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  1. ADG New Player

    Great post. I have watched the interviews and read the posts. And if this were intended, and I am not going to argue this post on that matter, I would still disagree with clipping for ethical reasons. Not any particular matter of player-made honor. I am talking straight-up ethics.

    Animations are there to be seen. We need those animations to offer queues to train our own skills in relation to the skills of others. A video game obviously needs a player to see what is going on so all skills have a level playing field to grow. Then all is fair and the best players emerge.

    When you develop a skill that requires blinding the player from seeing what is going on, you are flat out cheating.

    Case in point, invisibility and sneak attacks are already in this game as powers or abilities. Points must be placed in that. What then is clipping? Why would any player now waste points on those abilities when they can master clipping for free?

    Another point is that some devs stated in a video they would introduce signs over the toon's heads to indicate what just happened. That is obviously saying it is not intended or wanted to remain invisible, though you still won't be able to do anything about it. And at the rate combat goes, many will likely not catch those signs anyway. And they have already been described as pointless.

    If clipping is intended, why is it not a feature skill to be purchased since it obviously affects combat to a destabilizing degree and provides such an obvious bias on the score card?
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  2. Gorechild New Player

    I love it...

    The staff tells you it's acceptable / intentional so you make a rage post about how it's not.

    Since you guys obviously know what is and isn't allowable in the game better than the staff, hook me up with some info on the mmo game you designed and run.
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  3. ADG New Player

    How about you just learn to accept that other people have the right to disagree with something regardless of your opinion.
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  4. The Hornet New Player

    Perfectly earnest question here, did you type this with a straight face?
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  5. ADG New Player

    I typed it doing my best impersonation of you. Yet it still came off a bit too... respectful.
  6. The Hornet New Player

    Well, one can never be too careful when we're talking about our general disposition toward one another ...
  7. ADG New Player

    Not true. "Careful" implies respect. I would much rather have received and given that regarding my interactions with certain people. I never lash out at civility, though I will often lash back at less.

    It would have to have been far better an ordeal to be treated better by you. But no doubt you have a long list of my offenses toward you, accordingly, that justify your "disdain."
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  8. The Hornet New Player

    I mean, just to break it down, with all due respect, you say it's not an issue of player-made code, but an actual issue of "straight-up ethics," which is the study of the moral principles which guide a person or group's behavior.

    Such a statement presupposes several things.

    1. There is a universal morality, which is really a massive topic to wade into, and I feel if you grab on to me, we'll both drown.
    2. Said universal morality applies to a trivially competitive enterprise.
    3. Clipping, aka canceling the animation of a move - blessed by the official authority on the matter - somehow violates said universal morality.
    4. It's a big enough deal to require a campaign across multiple threads, while, y'know, starving kids in Africa and all that.

    Given this, I feel like my question about whether or not you typed that statement with a straight face was a completely fair and respectful question. I mean ... really?
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  9. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    So, anywayyyy... Here's hoping Rage has some OP clips. ;)
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  10. ADG New Player

    If in order to win you must rely on a technique that requires the incapacitation or blinding of your opponent, rendering them defenseless, beyond the parameter of selected skills and powers requiring purchase by points in the presented progression, you are exploiting either cheat or an inadequately designed game. And that is giving the game credit. Block is a default for combat mechanics and part of the system, capable of being modded.

    But you can't mod clipping. You don't have to put points in it. It exploits damage of congruent attacks before or after the clip, while adding damage dependent on the addition of the unseen attack.

    If, however, this were intended I would be curious as to why as it requires no purchase, overrides most any tactic that was not clipped first and renders an opponent defenseless no matter what time, effort, points or mods that have vested. No skill trained up measures against being clipped. A clip provides blocks, block-breakers and attacks beyond sight and without a power/skill frame work that renders the framework useless. Breaking it all down, don't waste your time learning anything except clipping.

    That is a waste of pvp that benefits the one-trick-pony players that found their short-cut to the loot. If that is intended, it does not paint the developer responsible in an ethical light.

