    It's only crazy when you have damage abilities incorrectly clipping other damage abilities. When you can clip with a jump. When you can cancel out of a beneficial ability. Abilities with too short animations/cooldowns. Etc. A lot of those scenarios really just slipped through the cracks. Now it's a matter whether those scenarios need to be addressed or not. If it was rampant...maybe. But there's no need to be overly principled. If it's not gamebreaking and nobody is complaining...who cares. If only some people are's worth thinking about. But consider some of these exception are fun to execute and rewarding to get a bonus out of once you've mastered it.
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  7. Gunny New Player

    If it is not currently intended to be a part of the game is laughable.

    how is it that I can list every rule in terms of how weapons and powers can clip, cancelling powers, what does clip what does not, etc....all in a short list? That includes trinkets and consumables.

    you are probably correct it was not ORIGINALLY intended, but I can honestly tell you that the VAST majority of players who have played the game this long find the clipping rules to be very structured and organized. It likely couldnt be fixed without a severe overhaul, and they likely decided to get it to be structured and organized instead. Great choice on their part.
  8. BumblingB I got better.

    LOL I thought this thread was a preemptive post about how would we clip rage?
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  9. MercPony Devoted Player

    Seems we all thought the same thing xD I posted same on the first page.
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  10. Bendmetal Dedicated Player

    It's ok, I thought that to. I was really grumpy about it, I need red lanterns and thats why my post was... negative
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  11. Tocimus Committed Player

    the truth is that that it would require a complete overhaul of the game, and that aint gonna happen. clipping, despite what mepps says, was once a bannable offense for the pc side of the game. its a bug that wont be fixed, its here to stay whether you like it or not. new classes are being designed with it in mind. least you didnt have to deal with it before they finally added cool downs to powers. that was a spam fest.
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  12. ADG New Player

    Pee Wee Herman?
  13. ADG New Player

    Clipping is an exploit. 100%. I am starting to think the devs kept in place or avoided fixing perhaps because...maybe... they are the ones that need to clip to win...?

    And anyone that supports clipping is readily admitting they need a crutch to walk.

    After losing to 7 clippers, all hard-light (surely just a coincidence), I exploited the clipping to win the next several matches yesterday just to give the sorry trash a taste of their medicine.

    Of course, I let each one start clipping first just to see if it was justified.

    It is a trash tactic for trash players. I use it now against the trash when they do it to me. But if I were new to this game and my first dose of it coming into the pvp was this garbage, I would not pay for a subscription. Not to a game that allows for this horrendous exploit.
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  14. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Off topic: I just read Your "signature" and I feel it would be omissive of me not to comment: what a load of convoluted, self-righteous nonsense. lol
    I want those 20 sec of my life back...
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  15. ADG New Player

    I just read your post and had the same feeling.
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  16. The Hornet New Player

    I feel like certain posts in this thread, #78 as a completely random example for instance, will be removed eventually, regardless of how much I may agree with some of them.

    That said, clipping is fun. Learning to clip HL constructs the past month-or-so on my sojourn from mental has reinvigorated my enjoyment in the game. It is actually challenging for me to clip HL constructs and do as much damage as I can with mental. It's even more difficult for me to play HL in 1v1 PVP, as mental is a really great power for it, and as HL, if your opponent knows the constructs and blocks, you're pretty much SOL.
  17. Whiteroom New Player

    Her sig is a confession of trolling. I'm thinking that old "What trolls want you to believe" img.
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  18. ADG New Player

    No more a confession than the obvious conduct of your posts. Perhaps if you had not mentioned my name in your initial post to this thread as an attack on someone else? Perhaps you can explain now what a troll is and how they bother people before sticking foot in mouth.
  19. Whiteroom New Player

    Wrong again, but no surprise there.
  20. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Wow one of these threads. Haven't seen one of these in a long time. Thought for sure people were done complaining about clipping. This might have been quoted prior to me responding but I'm not gonna read through the past 4 pages to see :p.

    Tunso (you know the guy who handles the combat system for DCUO) once cleared this matter up with a response to someone complaining about clipping in 2011:

    "Hey gang! Just so that everyone is absolutely and abundantly clear, Animation Canceling or "clipping" is intended. You shouldn't feel bad for doing it and it is not cheating."

    The response is archived here:
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