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  1. JokerSharp New Player

    Hahaha watch rage be the most beast clipped power.
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  2. Chungweishan New Player

    It is, in the end, all about the Gaming Experience. Some players prefer the graphics, some prefer the mechanics, some like both. Some just want to win, some just want to role-play. It's entirely up to you.

    It sucks that there is clipping if you enjoy the animations, but obviously far more people don't mind. I just make believe they're moving at superhuman speed.
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  3. ADG New Player

    Hm? Seems like you put a lot of effort into typing. Grats.
  4. Whiteroom New Player

    By the way, you speak of respect a fair amount. I do recall my first response to you here, (now, don't don't go getting uppity about that, its nothing special you did, I simply have a good memory.). It was a response to you coming here and posting numerous threads in the first week where you were consistently being picked on and kicked. It was a simple non-aggressive comment that, if you were in fact a CR 99 skilled troll as you claimed, maybe the kicking came from how you acted towards other players. You know, high CR skilled trolls being the most in demand thing right now. (They do not get kicked consistently without reason, once or twice in a bad pug maybe...)
    You were actually the aggressor here and attacked me, not only confirming my supposition, but showing a good amount of disrespect yourself.

    You also put out threats in your statement to me here, and I never did see you condemn the comments of one who freely admitted to destroying families due to in game slights and who offered to do the same to the "antagonists" in one of your victim stories. That says enough about you right there.
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  5. MyrVell Committed Player

    I'm raging because you got a response that fast on a ticket while I still wait on mine.
  6. ADG New Player

    Yea. No doubt. You'll be ok though. Keep the faith. I'm sure it will all work out for you. In the mean time, please feel free to express your thoughts on the topic of this particular thread. I have no doubt they are insightful and will add to it's value.
  7. BadJade New Player

    Hmm just like the fabled 2% of DCUO pop can complete OC raids. Where was it ever stated that clipping couldnt be fixed and was NOT intended ? please ? I ve pretty much read everything since the game launched and I dont ever remember reading this. Only issue in the past was being able to stack way more damage powers in clips than possible.

    Also, I have clarified my stance on clipping many times, there is no issue with it, but only becomes a problem when it is used to stack too much front loaded damage, some is fine not 1-6 in half a sec with no twitch of a movement.

    Also this thread is a joke right ? If I was to create an alt on the forum id use a different name that wasnt in CAPITALS, nor would I post the same thread with the same issues - sending in a ticket to SOE about clipping, then come in here and try and troll people out of their opinions ? wow

    Also, print this out and stick it to your wall so whenever you play DCUO and get beaten look up and read it - I dont have to remind you that Tunso is one fo the combat engineers for pvp and the game and I dare say has been around since this games inception.

    “Tunso wrote:
    “You don't have to worry about clipping. The system knows what's possible and what is not. Clipping like a madman won't raise any flags since it's a valid part of the combat system. While perfecting the cheat detection, our engineers would examine any hackers I personally fought against in PvP with my live play characters to confirm it was reporting accurately and it is!”;post_id=456917
    Tunso wrote:
    “Hey gang! Just so that everyone is absolutely and abundantly clear, Animation Canceling or "clipping" is intended. You shouldn't feel bad for doing it and it is not cheating.”;post_id=406980

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  8. Jamie New Player

    I may have discovered what the real issue is, and its not clipping. Today some challenged me to a duel 3 times before I accepted. He was Celestial and I was HL. When the countdown to start hit 2 he started casting powers. When the match officially started my health dropped to 1/2 immediately. I fought back some but it was futile. Has this always been in the game? Is this intended? If so, what moves can I do this with as HL?

    To the OP and ADG - you both need to drop the self rightous acts. You are wrong about clipping and you are not entitled to your "oppinion" that clipping is an exploit. Opinions are not opinions when they go directly against the facts. Yuo are free to not clip or to not like clipping but you need to accept the fact the clipping is intended to be utilized in this game. Was clipping intended at the start of the game - don't know and don't care since it does not matter. The people that control the game have told you that it is a part of the game and is meant to be utilized as players see fit so it is not an exploit.

