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  1. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    And U base that opinion on what, exactly?

    If animation-canceling can not be prevented, how come everything doesn't clip everything, or at least clipping abilities are not random? What's so difficult about preventing support abilities (like PD, or shields) from clipping damage powers and how come damage abilities do not clip each other? How come weapon attacks don't clip powers? How come Supply Drop can clip powers, while Air Strike can only clip weapons? How is it that PI consumables (like Karmic Hex or Dazing Device) and soders clip anything, but ranged damaging ones (like Shock Inducers and Static Grenades) can only clip weapons? How come U get lower damage from ranged weapon attacks like HB's Charged Blast, if U cancel/clip the animation?
    How is it, that Rifle's Mortar clipped too early cancels the damage, but clipped around half-way through the animation doesn't? Why does jump-canceling Terrorize before second damage tick - cancels that tick?

    The above (and there's plenty more) suggests that Devs have at least some level of control over animations cancelling, but chose to keep it the way it is, most likely to speed up the combat and give it some depth. If they couldn't stop the powers/trinkets/consumables from being triggered while weapon animations are in progress - for some reason, which no one has been able to even hint at, so far - they could just make the clips cancel the damage, more-less like how Mortar clipped early doesn't do damage now. That would soon deter anyone from clipping, or - more likely - from using weapons.

    So yeah - can we please have some evidence for the claims that "clipping can not be fixed"? Anyone with ANY idea about game design/programming cares to enlighten us? Because so far, all I'm seeing is people with no apparent clue, using this argument as an excuse for not learning to play the game effectively.

    I could have an opinion, that the Knight in chess was supposed to move in straight lines (because, for example: all the other figures move in straight lines, that L-shape looks like a joke) but unless I could come with some sort of evidence for it - I wouldn't expect anyone to respect that opinion, or change the way the game is played just to please me.
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  2. Buckley Loyal Player

    So then, why if i know the exact timing of "animation canceling" can I not just utilize my expensive gaming keyboard that has programmable buttons to set up the intended "animation canceling" which the devs insist is put in the game for better game play and depth.
  3. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    U cannot utilize Your "expensive gaming keyboard" because other players may not have that option. Anyone can learn to clip. If macros were included with the game, so everyone could use them - then they would be legit, although would make the game way too easy for many (most?) players.
  4. Zeo Committed Player

    I think that won't will hurt, to make clipping a SC, where it drains your SC by second or everytime that you clip it takes a certain part of your SC.

    Btw thats my inspiration:

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  5. Ogat New Player

    Those threads makeme giggle every time.

    -It's an exploit even tho the devs have stated numerous times it is not, and CS told me the same thing.
    -Why have animations at all then? -Despite all the numerous cancel possibilities not all animations can be canceled and continous canceling is only possible with an efficient power source+ Having animations in place is kinda a requirement for an action game:>
    -But I can't even see what they are doing, and can't counter them- If you really can't Even with those ***** icons that scream to you "Lunge me!" "BB me!" "Block me!" I dont know what to tell You.
    - Button mashing is not a skill- If you loose to someone who is button mashing i don't know what to tell You either. Only morons clip away they entre power pool and hope for the best and it takes and even bigger moron to not counter such "strategy". If You get countered and bursted into oblivion it is because you made a mistake and deserve to take the dmg simple as that.
    - Lastly if You take joy out of watching the animations and want to play the game this way-more power to You, however noone is obligated to do the same and limit themselves to deliblatery not use a technique You either don't understand or don't like using.
  6. Skyris Allen Well-Known Player

    I can understand OP for the most part. Clipping takes away from visual effects which in my personnel opinion is makes no sense to be intended in a superhero game where people like seeing cool powers. So spend a lot of your customers invested money into animation while working very hard on them animations just to have them to be cancelled out.

    Clipping is intended to accommodate the uncreative content the Devs put out. The devs are either too lazy or incapable of making real creative challenging content. So they make it that clipping is needed and and trolls on strict power battery duty to support dps extra power usage.
    This will never change because this game was made for casual/ simple minded play-style people theyre the majority while people like me whom are either DC Fans and/or come to far to quite are minority so we just deal with it, because the minority dont matter .

    Judging off people reaction to your post you are obviously a minority group on DCUO so either deal with like the rest us or simply leave like the majority has stated.
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  7. The Klepto New Player

    What's this world coming to?? Explain this to me. Explain everything to me. Blah blah blah blah

    Why don't you just ask somebody to explain life for you?! Spoon feed me how to do.....

    Sit down and figure it out yourself!!!
  8. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Passive-aggressive much?
  9. Buckley Loyal Player

    And other ppl can not press the buttons as fast as need be, so they do not have that option. I also could not afford to waste 100's of dollars on a chance to get a aura but that was allowed even though I did not have the option to get one.

    So you say learn to clip, I say get a better keyboard. This game should not be about what I have and you don't or what you can do and I can. If you have perfect hand eye coordination good for you I have a kick @ss keyboard, why does one get prefrens over the other.
  10. True Savior New Player

    I Like fighting Clippers in legends. When I notice them I stop fighting and fly around avoiding their attacks. Lol I know it gets them so mad. Yea they kill me but it takes almost 10 minutes to do it. So i get a cat chasing a mouse enjoyment out of it.
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  11. Ogat New Player

    Every MMO in history is about those two things.
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  12. H.. Committed Player

    This is so...
    Unfortunately, There are some people who lack the manual dexterity and, or natural physical resources to perform these operations - unless they consider alternate device help such as programmable keyboard / game pads.

