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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    I've been out of the end-game for a long time (2016) , but I pop on as a premium member to play solo a few times a year. As I have not played nearly as much as most more recently, judge this post accordingly.

    Cash Cap
    The big thing would be to keep the cash cap for non-sub members in place. For non-end game players it is perfectly inconvenient - enough to be slightly annoying but easily over come. Offer a 7 day and a 14 day escrow unlock. 2 weeks is a better amount of time for players to assess the convenience and it will also incentivize them to play more often.

    Separate styles from gear.
    First, set up a nice huge batch of older styles that are free unlocks when earned. Sub-members would get all new styles with gear, non-sub-members would need to unlock them with replay badges or new style currency that drops in game. The styles a player unlocks while a sub-member, they keep. I know it's a big complicated system to renovate, but if you aren't going to charge for content it's the next logical choice. I think in the long run non-sub-members will end up spending more due to the lack of subscription commitment and smaller dollar amounts. Committed players are going to join because the grind is too much for a non-sub-members to be effective in end-game.

    Members 6 Month Reward Box
    Claimed after 6 consecutive months of being a sub-member. That would include bonus loyalty marks to make them doubled(?) per year. This could also include crafting materials, vendor marks, replay badges and something unique style or gear related.

    Character Slots
    Keep premium members at 6 slots, but reduce the number of non-member character slots to 4. Decrease the cost of new character slots by half for 3 months after doing this. The most difficult thing for me as a non-sub-member was cleaning out inventories and deleting characters. I suspect that casual players tend to create and delete characters more often. This will also restrict non members from experiencing all the mentor missions without either deleting a character or buying a slot. It will also be helpful for pushing shared accounts.

    Premium membership expires.
    I would consider having premium membership expire if a player doesn't spend $5 in the past 12 (or 6) months.
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  2. jghu1 New Player

    Make it simple, double everything for members. Double XP, double marks, double inventory space, double bank, double rewards, etc

    That would be worth it then imo
  3. Proxystar #Perception

    Because this thread is about making membership better, not compensating premium players. You also weren't buying the DLC's either, as per the terms you were buying a licence to use. Why should premium compensation be at the further expense of membership perks i.e. if you're demanding access to escrow why should you get that? There's no justifiable reason for that.
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  4. TheSapphire Well-Known Player

    Make it easier to level artifacts. That entire system needs an overhaul, but short of that it would be great for members to be able to level them faster and with less worry about breakthroughs. Same with the breakthroughs on adaptive augments.

    Bonus sourcemarks for completing content. What about a little bonus renown for elite?

    Better drop rate for artifact catalysts and/or put these in the prom boxes as an option.

    Some extra replay badges each month. The seal of completion is nice too, but if artifact breakthroughs are changed maybe we wouldn't need the seal?

    The ability to change power sets easier. Maybe using in-game cash or a monthly freebie?

    For non-subs, I agree their cash cap needs to be raised.
  5. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Thank you.

    You are far more polite about it than I would have been.
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  6. Magnificent Loyal Player

    My guess is there will be another thread which will address Premiums. If not, they'll base what they do with Premiums on what they do with Subscribers.
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  7. Inconforme+ Active Player