    The in-game tutorial at character launch omitted clipping when going over the basics of combat. Oh yea... Right. Forgot. "Advanced" technique.
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  11. The Hornet New Player

    There's actually a ton of misunderstanding about clipping on your part here, and I think it's worth noting, for some less-experienced player may come across it, much of your statements about "overriding any tactic," "rendering opponents defenseless," and clips providing "blocks and block-breaks ... beyond sight" ranges from half-true to not true.

    Clipping doesn't override any tactic. Actually, clipping as hard light in PVP can get you in real trouble, because a lot of the hard-hitting stuff can be countered via block, and most good pvp'ers know what those moves are and what they're combo'd out of. Clipping doesn't render opponents defenseless, there's still counter windows to both interruptable moves like block-breakers, and blockable moves like lunges. Clips don't provide blocks. Clips can hide most of the animation on many block-breakers, but there's a little icon over the offending player's head that tells you what he or she is doing. Moreover, this player can only hide the block-breaker if he or she has power to clip the animation with, or a soda/trinket/consumable at the ready.

    I think, and I don't say this to be mean, but you perhaps could benefit from some more practice and experiences with different powers and weapons. I think you don't fully understand what's happening to you, and it looks like voodoo, when really it's someone beating you with your own inexperience. Instead of boning up, you're here grinding your gears about an element of the game that's both fun to master for many, and essential in much of the PVE content at its release.
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  12. undevinez New Player

    lol same here
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  13. IvoMnik New Player

    Exactly because those two were balanced around a very small focus group ( a certain infamous guild , which rumor says had a DEVELOPER amidst their ranks at one point) - that is why those raids came out this way - in my opinion those raids were balanced around EXPLOITING and the community reacted in response to that - tell me , are there any raids which were more exploited than Dox and Nex so far in the history of DCUO ?

    What goes around , comes around .
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  14. IGotYA New Player

    Why people have to be so bad and cry everytime they lose?
    hey till tier 4 i had no idea what clipping was, never came to the forums crying because someone
    was better than me.
    And really learned how to dps after OC came out, got beaten and kicked out of nexus and never came to
    the forums to cry about it.

    I did what anyone playing the game should do: strive to be better;
    not expect the game to change to accommodate your skill level,
    even tho the game is focused on casual players the devs still expect you to
    AT LEAST TRY, to learn how to play the game they created.

    Don't like clipping? oh to bad you will have to deal with it or
    do you think all the devs have to do to end clipping is to pust cast time on everything?
    they will have re-balance EVERY power and weapons attack and look at how long they
    took to update/remake sorcery and nature.

    Clipping is here to stay and I don't even care if you think im a cheater or not,
    at the end of the day i will be finishing content way faster than you and being WAY more
    usefull to my group as a troller/healer/tank/dps.

    A suggestion next time you shout for anything add "xxx lf xxx and i don't clip", and
    see how long it will take for you to find a group,
    well if i see it, i will invite you just laugh at you lol.

    Like someone's sig says "Haters gonna hate".

    Have a nice day.
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  15. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    insted of complaining try to master it I'm sure u will like it
  16. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Since Street Fighter 2 released in 91. Street fighter 4 was the first in the series to openly tell people about cancel combos. Cancel combos are the exact same concept as clipping. The devs don't have to explain everything sometimes. The fact that they can flag moves as cancelable means they are fully capable of eliminating it. Instead of asking for its elimination how about asking for it to be refined?
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  17. Dene Prince Devoted Player


    I don't clip that much and play just fine.. speak for yourself.. this game aint a visual game ??? ok.. so why dont we just get rid of all animations.. make everything just do a number.. no powers.. buttons 1-6.. oh and get rid of the great graphics.. we can play in a blank room..
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  18. Vinny Tireshine New Player

    little known sf trivia: the cancel combos were actually a glitch but ended up making the game much better and more in depth... I personally love clipping and how it makes the fighting mechanics more complex, same way I love what it did to street fighter
  19. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    People aint gonna listen..
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  20. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    Thankyou.. This is exactly how I understood clipping too.. i don't clip much therefore pvp aint for me but to say it makes or breaks pve e.g. t5 is a bit much, in my opinion
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