    I guess it will never be a "perfect level playing field" for all - some will always have an advantage - while the others, will be at a dis-advantage. Then you must do the best you can for yourself.
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  13. Buckley Loyal Player

    Yes but the alternative runs a high risk of getting you banned. And if you look at some of the posts its all about lvling the playing field....
    No PvP armour in PvE, no HT in Death matches because it gives you a unfair advantage, and soon no PvE in PvP.
  14. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Pay to win much?
    If anyone's in any way handicapped - there's nothing the devs can do about this. If they're using the fact that they can afford more sophisticated hardware - that's Pay To Win, as well as game breaking. And it can be fairly easily detected, I'd imagine.
    If I can't see well and buy COD or Battlefield, then complain that I can't shoot anyone - should that game's developers blur every other players screen, so that I can compete? If I'm short - should every tall basket-ball player I play against, play on their knees? I can't reach the basket, they can - it's totaly unfair...
    It's a game - almost all games are about "what you can do and I can" - or "skill", if U want to put it... in English. If someone doesn't have the basic motoric functions to interface with the game - it's a shame, but people who can't press a bunch of buttons in quick succession are luckily a microscopic minority...
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  15. Buckley Loyal Player

    So in other words its fair as long as you have the upper hand or a advantage. But as soon as the opponent has a way of lvling the playing field its a hack or unfair advantage.

    "If I can't see well and buy COD or Battlefield, then complain that I can't shoot anyone - should that game's developers blur every other players screen, so that I can compete?" or you could buy a pair of glasses that.... It's a device that enables you to see as well as some one that does not need it.

    " I can't reach the basket, they can - it's totaly unfair..." and you can only score points if you are tall?.... I don't watch basketball but I am pretty sure you don't have to be tall to throw a ball through a ring

    "that's Pay To Win" no pay to win is paying 100's of dollars to better your chances at the lotto loot system. Thats basically paying 100's of dollars for Traces in Time gear.
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  16. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    No - as long as the people in charge of this game say it's ok - it's ok, whether I have the upper hand or not...

    Perhaps - but they won't be aiming for me... Macros pull off combos for the players, who are usually just to lazy to develop muscle memory to be able to do this themselves. If I can't aim (for whatever reason) - I just don't play shooters. If anyone can't push buttons, well...

    And U can only play DCUO by clipping? That's utter nonsense - most players don't learn to clip until they're running top contennt, because up until that point there's little need for it.And even then some powersets require very little clipping, if U're using the right attacks and U're adequately geared. Even in PvP clipping has limited uses - U can counter most attacks, regardless of animations playing, if U know what U're doing... Will someone not-clipping be the top? Not likely, unless they're running with a particularly under-geared group, but neither will I ever be the best player on any Basketball court. I can live with that, somehow...

    And why can't both of these be "Pay to win"? U're spending money (that's the "pay") to get an advantage over someone who doesn't have the same kind of hardware (that's the "win"), and equalize Your chances with those, who learned how to play the game, the way the devs designed it - through practice. They commited time to play the game and learn it. U commited 100 bucks so U don't have to develop the skills. If U don't see how that's not "fair play" - I don't know what to tell U.

    But the bottom line is - when the Devs say it's ok, to use macros, or it's wrong to clip - I'll abide by their rules, or go play something else. I'd recommend U play a regular single player game instead of an MMO - u can use whatever Your wit and finances allow U to...
  17. HOLY FORCE New Player

    Be careful the internet, wall texting, vocabulary and sentence structure police is watching. He doesn't care about any of the content in your thread. He will just attack your weakness's and blatantly ridicule you for your short coming's. He's the God of the internet waiting and lurking to pounce on his next victim.

    He's also a expert on the military. He thinks that after watching a few War movies it give's him the right to make comments toward vet's regarding this subject. Sadly he fail's to grasp many things because he stuck in his narrow minded view of the world. His intelligence is extremely high and his words are art form but don't be fooled by this illusion. This entity is a psychic vampire who feeds off making individuals miserable. His power grows after every attack. So be aware, don't feed the beast but just ignore.
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  18. Ogat New Player

    I will have What You had please.
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  19. H.. Committed Player

    Animation Cancellation - Exploit or, Crutch?

    A little Devils Advocate here -
    This is true -- but, this is also a point of confusion and duplicity - As stated by a developer representative this "animation cancellation is intended" - and, if an individual is just implementing an alternate (artificial) means to achieve this objective, then why should they be banned?

    Although, the company can point to "Terms of Service" as Codes of Conduct - those terms maybe challenged here especially, if one can show where there is a "Biased Present" for certain people with a Physical Disability.

    The company maybe "leaving itself open" with a bit of duplicity and, maybe more importantly the perception concerning "Animation Cancelling" practice and the means of an individual to preform it - in a normal playing field of an MMO.

    Therefore, you can make an argument that "Animation Cancellation" can be either of the - Natural or, Artificial (Alternate) variety the latter, for people who have a legitimate handicap.

    The people who argue this point will mostly likely say - because of a deficiency an alternate or, artificial means (programmable game pads / keyboards etc..) are need for this individual to compete and progress in this environment.

    The Bottom line here is, to be "Totally Consistent" as much as possible - Across the Board.

    Animation Cancellation, if it is intended and, for argument sake of this reply, we'll go along with the developer(s) and say that it is, then - "AC" - should be Universal and Open as possible, to avoid anything less than a desirable outcome(s) -

    (and a possible mess to clean up)!;)

    Devils Advocate- Nothing More or, Less (above).
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  20. Jamie New Player

    This probably was what he was doing. I never even thought about trying to time a move to have it hit the moment the fight starts. Do yuo happen to know if this is working as intended or an exploit? Thanks for the suggestion on how to counter it.
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