    Okay, then make paying so much money worth it, because right now it's not worth it. What is the use of buying the DLCs if I can not access all the content of each one of them, such as the materials that cost 9k to make sodas, being legendary is only worth to have access to the cash, for nothing else, even if all the dlc's aren't open , if i buy and dlc then letme get COMPLETE acces to all come with it, if not then why i buyit, to can open a chest who comes with a base item, come on be serius you guys, I see the last feat for artifacts can be achieve being "free" player, but no are any sence in trying it, around 20-25 source marcks per day, then in what century supouse i can get them up to 160 with a 10% of chances to be succesufull? if i must buy lot of others things apart the stuff Constantine sale to can get feats, what supousse is the progression of the game?, progression supouse are succed becouse you work in it, no becouse you buy it like the marcs of source now can buy it in the marketplace my gosh, plz forguet the Pay to Win way you guys, in the past was play to Win, waste 400 marcks for a material or an aura for a feat an ugly one i never gonna use, let that to the marketplace, actualize the marketplace, you never put new exclusive styles there. just pay to win stuff.
    When supousse i can get enough marcks if i not playing since the beggining of the game to can archieve some feats, that's means only legendary people can have higuest sp in the game? that is fine if buy an dlc then can acces the feats come with it, but not cos buy it in the marketplace, to me no is fine, maybe to all that people who pay month after month for the game is fine (i have friends who pay year after year for more than 5 years, and think that is not fine at all). hurts me becouse this was my first online game and play it since ends of the 2011, and pay for it long time, and then, after years of being and devoted player, the injustice of the some fight mechanics, and the injustice with those who pay to be a "premium" (injustice becouse be a premium only let you have a BIT more cash than free or casual user), and not having sound voices any more since the fate dlc, then let the game for years, now come and see only add stuff in the marketplace to Pay to Win players, put lot of feats in the pay for it, up the amount of cash 1k, etc.
    I know is a bussines, is fine, but no is balanced at all, if gonna have a premium categorie let that worth it, if not then no lie to the users who give to you money, just legendarie and free, all old players know being free is equal to a demo version.
    Now gonna put the game free, great, but must remove from marketplace all stuff who give us feats, if gonna be free, put in the marketplace more exclusive styles, put the auras,the materials, toys, pets (even if give u statistics) many people gonna pay for that, but again, remove the stuff with feats attached
    AND pleace, give us more source marcks per instance (solo 1 marck, duo 1 marck & alert 3-4 marcks) many instances are so hard for the people who have te minimum CR to can in and the effort not compensate the marcks u get , raids are fine like are at the moment.

    Last and more importan of all, revive the old content, when you remove marcks from past dlcs people never playing it again, even lot of new players never gonna see some instances or gonna doit for a feat and never come back, is sad becouse are a very nice and great content like the open world raids from hand of fate dlc

  8. myandria Item Storage

    Thank you very much for creating this thread and reading our suggestions. Here are mine:

    1. Character slots, bank slots, broker slots and shared bank slots should be permanently open for everyone, including former subscribers. What is the point of purchasing extra character slots along with the membership if you are going to lose them just because your membership lapses? Those extra character slots are paid for with real money, so why should they be locked away if you choose not to subscribe anymore for whatever reason? I have always felt that this is a hypocritical situation to place upon subscribers and it has always rubbed me the wrong way. "Keep up that membership, or else!"

    2. Members should have their own Vault access, where the theme/host can change (aside from the seasonal theme change) and where the devs can set up exclusive member rewards to drop. It would be nice to have one of the Teen Titans to host the vault or even Circe herself!

    3. To compensate for losing the exclusive open episode perk, members should receive 20% off in the Marketplace.

    4. Daily/weekly/monthly member rewards, if given, should be mailed to one of the player's character of choice. This way, if log-in issues or real life happens, members can still receive their daily rewards without worry. A 30 day time limit should be in place to claim those rewards so they don't take up e-mail space.

    6. Members should have access to the seasonal vendors 2 weeks (at the most) past the event end date. Any longer than that and the broker overprice floodgates open even further than they are now.
  9. Robotsidekick Active Player

    Give a new style vendor for members only that contains old rare styles and then add to it over time. This includes exclusive chromas and aura that is always on this vendor.
    I dunno everything else I want improves game for all players such as ADD NEW ICONICS.. and update the animations.
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  10. Drownment New Player

    the topic is not about this but i have one question, what about people that spend a lot of money on steam buying the DLC? i got all of them on steam, all that money going to be lost '-' who got membership , not going to lose nothing, so that is not fair..and of course, nothing going to be done about that. :(
  11. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    im not so sure that you pay more as we the guys who did the memberships and tell here we lose nothing is not really ture you used your dlcs same long time like we and we even pay more in the end i think if the time no chances we have to live with that simply
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  12. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    You did have use of those DLCs when you otherwise would not have. And, you won't need to buy future episodes. Glass half full, you're getting something new without loosing anything old. Experienced digital content usually doesn't have the same value as new digital content. I would rather not pay for new DLC in order to maintain the dollar value of older DLC. And, legendary members have paid for access as well.
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  13. PTFreeze Well-Known Player