    Honestly most of yuor posts I tend to disagree with or you come off as a troll to me, this is the exception. I have to commend you on a very well written post that did a great job of explaining things. Many kudos to you :)
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  9. compasionate grenade Committed Player

    For the duel question u just have to get out of range because a lot of powers have strong casting hits hard like quantum, ice, mental. I suspect the player hit a trink to boost stats then hit annoint for another stat boost followed by retribution cWither. IF this was the case just put a lil distance u and her/him so when the match starts she/he just wasted power on nothing. Side note, during celestial combo casting, have something like chomppers in ur loadout to cc them that way u break the combo and have an opening to attack. imo
  10. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    I think what Jamie was asking about was that the health bar registered the attacks that were launched before the count down finished. You know when you are dueling usually that big dome surrounds you and you get the voice over counting down and that the opponent launched attacks before the countdown finished and they all registered as hits. Which I am curious about too. Shouldn't the PvP flag in duels be inactive before the count down finishes? Legitimate question here. I suck at PvP so I wouldn't know. Maybe it is supposed to be this way.
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  11. Agnetta Dedicated Player

    he was probably doing plague > divine light. or divine light > plague. its a big burst hit followed by a strong dot. its a long, slow combo, thats why he started it before the duel started. people can time it so they get the big hit off right when the duel starts. what you have to do is stun them right when the duel starts. i usually use snap trap to stun them asap as HL. not sure if it'll work every time though. lunging might work too.
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  12. Giggles Loyal Player

    Exactly what Jade said. It's only an issue when it is used to front load damage. I'm sure if the PS and PC servers are ever merged, they will take a hard look at clipping when it comes to damage, since we PC players can clip way faster than anyone using a gamepad. Until then, as Lini said, study the icons over people's heads and pay attention, they will help you read your opponent if you can't see what's happening yourself.

    As Jade said, and proved, it is an intended mechanic, and all you can do right now is learn it and use it yourself, or not learn it and lose to those who have perfected it. Either way OP, it's a choice you have to make for yourself. Let me tell you, I have been playing since beta and have always been against clipping to front load damage. However, I quickly learned I needed to master it to defend against it when others used it on me. To this day, I don't clip like a mad man, but when I see people using it on me, that's when my gloves come off. Learn it, and master it, at the very least so you can properly defend yourself.
  13. BadJade New Player

    You know I am saying all this with a tounge firmly in my cheek knowing full well I can clip my entire healer power bar from 1-7 forwards and backwards for intense burst healing for every possible kind of heal.
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  14. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Eh that's fine, they put that option in specifically because we told them on Test server that not everyone wanted to see the icons. I personally keep them turned off because I've been PvPing since waaay before they were added and don't need them, they just distract me at best. Pops up and makes me think I should do something I shouldn't lol.

    BUT I was just letting you know they are there. While maybe they don't fit in to role-playing.. It's a nice thing to help yourself practice learning what every power/weapon's counter/vulnerability looks like. Then turn them off once you got it all down! I was just suggesting them since they really can help if you're against someone who clips a lot and you're new to PvP. Lets you see through all the clipping in a way.
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  15. shadwfyre New Player

    So one player is told it is ok but another player gets told this:

    Clipping is listed specifically as an inappropriate in-game activity.
    When even the people that work there don't seem to know if it is legal how are we to know who is right?
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  16. Dirty Fred New Player

    Well the clipping the refer to here is most likely someone that used 3d party program to modify the game so they can clip throw polygons & that way go throw solid objects m.m!
    Could be used to walk throw solid walls, doors & such.

    Sometimes you get a bug where you fall throw the ground in game & that is also refered as clipping throw the polygons.

    In 3D gaming, "to clip through" is also sometimes used to refer to the situation in which part of a model passes through part of another in an unnatural manner, like a leg passing through a cape when running.

    (hope it helps)
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  17. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Their same sad excuse for why we can't have any new female hairstyles. Because they will "clip" through the current styles... I ,for one, am willing to risk some style clipping for hairstyles from this day and age!

    (Completely off topic)
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  18. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    That clipping is different to what the clipping in discussion is about. Poor community naming is what causes this confusion. Even Tunso went out of his way to use the correct term of "animation canceling" (almost every game with such a system refers to this as a cancel) and put the term clipping in quotations. Had they been referring to the clipping the players use, they would have used the term canceling animations. There is also the fact that the devs can switch it on and off if they so choose. The myth that it was a bug they could not fix always puzzled me. The revamps have allowed the to make menace, intimidate, and weapons of destiny into animation cancelers. In order to recreate this they would have to understand exactly how it works. I also find it hard to believe that people would think something as basic as canceling animations with another would be something the devs could not stop.
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  19. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Keep in mind that they are artists in their own right and they want to protect the integrity of their art. Yes, many people wouldn't care but people who are passionate about the perfection of their artwork seem to think differently.
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  20. Buckley Loyal Player

    And how is that legitimate? Thats like, we have put structures in place to prevent you from cheating/hacking/exploiting/clipping, but there is a handful of ways to get around the structure that prevents you from cheating/hacking/exploiting/clipping. Also I bet that that information only gets spread between a certain group of ppl that do not share how to "get around that structure".

    IMO clipping is something that could not be fixed(since development) so it was easier to just say its a feature rather than a bug.
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