    how mutch you pay ? im pretty sure we pay the same money in like 3 and an half year for memeberships and lets be honest it is just a shame that you guys try to get benefits out of this change an change that is one of the best things that this game was ever take finally daybreak show us what free to play means and you ruin this vision with your greed
  14. AgentGARD New Player

    I would personally like to see something like Account Bound loot style boxes specifically made for each episode. It would be something like the membership boxes that you could only open as a member or owned the episode from the Deluge, Earth 3, and the Death of Superman Episodes. I can't recall off the top of my head but haven't seen that style loot box since then and I kind of liked that but they should be locked for account bound; cannot trade; cannot sell or something like that. It would give exclusivity for Members.
  15. Gundraasi Well-Known Player

    WEll...many very good suggestions here :)

    I'd like to add one:

    In some of your featured games (LotRo & Everquest e.g.) members get a XP bonus bar while NOT logged in. When they log in again, their "absence" time is "given back" (so to speak) in form of increased gained XP while in game.
    Maybe we can get something like that for Artifact XP in DCUO?

  16. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Well this was both an interesting read and a nice little braintwister. Even keeping in mind the directions at the beginning of the thread, I do have to say the...ambitious ideas some have suggested made for the interesting read.

    It's been a braintwister for me though because it's tough for me to find what I'd consider to be an equivalent to the value of all episode access as well as suggesting something/things that might add to the value of subscribing without going overboard. So I guess I'll start a little small and work off another suggestion I've seen come up, then see if anything else pops into mind later.

    So I've seen some folks suggest Seals of Completion. I wasn't sold on the idea, namely because of how much importance some people put on Artifacts and Seals in general but also because of the MP value of them (Completion in particular). It seems like putting that as a subscription reward could be disruptive or lead to the belief that it somehow makes subscribing mandatory or compulsory, even if it was something that could only be claimed like once a month.

    But then I started letting my mind mull it over, and while I did shift my thoughts a bit on the idea my solution will probably leave some at least rolling their eyes (if not outright directing some pitchforks and torches in my direction LOL). I could get behind the idea of getting a Seal of Completion, but as a part of a new kind of reward box. Use Seals (Preservation and Completion) and other rare stuff (large Nth Metal chunks, rare style drops, etc.) as the loot table for a new reward box for subscribers, with Seals of Completion possibly being the rare drop of that particular box.

    Yes, I'm suggesting it gets put behind RNG.

    *ducks and covers*

    I know, I know. But like I said, given the MP value and the value placed on Seals of Completion by players, I think just handing it out could be too disruptive or divisive. Subscribers getting the chance to get them as a reward seems to me to be a better path to follow.
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  17. Aesthete Well-Known Player

    It's nice to know membership prices aren't changing because I was considering on switching to yearly membership if so haha. Although when I think about it, I should've already done that since i've been subscribed for well over a year on monthly....

    A suggestion I would like to add (I'm not sure if it were stated) is daily login rewards. I play other mmo's and this is something that's a staple feature with many of their premium memberships. The rewards don't have to be ground breaking or anything. It could be like 500 nth metal, a radar detector etc.. just omething to encourage paying members to continuously log in every day.
  18. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    A battle pass
  19. Secret Son of Krypton Level 30

    If you're actually serious about giving us something that's worth more than our membership then removing or making it easier to level artifacts without spending so much money is the only option you have, it is the only way to keep members interested. I work in UX, and hands down that is the ONLY thing people paying a membership will be willing to continue to pay.
  20. Proxystar #Perception

    That includes what and is refreshed upon what duration and does it sit on top of membership or instead of membership?

    To often I see people just say thing like battle pass but offer no details as to how it would even work within the format of the game
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